新概念英语同步测试卷 26 Book 1 Lesson 121-125 一、填入下列单词所缺字母 1, cust__mer 2, man__ger 3, rec__gnize 4, g__ess 5, bea__d 6, se__ve 7, terr__bly 8, nuis__nce 9, s__rprise 10, dr__ 11, tr__p 12, d__ring 13, cou__ter 14, f__rget 15, ro__d 16, trav__l 17, __ffer 18, j__ b 19, gro__ 20, k__tten 二、标出下列单词划线部分音标 1, customer 2, recognize 3, during 4, beard 5, nuisance 6, grow 7, trip 8, offer 9, road 10, serve 11, manager 12, counter 13, guess 14, terribly 15, surprise 16, mean 17, dry 18, water 19, forget 20, travel 三、根据句子意思填入正确单词,首字母已给 1, I knew him but I cannot r him now. 2, The waiters always s very well. 3, The drugs can be traded over the c 4, The m asked his assistant to prepare. 5, I recited it yesterday but I f it now. 6, All r lead to Rome. 7, Let me g who it is. 8, He o his help and I accepted. 9, He g a beard last year. 10, There is no water and it is very d 四、填入所缺单词 1, The man a hat is my father.
  2. I forget to take my glasses me.
  3. The shop assistant the counter served me.
  4. I did it the day yesterday.
  5. What nuisance!
  6. It is not you, it? 7, Finish your homework yourself. 8, I have go to hospital every day.
  9. I afraid I had to .
  10. I looked the words but I could not see clearly. 五、单项选择
  1. The man I served was a hat. A. wearing in B. putting on C. dressed D. in
  2. The man I served was him. A. what B. how C. which D. whom
  3. The book I am reading is hers. A. that B. whose C. when D. how
  4. I bought them but forgot to take them me. A. to B. in C. on D. with
  5. I went to the cinema I met an old friend today. A. who B. that C. where D. which
  6. It is the book I am looking for. A. which B. that C. whom D. how
  7. He grew a beard last year but shaved it later. A. on B. for C. off D. in
  8. You must water the flower , and then you can have a rest. A. first B. in first C. for first D. on first
  9. He fell before the finishing line and lost the medal.
A. What pity! B. How pity! C. What a pity! D. How a pity!
  10. that it was not here! A. I’m afraid B. I was afraid C. We are afraid D. It's afraid. 六、判断正误
  1. The man in hat is my friend.
  2. I bought two dictionaries half a hour ago.
  3. Who served with you, sir?
  4. I forgot to water the garden and watered it twice.
  5. The man which I served was not drinking.
  6. The girl I saw was wearing in a beautiful dress.
  7. The picture I am looking is not mine.
  8. I saw a dog in the road when I was driving to London.
  9. I grew beard during the trip.
  10. What nuisance! 七、英汉互译
  1. 半小时前我在这买了两本很贵的辞典。
  2. 我昨晚忘了把字典带上了
  3. 半小时前你接待过这位先生吗?
  4. 我去年旅行时留了胡子。
  5. 他就是在美国给我工作的那个人 八、用所给词适当形式组成句子。
  1. tell, he, not, forget, take, it, with , he
  2. lady, standing, behind, the, counter, is, my, friend.
  3. I, buy, two, expensive, hat, here, ago, half, an, hour
  4. he, man, who, offer, I, job, England.
  5. you, serve, this, gentleman, half, hour, ago
  6. he, said, he, man, who, buy, these, books 7, I have, to, shave, off, beard 8, you, not, look, well, you, must, ill 9, this, be, car, I, buy, the, day, before, yesterday 10, dog, is, which, running, yours? 答案 一、customer manager recognize guess beard serve terribly nuisance Surprise dry trip during counter forget road travel offer job grow kitten 二、略 三、1, recognize 2, serve 3, counter 4, manager 5, forget 6, roads 7, guess 8, offered 9, grew 10, dry 四、1, in 2, with 3, behind 4, before 5, a 6, is 7, by 8, to 9, am 10, at 五、1?5 DDADC 6?10 BCACA 六、1, hat?a hat 2, a?an 3, 去掉 with 4, to water?watering 5, which?whom 6, 去掉 in 7, looking?looking at 8, in the road?on the road 9, beard?a beard 10, nuisance?nuisance 七、1, I bought two expensive dictionaries here half an hour ago. 2, I forgot to take the dictionary with me yesterday evening. 3, Did you serve this gentlemen half an hour ago. 4, I grew a beard during my trip last year. 5, He is the man who offered me a job in America. 6, 他说他就是这些书的买主。 7, 你接待过这位先生吗? 8, 站在柜台后面那位小姐昨天戴着帽子。 9, 那只叼着篮子的狗不是他的。
10, 你为什么不把胡子刮掉。 八、1, Tell him not to forget to take it with him. 2, The lady who is standing behind the counter is my friend. 3, I bought two expensive hats here half an hour ago. 4, He is the man who offered me a job in England. 5, Did you serve this gentlemen half an hour ago? 6, He said he was the man who bought these books. 7, I have to shave the beard off. 8, You do not look well and you must be ill. 9, This is the car that I bought the day before yesterday. 10, Is the dog which is running yours?



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