Lesson 8 The best and the worst 最好的和最差的 【New words and expressions】生词和短语(
  5) 】生词和短语( competition n. 比赛,竞赛 path n. 小路,小径 pool n. 水池 race n. 比赛,竞赛 match n. 比赛 neat adj. 整齐的,整洁的 wooden adj. 木头的 ★competition n. 比赛,竞赛(暗地里的竞争) car race football match
contest n. 比赛(更广泛)baby contest 宝宝大赛;beauty contest 选美 game : 游戏, 运动 ★neat adj. 整齐的, 整洁的,井井有条 neat=tidy <adj.> ★pool n. 水池(人工的) pond 池塘(天然的) 【Text】 】 Joe Sanders has the most beautiful garden in our town. Nearly everybody enters for 'The Nicest Garden Competition' each year, but Joe wins every time. Bill Frith's garden is larger than Joe's. Bill works harder than Joe and grows more flowers and vegetables, but Joe's garden is more interesting. He has made neat paths and has built a wooden bridge over a pool. I like gardens too, but I do not like hard work. Every year I enter for the garden competition too, and I always win a little prize for the worst garden in the town!
clean adj. 干净的
tidy <v.> (up) the room 整理房间 swimming pool 游泳池 《golden pond》?金色池塘
参考译文 乔.桑德斯拥有我们镇上最漂亮的花园. 几乎每个人都参加每年举办的“最佳 花园竞赛” , 而每次都是乔获胜. 比尔.弗里斯的花园比乔的花园大, 他比 乔也更为勤奋, 种植的花卉和蔬菜也更多, 但乔的花园更富有情趣. 他修筑 了一条条整洁的小路, 并在一个池塘上架了一座小木桥. 我也喜欢花园, 但 我却不愿意辛勤劳动. 每年的花园竞赛我也参加, 但总因是镇上最劣的花园 而获得一个小奖! 【课文讲解】 课文讲解】
  1、Joe Sanders has the most beautiful garden in our town. Joe's garden is the most beautiful. Bill's garden is the largest. Bill’s garden is larger than Joe’s. (比较的东西都是同类的事物joe’s 的“’s”不能省略)
  2、Nearly everybody enters for 'The Nicest Garden Competition' each year, but Joe wins every time. nearly和almost 意义相似,表示“几乎”、“差不多”、“差点儿”的意思。 I have nearly forgotten his name. 我差点把他的名字忘了。 I’m nearly/almost ready. 我快准备好了。 enter for 报名参加(各种竞赛,考试等活动) win(won,won) v. 赢 ① vi. 赢 I win. ② vt. 赢得…… I win the book. I lose. (输了) win something 后面往往是奖品,不能接对手 I win the gold cup. win a prize 赢得了一个奖
win a prize for… 因为……而获奖 defeat [d?'fit] 战胜,击败+对手 I defeat you.

  3、Bill Frith's garden is larger than Joe's. 名词加-’s 表示所属关系,构成名词的所有格。这类名词往往指有生命的东 西,特别是人。所有格的语法作用相当于形容词,限定后面的名词。这个被 限定的名词在上下文中第二次被提到时可以省略,只要不引起误解。
  4、He has made neat paths and has built a wooden bridge over a pool. make 和build在这里是同义词,“修建,建造”。make 的词义比较笼统、广 泛,可解释为“做、作出、制造”等,而build主要限于建筑业,指“建造, 建设,盖房子,修筑(桥梁)等” Have you made the skirt by yourself? They have made a road along the river. 【Key structures】 】 形容词和副词的比较级和最高级 比较级相当于汉语中“比……更……”这种句型,最高级则表示在某个范围 “最……”的概念。最高级在使用时前面通常要加定冠词the,并有一个短语 或从句限定其范围。
  1、比较级和最高级的构成: ① 单音节词和少数双音节词在词尾加-er,-est,以辅音加-y结尾的词变-y 为-i,再加-er,-est.② 以-e 结尾的词加-r,-st.③ 以一个辅音字母结尾 的单音节词要双写最后一个字母,再加-er,-est.④ 三个或者是三个音节以 上(多音节),比较级的构成: more+原级;最高级的构成: the most+原级.有
一些双音节词既可在单词结尾加-er,-est,也可与more/less 和most/least 连用,如narrow['n?ro] 狭窄的,clever,common ['k?m?n] 普通的;常见的, pleasant等。 clever? cleverer? more clever more fun (美国人用)
fun [f?n] adj. 快乐
⑤ 有些构成是不规则的: good/well(better best);bad/ill(worse worst);many/much(more most); little(less least);far(farther further , farthest furthest)(farther: 距离上的远和更远,further:程度上的更进一步)further more(更有甚者) old(older elder, oldest eldest)older 比……大, She is older than somebody. elder 做定语修饰其他名词, elder sister (年长的)姐姐.
