剑桥英语期末测试(新概念一中) 剑桥英语期末测试(新概念一中) 姓名: 姓名: 听力部分( 听力部分(40 分)
一、听录音,选择你所听到的单词或短语。(10 分) ( )
  1. A. much B. must C. mask ( )
  2. A. ghost B. host C. go ( )
  3. A. candy B. Sunday C. sand ( )
  4. A. letter B. lanter C. London ( )
  5. A. marry B. merry C. many 二、听录音,根据问句选择答语。(10 分) ( )
  1. A. It’s on December
  25. B. It's on October
  31. ( )
  2. A. Yes, I do. B.I usually go to shanghai. ( )
  3. A. I like watching Tv. B. No, she doesn’t. ( )
  4. A. I live in Hongkong. B. I am from Hongkong. ( )
  5. A. I usually go to bed at ten . B. He usually goes to bed at ten . 三、听录音,填写所缺单词。(10 分) My name is Tde Pike. I am a in a big shop .I don’t work in the morning. I work at night. morning I come home at about half past six. I have at seven. breakfast I go to bed. I up at about half past two. I have at twenty to eight. Then I go to at a quarter past eight. I start working at . I look after the shop everynight. I my work very much. 四、听录音,判断下列句子与所听短文内容是否相符,是( 否( )。(10 分) ( )
  1. Emma sees three ducks swimming in the river . ( )
  2. The ducks are very happy. ( )
  3. The ducks stay in the water , and they are safe. ( )
  4. There are lots of aquatic animals and plants for us to eat. ),
总分: 总分:
笔试部分( 笔试部分(60 分)
五、选择下列每组单词划线部分发音与众不同的单词。(10 分) ( )
  1.A. idea B. meal C. sea D. please ( )
  2. A. cook B. school C. football D. book ( )
  3. A. foot B. food C. noodle D. soon ( )
  4. A. shirt B. word C. short D. learn ( )
  5. A. half B. matter C. class D. last 六、单项选择(10 分) ( )
  1. The shop sells . A. mens shoes B. men’s shoes ( )
  2. I’m so tired. I can’t run . A. any more B. more any
C. man’s shoes C. some more
( ( (
  3. We are going to work on a farm. Please late. A. not be B. not C.don’t be )
  4. I want to see the animals .Why don’t you with me ? A. don’t come B. do come C. aren’t come )
  5. There is “ f ” in the word “ farm ”. A. a B. an C. the
七、按要求写出下列单词的适当的形式。(10 分)
  1. come ( 第三人称单数 )
  2.go (第三人称单数 )
  3. run (现在分词 )
  4. play(现在分词)
  6.catch ( 过去式)
  5. fly (过去式)
  7. child (复数)
  8. beef (复数)
  9.left (反义词)
  10. up ( 反义词 ) 八、用所给单词的正确形式填空。(10 分)
  1. Would you like ( come ) with us ?
  2. September is the ( nine ) month of the year .
  3. Thanks a lot for (make ) fun!
  4. I ( go ) to Canada next year.
  5. Mary often ( watch ) Tv in the evening. 九、中英互译(10 分)
  1. What do they usually do ?
  2. She comes from Korea.
  3. I’ve already had lunch.
  4. 一小时前我打开了窗户。
  5. 明年他将飞往巴黎。 十、阅读理解(10 分) Do you know fish come out of eggs when they are born ( 出生)? After the little fish comes out of eggs, it eats the food in the egg .When it is big , it leaves ( 离开) the egg. It swims in the water. You can see the eyes and nose. Its ears are hidden (藏) in the head. Some fish eat other fish. Some fish have small mouths and teeth ( 牙齿 )and they often eat plants (植物). 根据短文内容,完成下列各题。 ( )
  1. The fish is in before they’re born. A. an egg B. the body of its mother C. the water D. the body of its father
  2. The fish eat before they come out of the egg. A. some small fish B. big fish in the water C. other eggs D. the food in the egg )
  3. When the fish is big , it . A. goes away from the egg B. doesn’t come out of the egg C. eats the eggs D. swims in the egg )
  4.Which is right ? . A.The fish has no ears. B. We can see the fish’s nose,eyes and ears. C. The fish has ears in its head. D. The fish has no nose. )
  5. The passage ( ) tells us . A. all big fish eat small fish B. fish with small mouths and teeth eat plants C. all fish have big mouths and teeth D. fish don’t have ears



   灿烂的语言,只能点缀感情,如果我沉默,代表我真的喜欢你 26、自由代表的是内心永久的孤独。 、自由代表的是内心永久的孤独。 27、现实太假,还是自己太傻? 、现实太假,还是自己太傻? 28、一切因为寂寞,才开始了暧昧。 、一切因为寂寞,才开始了暧昧。 29、生活的真正意义是:生下来,活下去。 、生活的真正意义是: 生下来,活下去。 30、年龄不是差距,身高不是距离。 、年龄不是差距,身高不是距离。 31、人生是一张单程车票,没有后退,没有返 、人生是一张单程车票,没有后退, 回! 32、虽然 ...


