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语法经典讲解 词法部分
Love the Present
Smile and Enjoy Smile
Lesson 17 Always young
Is she beautiful?Can you tell how old she is?
She is my aunt Jennifer,she is standing on the stage.
  1.can you see what she does? actor? actress?

  2.Can you tell how old she is? (She must be at least thirty-five years old.) 让学生练习,at least at most.
at least 至少, 最少 If you can’t clean the car, you can at least help me to clean it. at most 最多
结尾的是女性; 以-ess结尾的是女性;以-or、-er 结尾的是男性 结尾的是女性 、
appear v.
★appear v. 登场, 扮演 ① vi. 出现,显露(反义词是disappear) The plane appeared. The plane disappeared. ② vi. 当众露面;登场(演出等) The actor appeared. I can’t appear in this dress at the party. appear as 扮演……角色 He appeared as a prince. appear on the stage as… (扮演的确切表达) My aunt appeared on the stage as a young girl.
? ③ vi. 似乎,看起来好象(与seem同义),显得 (系动词,后面直接加形容词) ? He appears nervous. 他显得很紧张(看起来) ? She appears to know you. ? Now it appears you are wrong.
My aunt Jennifer (所有图片未找) 所有图片未找)
This time
In the play
bright red dress;long black stockings;(只配图片)
Last year
She short socks,a bright orange-coloured dress(只配图片)
When being asked She answered: how old she is
a girl of seventeen
My aunt Jennifer is an actress. She must be at least thirty-five years old. In spite of this, she often appears on the stage as a young girl. Jennifer will have to take part in a new play soon. This time, she will be a girl of seventeen. In the play, she must appear in a bright red dress and long black stockings. Last year in another play, she had to wear short socks and a bright, orange-coloured dress. If anyone ever asks her how old she is, she always answers, 'Darling, it must be terrible to be grown up!'
must + 动词原形 ①不得不, 必须;②(对现在的)推测 She must be a model. She is fifteen years old. She must be fifteen years old. She must be at most fifteen years old. She must be at least fifteen years old.
in spite of 不管,尽管 (“of” 为介词, 后面一定会加名词、代词或从句 in spite of this 尽管如此 In spite of this, I still like school. (school 前不加“the”表示上学,加“the”只表示学校) In spite of what you have said about her, she is much better than Mary.
in (+颜色、衣服) 穿着……样的衣服,用介词短语取代动词, 避免了一句话中出现两个动词 The boy in green. in a bright red dress 鲜红色的连衣裙 bright,orange-coloured dress 鲜艳的桔黄色衣服
Key structure
? 情态助动词must ? Must 译为“必须”,可以表示“必要,命令或强 制,邀请,决心,不可推卸的责任”等多处含义 。它 没有时态和人称变化,通常只用于现在时和将来 时。
Key structure
在其他时态时,must的有些含义可以用have to或have got to。这三种形式一般可以互换,但 用于第一人称时,have to(have got to)强调客观 的要求或外在的原因,must 则强调主观的要求或 表示说话的人认为自己有权做某事。 ? have to 和have got to往往可以互换,但与always ,sometimes 等频度副词连用时,用have to往往 比用havt got to 好。have got to比have to更口语 化。
Key structure
? 在过去时的句子中, 要用have to 来表示 “必须”,have to 可以有任意时态 ? She will have to… ;She had to… ; She has/I have had to… ? have to作为实义动词, 否定式为don't have to;will not have to;didn't have to ? 在表达“难道你不能不(做……)”时,一般用“Must you…?”,而不用“Do you have to…?” ? Must you leave now? 难道你非得现在就走吗? ? I’m afraid so. I have to study for an exam. ? must可以表示推测,must do表示对现在的推测;must have done表示对过去的推测 ? He must be mad. ? 在 I think…/he thinks…的从句中,一定要用事实说话. (不能 说成 “I think he must be a fool.” )
Key structure
? must be的否定式为can’t be(不可能): ? Someone’s using the phone, it must be John. ? It can’t be John. He promised me he wouldn’t use it today.
Special Difficulties
As的用法 ① 作为介词,可以表示“作为”、“以……身份”等 In this film, he appeared as a policeman. As a mechanic, he can’t always keep himself clean. ② 作为连词,可以表示“因为”、“正当……时候”、“以……方式 或“如同……那样”等 You must take care of the bady tomorrow as I am going to London. (因为,由于) As we were talking about him, he knocked at the door. (正当……时候) Do as you are told. 叫你怎么做就怎么做(按你被告知的那样去做) (以……方式) As I learned, … (如同……那样) ③ “担任……工作” I work as an engineer.