  2、比较级和最高级的用法 在使用比较级时,如果需要把所比较的两项都提到,那么就必须比较级后用 than: My room is cleaner than the one next door.
如果比较级之所指很清楚,它可独立存在: Which house do you prefer [pr?'f?] 宁可,宁愿(选择);更喜欢? I prefer the older one. 最高级的限定范围一般用of,among [?'m??] 在...之中;在...中间,in 等介词 短语;限定范围也可以是从句;如果范围很清楚,则可以省略。 John is the tallest of the three brother. This is the coldest day in ten years. Mary is the most intelligent [?n't?l?d??nt] 有才智的;聪明的;明智的;有理
性的person I’ve ever met.
【Special Difficulties】 】 every构成的合成词:every和one,body,thing可以构成复合不定代词 everyone,everybody,everything。Everyone和everybody一般可以替换使 用,后面的代词既可以用单数,也可以用复数,但它们本身均被视为单数。 Everyone/Everybody knows what he has to do.= Everyone/Everybody knows what they have to do. 每个人都知道自己必须做什么。 Everything is going well. 一切都很顺利。 each 和every 均可译为“每一个”,两者常可互换。every 只能是形容词性, 强调整体,常用来指一个大的、不确定的数目,不能直接做主语;each既可 作形容词,又可作代词,强调个体,常用以一个确定的并通常是有限的数目, 在作代词时,直接作主语或宾语,使用第三人称单数 Every/Each time I wash the car it rains. Enter and Enter for enter ①vt.&vi.进入enter+地点名词,Always knock on the door before you enter. ② vt.&vi. 参加,加入 We’ve entered into an agreement. 我们已达成一项协议。 He soon entered their conversation. enter for+表示比赛、竞赛、考试的名词报名参加, 强调报名 enter for the exam She entered (her name/herself) for the mathematics competition. 她 报名参加数学竞赛。
take part in 真正的参加 2 Will you enter crossward 文字游戏 3 Many athletes have entered for the Olympic Games this year. athletes = sportsman 运动员, 体育家 【Multiple choice questions】 】 3 Bill Frith's garden is larger than Joe's. It is b . a. larger garden b. a large garden c. large garden d. largest garden 6 The writer is fond [f?nd] 喜欢的;爱好的of gardens. c . a. They like him b. They like to him c. He likes them d. He likes be fond of=like I like sth./ I love sth./ I enjoy sth./I am fond of sth. 8 Joe wins every time. He always b Bill Frith. a. wins b. beats c. gains d. earns 对手关系不能用win, defeat v. 击败 defeat sb. beat v. 打败;打 gain [gen] 得到;获得,赢得(战争、诉讼等) =get sth. for_ this week's crossword competition?
earn [?n] vt. 挣得 earn money 9 Joe grows more flowers. More flowers a in his garden. a. grow b. grow tall c. grow up d. grow big grow vt. 种植: grow sth; grow flowers… vi. 生长: sth. grow; flowers are growing
grow tall/grow big 变得……(一般不加形容词) grow up 只和人连用, 表示人的长大(up adv.表示向上) 10 Joe's garden is interesting. Joe is d in gardening. a. interesting b. interest c. interestingly d. interested sth. is interesting ……是令人感兴趣的 be interested in… 对……感兴趣 11 The writer doesn't like hard work. It's __b__ to look after a garden. a. a hard work b. a hard job c. hard job d. hardly a job it 作形式主语; 真正的主语是to look after the garden hard work 繁重的工作 hardly adv.几乎不 Have you understood me? Sorry, I have hardly understood you. work不可数名词;job 可数名词
12 Every year the writer enters for the garden competition b . a. very b. also c. and d. either
very 不单独使用;and并列连词, 不放在句子末尾;either 也, 表否定 also 表示也, 可以放在句子末尾;often 可以放在句子末尾。



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