   新概念英语》 《 新概念英语 》 学习方法 学习经验分享 1、先整体听一遍课文。看看自己到底能听懂多少。然后再读一遍。 2、利用复读机复读功能,逐句播放,听一句,写一句,碰到不会的单 词了就先空着。继续往下听写。整篇课文或者你拟定的几句话都听写完了, 再结合上下文看看那些不会的单词能不能猜出来。 3、逐句回放那些空着单词的句子,试一试能不能写出来。如果还不行, 就打开书对照的看一下。在这里,我倒是不主张钻牛角尖,恨不能一个不 会的单词憋好几年才写出来。因为,有些单词确实我们不会,那么直接看 ...


   右脑王英语学习机, 右脑王英语学习机,30 天学不会英语全额退款官方网站 www.kentaji.cn Lesson 1 A private conversation 私人谈话 Last week I went to the theatre. I had a very good seat. The play was very interesting. I did not enjoy it. A young man and a young woman were sitting behind m ...


   新概念英语》 《 新概念英语 》 《新概念英语》 (New Concept English) 作为享誉全球的最为经典地道的英语教材, 以其严密的体系性、严谨的科学性、精湛的实用性、浓郁的趣味性深受英语学习者的 青睐,《新概念英语》在中国有 40 多年的历史,每年有数百万学习者,早已成为英 语学习者的必选读物。 《新概念英语》经典教材通过完整的英语学习体系,帮助学生掌握英语的 4 项基 本技能??听、说、读、写,使学生能在学习中最大限度地发挥自己的潜能。 新版除保留原版的精华外,又增加了以下重 ...


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   $课文 1 逃遁的美洲狮 1. Pumas are large, cat-like animals which are found in America. 美洲狮是一种体形似猫的大动物,产于美洲. 2. When reports came into London Zoo that a wild puma had been spotted forty-five miles south of London, they were not taken seriously. 当伦敦动物园接到报告说, ...


   Lesson1 A puma at large Pumas are large, cat-like animals which are found in America. When reports came into London Zoo that a wild puma had been spotted forty-five miles south of London, they were not taken seriously. However, as the evidence bega ...


   声明:本书由手机JAVA软件论坛(http://javasoft.5d6d.com)自网络收集整理制作,仅供交流学习使用,版权归原作者和出版社所有,请在下载后24小时内删除,如果喜欢,请支持正版。 Lesson 1 Excuse me! 对不起! Listen to the tape then answer this question. Whose handbag is it? 听录音,然后回答问题,这是谁的手袋? Excuse me! Yes? Is thi ...


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   2009 学年第二学期小学六年级英语期末综合练习听力朗读材料 综合练习 一、听句子三次,找出句子中所含有的信息,把所选答案的编号写在括号内。10% 听句子三次,找出句子中所含有的信息,把所选答案的编号写在括号内。 1. We are going to visit the History Museum next Wednesday. 2. Dr Sun Yatsen was against the emperor. 3. In our school some pupils like readi ...


   那么,怎样才能正确自如地写句子 表 那么 怎样才能正确自如地写句子,表 怎样才能正确自如地写句子 达自己想要说的话呢? 达自己想要说的话呢 一 要掌握句子的基本结构 要掌握句子的基本结构: 主语 + 谓语 + 宾语 如: __ a student. I am __ 宾 主 谓 在上面的这个例句中,人称代词 做主语,而 在上面的这个例句中 人称代词 I 做主语 而 be动词 动词am做谓语 名词 做谓语,名词 做宾语. 动词 做谓语 名词student做宾语 做宾语 说出下列句子的主谓宾 ...


   考研英语大纲词汇 主讲:赵晓东 第一部分 做梦娶媳妇篇 ceive- cept(握有,获得) ●conceive (3) [??????????] con(整体,全部)+ceive(获得)=获得整体概念=构想 v.①(of)设想,构思,想象; ②怀胎,受孕 concept (19) [ ???????? ] n.概念,观念,思想 conception (2) [??????????? ] n. ①概念,观念; ②设想,构想 ●deceive (1 ...


   1. It’s not like that.不是那样的。 这句话是用来辟谣的。当别人误会了一件事的来龙去脉,你就可以跟他说 It’s not like that.「不是那样的。」当然随 着语气及情境的不同,It’s not like that.这句话也有可能是你用来硬拗的藉口。 2. There is nothing good playing. 没好电影可看 这里的 There’s nothing good playing.是接着问句而来的,指的是「没有好电影可看。」同样的,若是电视上没有好 ...


   Pollution Pollution is becoming more and more serious all over the world. There are three main kinds of pollution in our daily life such as air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. Since pollution is harmful, we must fight against it. We ...