Special Difficulties
? ? ? ? dress, suit, costume dress n. 裙子,晚礼服,连衣裙(女式) suit n. 套装(男式) My brother never wears ready-made suits.(成 衣) ? costume n. 演出服,民族服装,某一年代所穿的服 装 ? All the actors wore fifteenth-century costumes.
Special Difficulties
? ? ? ? ? ? grow and grow up grow vi. 生长,成长,发育 Trees of the kind don’t grow in our country. How tall you’ve got! You’ve grown a lot. grow up 长成,成熟(其被动态表示长大成人) Lucy has grown up a lot since I last saw her.
? What do you want to do when you’re grown up? ? Some people never grow up.
Lesson 18 He often does this!
After I had had lunch at a village pub, I looked for my bag. I had left it on a chair beside the door and now it wasn't there! As I was looking for it, the landlord came in. 'Did you have a good meal?" he asked. ? 'Yes, thank you,' I answered, 'but I can't pay the bill. I haven't got my bag.' ? The landlord smiled and immediately went out. In a few minutes he returned with my bag and gave it back to me. ? 'I'm very sorry,' he said. 'My dog had taken it into the garden. He often ? does this!'
Language focus
  1、After I had had lunch at a village pub, I looked for my bag. ? Pub 是public house(酒店,酒店)的 缩写 ? Let’s go to the pub for a drink.
  2、I had left it on a chair beside the door and now it wasn't there! ? leave除了“离去,离开,出发”的意思, 还可以表示“把(人、物)留下,遗留, 丢下”等。 ? Have you left anything in the car?
Language focus
  3、'I'm very sorry,' he said. 'My dog had taken in into the garden. He often does this!' ? he指店主的狗,英语国家人士常用人称代 词he或she指自己喂养的宠物。
Key structures
? have的用法 ?
  1、have作为助动词构成各种完成时和完成进行 时 ?
  2、have还可以作完全动词,当作“具有、拥有 ”讲时,它和have got通常可以互换。have做 “ 有, 患 ? 病” 概念时, 可作为实义动词, 也可作为非实义动 词。在英国英语中的疑问句和否定句中have(具 有)的 ? 用法与be 相同,即可以不用助动词do或did;在 美国英语中,常用do助动词和have一起构成疑问 句和否定句。
Key structures
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I don’t have a pen/a headache. I haven’t a pen /a headache. 三种情况have 可以用 have got 取代 I have a pen. I have got a pen. “有” I have a headache. I have got a headache. “得病” have to== have got to have 作“具有,拥有”讲时是状态动词,不能用于进行 时态或被动语态,通常用于一般现在时。在其 它时态中,一般用have而不用have got。 You can have these apples if you want them. I’ve got a lot more. 如果你想要这些苹果你可以把它们拿走。我还有许多。 He must be very fond of animals to have five dogs. 他一 定非常喜欢动物,才会养五条狗。
Key structures
  3、have作完全动词时,还可以表示eat, drink,enjoy,take等意思,这时它是行为 动词,可以用于包括进行时的各种时态。 当have用于表示这些含义时,它必须与助 动词do等连用以构成疑问句或否定句。 have dinner,have a cigarette,have coffee,have a holiday,have a good time ,have a swim,have a rest
Special Difficulties ? give 的几个固定搭配 ? give常用含义是“给予,交给” ? I lent him some books last month and he has given them back to me this morning. ? gave away 赠送 ? He gave away all his books to the library. ? give in 上交,呈交;屈服,让步,投 降
Star signs Zodiac Lesson one a private conversation
Aquarius /?? kwe?ri?s/
between 21 January and 19 February
/? ?si?z/ pa
between 20 February and 20 March
Lesson 2 Breakfast or lunch?
Aries /? ?z/ e?ri
between 21 March and 20 April
Lesson 3 Please send me a card
Taurus /? ??r?s/ t between 21 April and 21 May
Lesson 4 An exciting trip
Lesson 5 No wrong number
Gemini /? ?em?na?/ d between 22 May and 21 June
Cancer /? k?ns?(r)/ between 22 June and 22 July
Lesson 6 Percy Buttons
Leo /? ???/ li between 23 July and 22 August
Lesson seven Too late
Lesson eight The best and the worst
Virgo /v?????/
between 23 August and 23 September
Lesson 9 A cold welcome
between 23 September and 22 October
between 23 October and 21 November
Lesson 10 Not for jazz
Scorpio /sk??pi??/
Sagittarius /s?d??te?ri?s/ between 22 November and 20 December
Lesson eleven one bad turn deserves another
between 22 December and 19 January
Lesson 12
?Goodbye and good luck
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