一、 选出适当的词填入句子,使句子意思完整,用 A、B 或 C 表示,将答案填在答题纸上。
  1. I am your father’s C. I am your grandmother. a) sister b) daughter c) mother
  2. The boy is in C room. a) the his b) you c) his
  3. We finish __B our homework, and then go to bed. a) do b) doing c) to do
  4. Would you like to B a cup of coffee? a) eat b) have c) having
  5. Tony’s grandfather B from Beijing. a) come b) comes c) is coming
  6. We go to school from Monday A Friday. a) to b) on c) of
  7. There__C an apple and three peaches in the basket. a) have b) be c) is
  8. He is going to __B__ hard next year. a) studies b) study c) study
  9. Look! The man __C across the river. a) swims b) is swimming c) is swimming
  10. Where B my sister’s trousers? a) is b) are c) does
  11. Don’t look A__ the window. Look me.
a) out of at b) out at c) / at
  12. Whose are these bags? They are __A. a) Peter’s b) Peters’ c) Peters
  13. B are you going now? We are going to school. a) what b) where c) who
  14. How do you like your dress? B. a) Yes, I like it. b) Oh, it’s wonderful. c) It’s very well.
  15. I will go the Great Wall C July 3, 20
  02. a) in b) at c) on 二、 在下列各句 A、B 或 C 中找出与划线部分意义相同的词或句子,将答案填在答题纸上。
  1. The wind sometimes blows hard in winter. a) It’s sometimes dry in winter. b) It’s often cold in winter. c) It’s sometimes windy in winter.
  2. The teacher always forgets his key. a) never remembers b) ever remembers c) doesn’t forget
  3. Today is Saturday. Tomorrow is another holiday. a) Friday b) Saturday c) Sunday
  4. They can speak a little Russian.
a) They have a little Russian friends. b) They are good at speaking Russian. c) They don’t speak Russian very well.
  5. It’s six o’clock in the morning. The train will leave in twenty minutes. a) The train will leave at 5:40 a.m. b) The train will leave at 6:20 p.m. c) The train will leave at 6:20 a.m.
  6. The bank is not far from the station. a) far away from b) near c) nearly
  7. Where is his friend now? Sorry, I ‘m not sure. a) Sorry, I don’t know. b) Sorry, I’m not his friend. c) Sorry, I can’t find his friend.
  8. There is a little sugar in the bottle. a) There is not much sugar in the bottle. b) There is much sugar in the bottle. c) There is no sugar in the bottle.
  9. I’d like a hamburger. a) I want a hamburger. b) I have got a hamburger.
c) I like hamburgers very much.
  10. Good-bye, tom. Enjoy yourself. a) have a party b) have a good time c) play well 三、 选出最恰当的应答句,用 A、B 或 C 表示, 将答案填在答题纸上。
  1. May I speak to Mr Green? a) Just a minute, please. b) I am Mr Green. c) Of course.
  2. What about a dinner in the garden? a) I’m fine. b) Very well, thank you. c) A good idea.
  3. Sorry, I am late. a) You are welcome. b) That’s all right. c) You are bad.
  4. How much is your dress? a) Ten thousand. b) Nine thousands and five hundreds. c) Nine thousands dollars.
  5. What’s the weather like in winter? a) It’s great. b) It’s sometimes cold. c) It’s wet.
  6. Pass me the book, please. a) Here you are. b) Sure, pass you. c) Yes, I can.
  7. What’s the city of France? a) Beijing b) London c) Paris
  8. How do you go to school?
a) By a bike. b) on feet. c) By bus.
  9. Who is your father? a) The man in a hat. b) He is over there. c) He’s tall.
  10. When do you go to school in the morning? a) I go to school in the morning. b) It’s seven o’clock. c) At seven o’clock. 四、 根据短文内容,完成下列句子, 用 A、B 或 C 表示,将答案填在答题纸上。 “Which colour do you think is the prettiest?” Joanna asks her friend. “Red!” says Jack ,” It’s the colour of fire.” “No, yellow is prettier than red because it’s the colour of the sun.” cries joy. “My favourite is blue,” says Jim, “the colour of the summer sky.” “Green is the best colour of all! It’s the colour of grass and leaves and trees too,” Harry says. “And what about violet?” asks Rose, “Violet is so pretty!” “Well, I like orange, ” says Alice. Each of them has their own favourite colour, no two of them is the same. A storm breaks, and then a rainbow is up there in the sky. “Oh look, how lovely!” cries jack, “all colours are beautiful, and they need each other just like we do.”
  1. what’s the colour of fire? . a) black b) red c)violet
  2. Jim’s favourite colour is . a) summer sky b)blue c) yellow
  3. likes the colour of grass and doesn’t like red.
a) Joy Rose b) Harry Joy c) Jack Jim
  4. What comes out in the sky after a storm. a) wind b) rainbow c) cloud
  5. From the story we know friends need each other just like the. . a) colours b) rainbow c)prettier colour 参考答案: CCBBB ACBCB AABBC CACCC BAAAB ACBAB ACCAC BBBBA
  1. 做对了 80%以上的题目: 您对于一册的内容或者其相应难度的英语知识掌握得比较透彻。 趁热打铁,如果你此时参加二册的学习班,您的英语水平定将会上一个新台阶。
  2. 做对了 60%到 79%的题目:您已基本掌握了一册的知识,可以参加二册的培训班,但您 的英语基础还不够扎实牢固,建议您在学习二册的同时,不能松懈对一册的滚动式复习,两 本书双管齐下,才能起到良好的效果。
  3. 只做对了不到 60%的题目:说明您的英语还有很多漏洞。小洞不补,大洞吃苦。强烈建 议您报读一册的学习班!
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