Name Teacher Point
  1、 ( )A handbag B parden
  2、 ( ) A dress B skirt
  3、 ) A umbrella ( B number ( )A suit B school
  5、 ( )A operator B engineer
C watch C house C ticket C teacher C nurse
D pen D shirt D please D daughter D postman
  1、 ( ) A how are you ? B how do you do ? C how is he ? D how are they ? ( ) A is this your shirt B is this my shirt
  2、 C is this his shirt D is this her shirt
  3、 ( ) A are you a teacher ? B are you a nurse ? C are you an operator ? D are you a postman ?
  4、 ( ) A open the window . B turn on the TV . C read this book . D take off your shirt
  5、 ( ) A I can put my hat on . B I can see the plane C I can paint this bookcase . D I can lift the chair .
三、把下列名词变成复数。 man dress employee watch assistant woman housewife child boy foot tooth potato wife valley fly 四 、写出下列词的反义词或者对应词 big fat young short mother brother cold open tall late 五、写出下列词的现在分词 makeflylivedropshave openlistenrun sit read go walk waitwash swim 六、选择填空
  1、??How do you do? ??? A How are you ? C How do you do ?
B How old are you ? D Thank you very much .

  2、??How are you ,Miss Wang ? ??. A how are you ,miss gao . B I am fine ,thank you . C you are right ,I am fine . D thank you .
  3、??! Are you mr . chen ? ??No ,I am not . ??. A hello; good . B sorry ;excuse me C hello ok D excuse me ; sorry .
  4、is a fine day today. A that B this C it D today
  5、The aeroplane is flying the sky . A on B of C out D over
  6、They are looking the sky . A at B over C on D in
  7、There is a bridge the river. A. on B over C in D at
  8、They over the bridge now . A. walk B walking C are walking D is walking
  9、Can she type this letter me ? A. of B at C for D in
  10、I usually go to school 7 o’clock the moring . A. in ;at B at ; in C on ;in D at ; on
  11、We usually stay home on Sundays. A. in B on C for D at
  12、My father often goes to work car. A. by B in C on D at
  13、 the moment they are playing the garden. A. at ,by B at ,in C in ,on D in ,at.
  14、Look ! he the radio. A. listening to B is listening C is listenig to D listen to
  15、Do you go to school bus or foot ? A by ,on B by ,by C on ,on Don ,by
  16、There a desk and four chairs in the room. A are B is C be D x
  17、What’s the climate in your country ? A likes B like C look like D looks like
  18、?? Do you want beef lamb? ?? Beef ,please . A and B yet C but D or
  19、I don’t like english at all. A telling you the truth B to tell you the truth C telling you the true D to tell you the true
  20、What’s the matter your bike ? It’s broken. A with B along C in D about
七、就划线部分提问 ?
  1、 My name is mary ?
  2、 My skirt is red .
  4、? This is my umbrella.
  5、? He is a teacher. ?
  6、 I like spring best. ?
  7、 I have a headache . ?
  8、 I am reading. ?
  9、 I am going to paint the bookcase.
  10、 ? It’s eight o’clock. 八、按要求改写句子
  1、This is your umbrella . (变为一般疑问句)
  2、She is their daughter . (变为一般疑问句)
  3、He is our teacher. (变为否定句) ????????????????????????????
  4、There is a cup on the table . (变为一般疑问句)
  5、There is a book on the desk. (变为否定句) 九、开心阅读,根据短文内容判断正(T)误(F). My name is Tom , I am eleven 。 is my room.look,there is a desk and a bed in it .the bed is this next to the desk. My bed is red ,beside the bed is a book are on it ,on the desk there is a clock ,my cat is sleeping near the desk. my room is small but very nice .I like it very much.
  1、Tom is ten years old. ( ) ( ) ) )
2 、The bed is next to the desk .
  3、There is clock on the wall . (
4 、Tom’s cat on sleeping on the desk . (
  5、 This room is small but very nice . (
十、 Writing. 写作。 写一篇介绍某个场所的小短文(教室,卧室,客厅……)请尽量使用 There be 句型以及相应 的形容词。



   CAMBRIDGE NEW CONCEPT ENGLISH TEST--1 Name Teacher Point 一、选出你所听到的单词 1、 ( )A handbag B parden 2、 ( ) A dress B skirt 3、 ) A umbrella ( B number ( )A suit B school 4、 5、 ( )A operator B engineer C watch C house C ticket C teacher C nurse D pen D shi ...


   Lessons73-74 她对伦敦不很熟悉。 1.She does not know London very well. 她对伦敦不很熟悉。 know…well 这一短语意为“对……了解”。又如: I don't know him very well. 我不太了解他。 ……因此她迷路了 因此她迷路了。 2.…, and she lost her way. ……因此她迷路了。 句中的 and 当“所以”讲,表示结果。 lose one's way, 迷路。 向某人)问路。 3.ask(sb.) ...


   新概念英语第一册 第 1 课:Excuse me 对不起 课文 Excuse me! Yes? Is this your handbag? Pardon? Is this your handbag? Yes, it is. Thank you very much. 参考译文 对不起 什么事? 这是您的手提包吗? 对不起,请再说一遍。 这是您的手提包吗? 是的,是我的。 非常感谢! 单词讲解: 单词讲解: 1.excuse ①v.原谅 eg. Excuse me.请原谅,劳驾 ②n.借口 eg ...


   1excusen. 借口,理由;低劣的样品; v. 原谅 2mepron. 我(宾格) 3yesa. 是的; ad. 是,是的; v. 是 4isv. 是 5thisa. pron. 这,这个 6yourpron. 你的,你们的 7handbagn. 手提包 8pardonn. 原谅,赦免; v. 宽恕,原谅 9itpron. 它 10thank you谢谢你。 11very much非常地 12penciln. 铅笔; v. 用铅笔写 13bookn. 书; v. 登记,预订 14watch ...

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   高一英语上学期单项选择练习题精选 1. A friend need is friend indeed . A . in , / B . for , a C . in , a D . for , the 2. You like music , I like reading . A . when B . while C . as D . though 3. He sent me an E-mail to get further information . A . hoped B . hoping ...


   M4U3 语法练习 1.?How are the team playing? ?They are playing well, but one of them hurt. A. got B. gets C. are D. were 2.More than a dozen students in that school abroad to study medicine last year. A sent B had been sent C had sent D were sent 3.Hey, ...


   初中英语中考复习备考策略 外?中学 李素 2011 年中考英语总复习工作计划 中考前的复习, 是中考要取得骄人成绩的关键。 从中考试题来看, 其试题容量大、 覆盖面广,要求也愈来愈高,不仅加强了对英语基础知识的考查,更突出了对运 用知识的能力的考查。我认为在复习前必须认真研究新课标和考纲要求,了解新 课标对听、说、读、写的具体要求;了解考试纲要对考试内容的具体要求,做到 心中有数。根据考题特点、英语的学习规律及我校学生的英语学习实际情况,并 通过和同课头英语老师的商讨,我校今年决定仍然采用包 ...

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   31. 32. 1. alter /’T:ltY/ v. 改变,改动,变更 2. burst / bY:st/ vi. n.突然发生,爆裂 3. dispose / dis’pYuz/ vi. 除掉,处置,解决, 处理 (of) 4. blast / bl?:st/ n. 爆炸,气流 vi. 炸,炸掉 5. consume / kYn’sju:m/ v.消耗,耗尽 6. split / split/ v.劈开,割裂,分裂 a. 裂开 的 7. spill / spil/ v. 溢出,溅出,倒 ...