新概念英语第三册课堂笔记 第十六课

Lesson 16
Mary had a little lamb
【New words and expressions】 生词和短语
adj. 珍贵的,宝贵的
prize Mary has got a prize lamb
The cat is prize to the old lady.
v. 拴,系
tie sth.to
I tied the dog to a tree.
He is tied to his family
n. 偷盗行为,偷盗案
He reports the theft to the police.
v. 指控
accuse sb.of doing sth.
accuse 比charge语义弱:accuse强调"严厉的指责",charge强调"控告"
v. 否认
deny doing sth.
He denied stealing the lamb.
He denied the truth.
deny sb. nothing :百依百顺
He denies his wife nothing.
deny oneself: 克制自己
On some occasions we must deny ourselves.
adj. 感到羞耻,惭愧
be ashamed of
He is ashamed of being a dustman.
shameful: 可耻的
The theft is shameful.
shameless: 无耻的
The thief is a shameless person.
v. 道歉
apologize to sb.(for sth.)
v. 染
Dye the cloth black 【课文讲解】
in the tiny village of...
in the big city of Beijing
in the beautiful city of Paris.
possession: 所有物
What I possess is valuable./My possessions are valuable.
belinging: 随身携带物
keep: 使……处于某种状态
I keep my windows closed.
I kept the boy standing outside.
It is obvious that...
set out to do sth.: 开始着手做某事
tell sb.about sth.
He can't be ill or he wouldn't have come.
or else
Your room is so dirty,Clear it promptly,or else...

It is true that...,but...
It is true that the work is hard,but we'll finish it ahead.
Angry at everybody here,he left suddenly.
Anxious for a quick decision,he called his friends.
Nervous,the man opened the letter.
【Special difficulties】
had better do had better not do

  1.We had better have lunch.

  2.She had better renew her passport

  3.You'd better not ask so many questions.

  4.We'd better not stay any longer.

  5.The children had better get an early night

  6.solicitor: 律师 I had better consult my solicitor.
【Multiple choice questions】

  1. C

  2. B community :社区  village

  3. B

  4. a

  5. presentabsent
When Mr Brown left firm,the director presented a gold watch to him.
a present from somebody
  The gold watch was present from the director.

  6. C

  7. D so small a size

  8. B

  9. A valued advice valued friend worthwhile: 值得的
   worthy: 配得上的 be worthy of
His deeds are worthy of our praise
10 tell somebody about something
B正确 report something to somebody
11 C正确
12 A正确 out of doorsoutside indoors
in the open air inside out: 里外反穿
  He put his socks on inside out.



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