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Ⅰ. Chose one answer from the four choices marked A, B, C and D that best completes the sentence..

  1. We hadn't met for nearly 20 years, but I recognized him I saw him in the street.
A) at once B) the moment C) at first D) right after

  2. Prof. Lee, who teaches English literature at the California State University, divides his time teaching, writing and lecturing.
A) during B) into C) among D) between

  3. Some of this meat came from Canada. How about ?
A) another B) the other C) others D) the rest

  4. As far as I know, Charles Babbage is generally considered the first computer.
A) to have invented B) having invented C) to invent D) inventing

  5. The food she has prepared for the party is not enough, for there are more people than she expected.
A) much B) too C) many D) so

  6. You can borrow my tape-recorder you return it to me tomorrow.
A) unless B) as soon as C) until D) provided

  7. Believe it or not, last year, Jack earned his brother, who has a better position in a big company.
A) much as twice as B) as twice much as C) twice as much as D) as much twice as

  8. The minister cited the latest crime figures support of his argument that more police are needed.
A) in B) to C) with D) for

  9. Many of us were reduced to tears the sight of the hundreds of dead bodies.
A) by B) at C) on D) in

  10. The truth is that it is only by studying history we can learn what to expect in the future.
A) and than B) by which C) so D) that

  11. I couldn't help but that it was a mistake to let him go alone.
A) think B) thought C) to think D) thinking

  12. In their hearts, some American women think it is men's business to earn money and to spend it.
A) they B) them C) their D) theirs

  13. day Bill was starting his motor-bike when his sister Mary came out and asked for a lift.
A) Some B) The other C) Another D) On one

  14. Last week I an old friend of mine in the shopping mall.
A) ran off B) ran away with C) ran into D) ran over

  15. My uncle speaks English, French, Russian and Japanese. He is believed to have a gift language.
A) about B) for C) with D) in

  16. The problem had been solved many years ago,. What's the point talking about it now?
A) of B) to C) at D) on

  17. In order to search for the escaped prisoner, the police decided to question comes along this road.
A) who B) whom C) whoever D) whomever

  18. Mrs. Parks, who lost both her husband and son during the Second World War, is now in poor health and expects to care of.
A) be taking B) have taken C) take D) be taken

  19. I agree with you that David is a clever guy, but I think he very foolish just now.
A) had been B) has been C) is being D) was

  20. Emily wrote to of her parents last week, but she has written to of them this week.
A) both, either B) both, neither C) neither, both D) either, both

  21. Please drop in whenever you can. I'd like to keep touch.
A) in B) to C) on D) with

  22. When we sold our farm and moved to town, mother had decided opening a day nursery.
A) to B) on C) in D) for

  23. The medical record shows that it was the drug, not the disease, killed him two years ago.
A) the effects of which B) the effects of it C) finally D) that

  24. that they're young and inexperienced, they've done quite a good job.
A) Being B) Provided C) Given D) Now

  25. We haven't seen our neighbors for over a week. They on a trip abroad.
A) could B) must go C) may have gone D) should have gone
Ⅱ. Chose one answer from the four choices marked A, B, C and D that best completes the passage.
__1__ the population of China? There are more than a billion people in China, __2__ is almost one fifth of the world's population. How to control the population growth is a big problem. Some people think __3__ the government to control the population growth. But I don't quite agree _4__ them, because __5__ there is a way.
The question is that we should make it __6__ __7__. Our farmland is limited and many natural materials are becoming __8__ . We have already got too many mouths to feed. __9__ we control the population growth, many people will suffer __10__ or even die __11__ hunger. Too fast population growth has already done and will do great __12__ to our nation.
Though laws have been __13__ to control the population growth, in some places __14__ is done to carry out the law. We should make people __15__ that it is stupid and
foolish __16__ them to bring too many children into the world. They should __17__ do __18__ they have been doing for generations.
We are fighting a battle __19__ too rapid population growth. Yet, the battle won't be won __20__ everyone realizes its importance and does something for it.

