New Concept English2 Lesson 40 Food And Talk 胡 萍
It's raining cats and dogs. A good winter brings a good summer. It looks as if it is going to rain. dream of doing sth. / make a dream settle down in the country no sooner…than / hardly … when…
Western food Western food
fried chicken drumstick
hot dog
Key words and phrases
Dinner party Mrs. Rumbold hostess sit next to sb. unsmiling tight take one’s seat plate make conversation The Globe despair 宴会 兰博尔德夫人 女主人 挨着某人坐 不笑的,严肃的 紧身的 坐下 盘子 闲聊,找话谈 环球剧场 绝望,失望
  1、Where did the writer sit at the dinner party? ?
  2、Did he try to make conversation with Mrs. Rumbold or not? ?
  3、What did Mrs. Rumbold do? Did she answer his questions? ?
  4、What did the writer talk about? ?
  5、Who is impolite?

  1.hostess n. 女主人 policewoman 女警察 actress 女演员 waitress 女招待 goddess 女神 lioness 母狮 landlady 地主婆 princess 公主王妃 saleswoman 女店员 heroine 女主角 host 男主人 policeman 男警察 actor 男演员 waiter 男招待 god 神 lion 狮子 landlord 地主 prince 王子 salesman 店员 hero 男主角

  2. unsmiling adj. 不笑的, 严肃的 serious adj. 严肃的, 认真的, 严重的 eg: My father is a serious man. 我的父亲是一个严肃的人 unsmiling: un+smiling微笑的,晴朗美好的=不笑的 un加adj.表否定 eg: usual - unusual certain-uncertain possible -impossible

  3. fix v. 凝视 fix one‘s eyes on sth. 盯着..., 目不转睛 习惯用被动, 表达为: one's eyes be fixed on sth eg: All the eyes were fixed on the blackboard 所有的眼睛都盯着黑板 fix① 固定 ② 修理: eg: fix the picture on the wall
  4. despair n. 绝望, 失望, 令人失望的人(事物) vi.绝望 eg: He was in despair after the test. 考试之后他陷入了绝望当中 eg: This boy is his mother's despair。 这个男孩使他妈绝望了. in despair 绝望的,在绝望中

  5. globe n. 地球 global adj : 全球的 eg: global problem 全球性的问题 global warming 全球变暖
globe vs earth
globe是有“球体”的意思 多用在指实体的整个地球、 遍布地球等 Earth(大写)是地球这个星球的名字,就像Mars是 火星的名字,多用在概念上 例如说地球是家园之类, 或者用于和天文宇宙相关的,等等 earth小写也是跟上面的意思差不多 但也可以是土地 的意思
Text analysis

  1.Last week at a dinner party, the hostess asked me to sit . next to Mrs.Rumbold. have dinner 不加 “a” eg: have breakfast/lunch/supper ask sb to do sth祈使,要求某人做 eg: The kid asked me to play with him. 那个小孩让我和他玩。 eg: She asked for a cup of tea. 她要了一杯茶。 next to : 与......相邻 / sit next to me 坐我旁边 eg: The bank is next to the station.

  2.Mrs. Rumbold was a large, unsmiling lady in a . tight black dress. large 巨大的,大号的, Small-Medium-Large小-中-大号 eg: Do you want the large size, or the small size ? 你是要大号的还是要小号的? in穿着,戴着 eg: He is dressed in black. 他穿黑衣服。 eg: 穿红衣服的那个女孩是我姐姐 The girl in red is my sister.

  3. She did not even look up when I took my seat beside her. look up往上看 look down eg: She looked up (from her book) as I entered the room. 我进屋时, 她(放下书)抬眼看了看. beside prep. 在...近旁;在旁边 ,做这个意思时,可以 和next to互换。 eg: He sat down beside Emma. 他在艾玛身旁坐下。 eg: I keep a dictionary beside/next to me while I am reading a newspaper. 当我在读一份报纸时,我总是把一本字 典放在我旁边。 eg: When you look up to the sky, you will see many stars.

  4.Her eyes were fixed on her plate and in a short . time, she was busy eating. be busy (in) doing sth忙于做某事,in可以省略。 be busy with sth 忙于做某事 如果后面搭配动词,用be busy (in) doing sth; 如果后面搭配名词或代词,用be busy with sth. eg: He's busy doing his homework. = He's busy with his homework.

  5.I tried to make conversation. . try to do表示“非常努力地尽力去做某事”,想达到目

try doing表示尝试,只是试试做某事”,主观尝试的努 力不及try to do. eg: He tried to climb that tree.他努力想爬上那棵树. tree. . He tried climbing that tree.他试着爬那棵树. eg: I will try to solve this problem for you. 我会努力帮你解决问题 I will try solving this problem for you. 我试试帮你解决这个问题
Discuss: What do you know
about the difference between the western and Chinese table manners?
Which can be found on a western dinner table?
How is the table laid ?
1 How to lay the table
The order for dishes to be served
1 2
4 5
Anything Wrong?
Which of the following behaviors are polite or impolite at a Western dinner party. Write “ P” ( polite) or “I”( impolite) in brackets.
? ( p )
  1.Use the knife with your right hand. ? ( p )
  2. Put your napkin on your lap. ? ( I )
  3. Start eating as soon as your food is served in front of you. ? ( I )
  4. Ask for a second bowl of soup. ? ( p )
  5. Use your fingers when eating chicken. ? ( p )
  6. Finish eating everything on your plate . ? ( I )
  7.Talk loudly while eating. ? ( I )
  8.Make other people drink more spirits than they can take.



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