Unit Three Revision Recite the following useful sentences and try to make the other 2 sentences using the undeerlined expression.

  1. can hardly wait to see them! 我们急切地想见到他们! 我们急切地想见到他们! 我们真是太想看那部电影了. 仿
  1. 我们真是太想看那部电影了.
我迫不及待地想看到他的新作. 仿
  2. 我迫不及待地想看到他的新作.

  2.For one thing, a journal isn't as personal as a diary. For another, a travel journal has a different purpose. 一方面, 一方面,旅游
日记不像日记属于私人的,另一方面,旅游日记有不同的目的. 日记不像日记属于私人的,另一方面,旅游日记有不同的目的.
我不能去了,一方面,我没钱;另一方面, 仿
  1. 我不能去了,一方面,我没钱;另一方面,我有太多 的工作要做. 的工作要做.
他不去看电影了, 另一方面, 仿
  2.他不去看电影了,一方面,他没有完成作业,另一方面, 他不去看电影了 一方面,他没有完成作业, 天在下雨. 天在下雨.

  3. It was my sister who first had the idea to cycle along the
Mekong river from where it begins to where it ends.首先想到 首先想到 要沿湄公河从源头到终点骑车旅游的是我姐姐. 要沿湄公河从源头到终点骑车旅游的是我姐姐.
我是在街上遇到我的一个老朋友的. 仿
  1. 我是在街上遇到我的一个老朋友的.
被派往西部工作的是露西吗? 仿
  2.被派往西部工作的是露西吗? 被派往西部工作的是露西吗
Many people put their thoughts into a diary but others write 背
  4. . about their travels in what is called a travel journal.. 许多人在日记里写下他们的想法, 但还有一些人则把旅游见闻写 许多人在日记里写下他们的想法, 成一本旅游杂志. 成一本旅游杂志.
我们现在生活在所谓的信息时代. 仿
  1. 我们现在生活在所谓的信息时代.
他毕业于一所所谓的重点高中. 仿
  2. 他毕业于一所所谓的重点高中.

  5.Once she has made up her mind, nothing can change it. 她一旦下定决心,就没有什么能改变她的心意. 她一旦下定决心,就没有什么能改变她的心意. 一旦你表现出恐惧,他就会攻击你. 仿
  1. 一旦你表现出恐惧,他就会攻击你.
你只要和他谈谈,就会了解他是个好人. 仿
  2. 你只要和他谈谈,就会了解他是个好人.
背 6 .A determined person always tries to finish the job, no matter how hard it is. 一个意志坚定的人总是努力完成工作,不管它多么困难. 一个意志坚定的人总是努力完成工作,不管它多么困难. 不管谁敲门,都不要开门. 仿
  1. 不管谁敲门,都不要开门.
无论你什么时候来都受欢迎. 仿
  2. 无论你什么时候来都受欢迎.

  7. Wang
soon got them interested in cycling too.
不久王微就让他们对骑车旅行也充满兴趣. 不久王微就让他们对骑车旅行也充满兴趣. 他考试没通过使他的父母很担心. 仿
  1. 他考试没通过使他的父母很担心.
他所说的话使他的妻子很失望. 仿
  2. 他所说的话使他的妻子很失望.

  8.When I told her the air would be hard to breathe and it would be very cold, she said it would be an interesting experience. 当我告诉她那里空气稀薄,呼吸困难,而且天气很冷时, 当我告诉她那里空气稀薄,呼吸困难,而且天气很冷时,她却说 这将是一次有趣的经历. 这将是一次有趣的经历. 数学很难学好. 仿
  1. 数学很难学好.
他的弟弟很容易相处. 仿
  2. 他的弟弟很容易相处. 背
  9.She insisted that we find the source of the river and begin our journey there. 她坚持我们要找到河的源头, 并从那里开始我们的行程. 仿
  1. 她坚持我们要找到河的源头, 并从那里开始我们的行程. 医生坚持要我卧床休息. 仿
  1. 医生坚持要我卧床休息.
他强调学习英语的重要性. 仿
  2. 他强调学习英语的重要性.
她说服我买了一辆. 背
  10.She persuaded me to buy one. 她说服我买了一辆. 10 他终于说服他放弃那个愚蠢的计划. 仿
  1. 他终于说服他放弃那个愚蠢的计划.
她试图说服他戒烟,可是他不听. 仿
  2. 她试图说服他戒烟,可是他不听.
她似乎显得很兴奋. 背
  11. she seemed to be excited about it.她似乎显得很兴奋. 11 她似乎显得很兴奋 她似乎知道了一切. 仿
  1. 她似乎知道了一切.
他似乎在北京的一所重点中学读书. 仿
  2. 他似乎在北京的一所重点中学读书.

  12.To climb the mountain road was hard work but to go 12 down hills was great fun. 上山很艰难,而下山很好玩. 仿
  1. 上山很艰难,而下山很好玩.
一天之内完成这个工作是不可能的. 仿
  1. 一天之内完成这个工作是不可能的.
你的新朋友很有趣. 仿
  2. 你的新朋友很有趣.

  13.Have a good time ! journey!
Have a good trip!
Good luck on your
Give my best wishes to your parents! May you succeed!= Wish you success! Say "Hello" to your mother! Remember me to your father!
Take care!
Key to these sentences
Unit Three
  1. I can't wait to see the film. I can hardly wait to see his new works.
  2. I can't go, for one thing, I have no money; for another I have too much work to do. He won't go to the cinema, for one thing, he hasn't finished his homework; for another it's raining.
  3. It was in the street that I met an old friend. It was Lucy who was sent to work in the west.

  4. We are living in what is called an information age. He graduated from what is called a key senior high school
  5. Once you show fear, he'll attack you. Once you talk with him, you'll find him a good person.
  6. No matter who knocks at the door, don't open it. No matter when you come, you are welcome.
  7. That he failed in the exam made his parents worried. What he said made his wife disappointed.
  8. Math is hard to learn well. His bother is easy to get on well.
  9. The doctor insisted that I stay in bed. He insisted on the inportance of learning English.
  10. He persuaded him out of the foolish plan. She tried to persuade him to give up smoking, but he didn't listen.
  11. She seemed to have known everything. He seems to be studying in a kew senior high school.
  12. It's impossible to finish the work within a day. Your new friend is great fun.



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