Name Teacher Point
  1、 ( )A handbag B parden
  2、 ( ) A dress B skirt
  3、 ) A umbrella ( B number ( )A suit B school
  5、 ( )A operator B engineer
C watch C house C ticket C teacher C nurse
D pen D shirt D please D daughter D postman
  1、 ( ) A how are you ? B how do you do ? C how is he ? D how are they ? ( ) A is this your shirt B is this my shirt
  2、 C is this his shirt D is this her shirt
  3、 ( ) A are you a teacher ? B are you a nurse ? C are you an operator ? D are you a postman ?
  4、 ( ) A open the window . B turn on the TV . C read this book . D take off your shirt
  5、 ( ) A I can put my hat on . B I can see the plane C I can paint this bookcase . D I can lift the chair .
三、把下列名词变成复数。 man dress employee watch assistant woman housewife child boy foot tooth potato wife valley fly 四 、写出下列词的反义词或者对应词 big fat young short mother brother cold open tall late 五、写出下列词的现在分词 makeflylivedropshave openlistenrun sit read go walk waitwash swim 六、选择填空
  1、??How do you do? ??? A How are you ? C How do you do ?
B How old are you ? D Thank you very much .

  2、??How are you ,Miss Wang ? ??. A how are you ,miss gao . B I am fine ,thank you . C you are right ,I am fine . D thank you .
  3、??! Are you mr . chen ? ??No ,I am not . ??. A hello; good . B sorry ;excuse me C hello ok D excuse me ; sorry .
  4、is a fine day today. A that B this C it D today
  5、The aeroplane is flying the sky . A on B of C out D over
  6、They are looking the sky . A at B over C on D in
  7、There is a bridge the river. A. on B over C in D at
  8、They over the bridge now . A. walk B walking C are walking D is walking
  9、Can she type this letter me ? A. of B at C for D in
  10、I usually go to school 7 o’clock the moring . A. in ;at B at ; in C on ;in D at ; on
  11、We usually stay home on Sundays. A. in B on C for D at
  12、My father often goes to work car. A. by B in C on D at
  13、 the moment they are playing the garden. A. at ,by B at ,in C in ,on D in ,at.
  14、Look ! he the radio. A. listening to B is listening C is listenig to D listen to
  15、Do you go to school bus or foot ? A by ,on B by ,by C on ,on Don ,by
  16、There a desk and four chairs in the room. A are B is C be D x
  17、What’s the climate in your country ? A likes B like C look like D looks like
  18、?? Do you want beef lamb? ?? Beef ,please . A and B yet C but D or
  19、I don’t like english at all. A telling you the truth B to tell you the truth C telling you the true D to tell you the true
  20、What’s the matter your bike ? It’s broken. A with B along C in D about
七、就划线部分提问 ?
  1、 My name is mary ?
  2、 My skirt is red .
  4、? This is my umbrella.
  5、? He is a teacher. ?
  6、 I like spring best. ?
  7、 I have a headache . ?
  8、 I am reading. ?
  9、 I am going to paint the bookcase.
  10、 ? It’s eight o’clock. 八、按要求改写句子
  1、This is your umbrella . (变为一般疑问句)
  2、She is their daughter . (变为一般疑问句)
  3、He is our teacher. (变为否定句) ????????????????????????????
  4、There is a cup on the table . (变为一般疑问句)
  5、There is a book on the desk. (变为否定句) 九、开心阅读,根据短文内容判断正(T)误(F). My name is Tom , I am eleven 。 is my room.look,there is a desk and a bed in it .the bed is this next to the desk. My bed is red ,beside the bed is a book are on it ,on the desk there is a clock ,my cat is sleeping near the desk. my room is small but very nice .I like it very much.
  1、Tom is ten years old. ( ) ( ) ) )
2 、The bed is next to the desk .
  3、There is clock on the wall . (
4 、Tom’s cat on sleeping on the desk . (
  5、 This room is small but very nice . (
十、 Writing. 写作。 写一篇介绍某个场所的小短文(教室,卧室,客厅……)请尽量使用 There be 句型以及相应 的形容词。



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