  1. A .How many are B. What is C. How much is D. What are

  2. A. that B. whose C. which D. of which

  3. A. that it important for B. it impossible of C. that it impossible of D. it impossible for

  4. A. to B. for C. with D. on

  5. A. there's a will B. where there's a will C. there's the will D. where there is the will

  6. A. known to everybody B. known by everybody C. know D. is known by

  7. A. how serious the population problem is B. how serious is the population problem C. how the population problem is serious D. how the population problem was serious

  8. A. more and more scarce. B. scarcer and scarcer
C. the more and more D. more scarce and more scarce

  9. A. If not B. Unless C. Until D. If

  10. A. hunger B. in hunger C. from hunger D. hungrily

  11. A. of B. about C. from D. out of

  12. A. good B. wrong C. harm D. bad

  13. A. past B. passed C. broken D. thought

  14. A. many B. little C. a lot D. many

  15. A. to know B. to learn C. know D. learning

  16. A. about B. for C. with D. of

  17. A. not longer B. not more C. no longer D. no more

  18. A. that B. which C. what D. how

  19. A. for B. against C. with D. without

  20. A. until B. after C. when D. as
Ⅲ. Reading comprehension
Some people think they have an answer to the problem of automobile crowding and pollution in large cities. Their answer is the bicycle, or bike.
In a great many cities, hundreds of people ride bicycles to work everyday. In New York City, some bike riders have even formed a group called Bike for a Better City. They Claim that if more people rode bicycles to work there would be fewer automobiles in the downtown section of the city and therefore less dirty air from car engines.
For several years this group has been trying to get the city government to help bicycle riders. For example, they want the city to paint special lanes for bicycles on some of the main streets, because when bicycle riders must use the same lanes as cars, there may be accidents. Bike for a Better City feels that if there were special lanes, more people would use bikes.
But no bicycle lanes have been painted yet. Not everyone thinks they are a good idea. Taxi drivers don't like the idea they say it will slow traffic. Some store owners on the main streets don' like the idea they say that if there is less
traffic, they will have less business. And most people live too far from downtown to travel by bike.
The city government has not decided what to do. It wants to keep everyone happy. On weekends, Central Park the largest open space in New York is closed to cars, and the roads may be used by bicycles only. But Bike for a Better City says that this is not enough and keeps fighting to get bicycle lanes downtown. Until that happens, the safest place to bicycle may be in the park.
Choose the best answer to each of the following questions according to the passage.

  1. When many cars are on the streets at once, we say the streets are .
A. safe B. free C. coming and going D. crowded

  2. A special part of the street where only bikes can go is called a bicycle .
A. road B. lane C. street D. traffic

  3. The weekend is made up of two days, .
A. Friday and Saturday B. Sunday and Monday
C. Saturday and Sunday D. Monday and Sunday

  4. Which sentence is the most accurate in meaning to the sentence " If there is less traffic, they will have less business."
A. If more people pass by, more people will buy things
B. If there is more business, there will be more traffic.
C. If there is less business, people will pass by.
D. If there is less traffic, they will have more business.

  5. They best title of this passage is .
A. City Traffic B. The Coming and Going of Cars in the Street.
C. Bike for a Better City D. Bicycles Don't make the Air Dirty.
  1. 做对了 80%以上的题目 您对于该册的内容或者其相应难度的英语知识掌握得比较透彻. 80%以上的题目 以上的题目: 趁热打铁,如果你此时参加三册的学习班,您的英语水平定将会上一个新台阶.

  2. 做对了 60%到 79%的题目 60%到 79%的题目 的题目:您已基本掌握了二册的知识,可以参加三册的培训班,但您 的英语基础还不够扎实牢固,建议您在学习三册的同时,不能松懈对二册的滚动式复习,两 本书双管齐下,才能起到良好的效果.

  3. 只做对了不到 60%的题目 60%的题目 的题目:说明您的英语还有很多漏洞.小洞不补,大洞吃苦.强烈建 议您报读二册的学习班!



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