新概念英语 第一册经典 短语
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give sb sth 给某人某物 give me a book;
show/send sb sth 展示/发送 give sth to sb 把某物给某人 give a book to him show/send sth to sb
  2.live at King street (小地点) arrive at the station home live in Fuzhou(大地点) arrive in New York London
  3.take sb to +地点 My father takes me to school every day .
  4.want sth 想要某物 I want some milk. She wants to buy a new book. stay in stay at
Want to do sth 想要做某事
Want sb to do sth 想要某人做某事 They want me to open the door. dodoes not want sb to do sth 不想要某人做某事 I do not want you to miss the train.
  5.get up 起床 I always get up at 7:
  6.keep sth +adj. 保持某物的……. Keep the floor clean keep the room tidy
  7.be absent(from)缺席 I was absent from school yesterday.
  8.on the/one’s way to
在去……的路上 On the way home (to school),I met an old friend. On the train to 在去……的火车上
  9.lose one’s way 迷路=be lost I lost my way .=I was lost
  10.say to oneself 自言自语 “I can win” I said to myself
  11.put sth into 把……放到…… I put some money into my pocket . I put some books into my bag .
  12. take out 取出 He took out a note book and wrote them down ,
  13. put on your coat 穿上 take off your shoes 脱掉 turn on 打开 put your coat on put it on turn off 关掉 take your shoes off
take them off

  14. be afraid of sth 害怕 I am afraid of dog . be afraid (that)+宾从 恐怕……
I am afraid that it will rain tomorrow . I’m afraid that I can’t do it .
  15.buy sth for sb 为某人买某物 I bought a present for you . buy sth from sb 从某人那买某物 She bought a tie from Tony .
  16.hundreds of 数以百计 thousands of 数以千计.

  17.Be in fashion 时髦 Jeans are always in fashion. Be out of fashion
  18.till (until ) I can arrive till(until)3:00 this afternoom. 过时 Skirts are out of fashion this year .
Not ……until I didn’t finish my homework until 10:00 in the evening .
  19.a lot of water(不可数)oranges (可数) many apples (可数)much meat (不可数) plenty of time(不可数)/tomatoes(可数)
  20.not ……at all 根本不 I don’t know her at all . I don’t want to talk with him at all .
  21.have breakfast/lunch/supper/dinner /a meal /a swim/ a bath /a lesson/a holiday/a good time .
  22.be ready for sth 准备好 I’m ready for dinner .
be ready to do sth 准备好做某事 She is ready to go out .
  23.Iet sb do sth 让某人做某事
Let’s go to school at once . Let her go out .
  24.have been to 到过 I have never been to shanghai
  25.all the time 一直
  26.take/bring sb to +地点 带某人去(来)某地 take /bring sth to sb 带走来某物给某人
  27.have a try 试一试 try to do sth 试图做某事 try one’s best to do sth 尽全力做某事
  28.believe sb 相信……是真的 believe in sb 信任某人 believe(that)+(宾语从句)
  29.since 自从
  30.speak to 对某人说 write to 写信给某人 wave to 向某 人招手 move to 搬到
  31.decide to do sth 决定做某事 I decide to tell her the truth.
make up one’s mind to do sth 下定决心做某事 I made up my mind to open my mouth and pratise more.
  32.fly to 飞往 return to 返回 给某人
  33.leave 离开 leave for 离开到某地
  34.belong to 属于
  35.do with /handle 处理
  36.be sorry that +从句 be sure that+从句子 确定……
  37.had better (not )do sth 最好做(不要做)某事
  38.at once (right away /immediately)立刻
  39.help sb (to) do sth 帮助某人做某事
  40.be adj.enough(for sb )to do 对于某人说足够做某事 too+adj.(for sb )to do 对某人太…..而不能做某事
  41. at the top of 在……顶部
  42.tell sb sth 告诉某人某事 关于某事 tell sb (not )to do sth 告诉某人做(不要做)某事 that +从句
  43.be full of 充满
  44.ask sb (not )to do sth 要求某人做(不要做)某事
  45.would like sth 想要……would like to do sth 想要/愿意做 某事
  46.instead of +名代(宾格)代替 she was ill, so I went there instead. I went there instead of her. There was no milk, so I drank some orange instead. I drank some orange instead of milk
  47.afford sth/lto do sth 付得起某物/做某事 tell sb tell sb about/of sth 告诉某人 return sth to sb 归还某物

  48.A is as +adj .+as B
A 和 B 一样…….
A is not as (so)+adj .+as B A 不如 B…..
  49.pay for sth 付钱
  50.get on/off 上车/下车 大
  51.invite sb to sth /for sth 邀请某人 邀请某人做某事
  52.play a joke on sb 开某人玩笑
  53.look for /find 寻找/找到
  54.forget to do sth 忘记做某事 做过某事
  55.offer sb sth =offer sth to sb 提供某人某物 I offered you a cup of tea .=I offered a cup of tea to you .
  56.must be 肯定
  57.by oneself 自己 can’t be 不可能 at least 至少 forget doing sth 忘记曾 Invite sb to do sth happen to 碰见 grow up 长

  58.need (实意动词)to do sth 需要做某事 Need(情态动词) +动原 必要做某事 needn’t+动原 要做某事
  59.take a photo /a walk /a rest (break)/a bus / advice make tea / coffee /a mistake /a mess /the bed /a film/a noise
  60.go abroad /overseas 出国
  61.It takes +(sb)+时间段 +to do sth 花(某人多少时间做 某事)
  62.look after /take care of 照顾
  63.in the end /at last 最后
  64.worry about sth 担心
  65.introduce A to B be worried about sth 没必
把 A 介绍给 B

  66.get married 结婚 Marry sb 和某人结婚

  67.depend on 依靠,取决于
  68.by the way 顺便说一下(问一下)
  69.talk to sb 对某人说 /with sb 和某人谈话 /about sth 谈 话关于
  70.begin to do sth /start to do sth 开始做某事
  71.make up /dress up 打扮,化妆
  72.go for a walk .散步
  73.make sb +adj 使某人……
  74.be covered with 覆盖……



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