How long have you Unit 6 been collecting shells?
Bob likes collecting kites. He started collecting when he was ten years old and now he is fourteen.
How long has he been collecting kites? He has been collecting kites for four years. He has been collecting kites since
he was ten years old.
How long has she been reading ? She has been reading for 2 hours. She has been reading since 2 hours ago.
2 hours
3a Read the following message. Then draw lines to match the snow globes with their descriptions. Dear Jack,
n. 球状物;球体 球状物;
Thanks for sending me the snow globe of the monster. I love it. In fact I think it’s probably my favorite. I’ve been collecting snow globes for seven years, and now I have 226 of them. My mom says I have to stop, because we’ve run out of room to store them. They’re all around our apartment. I even store them in boxes under my bed. send sb sth = send sth to sb
monster n. 怪物;妖怪 怪物; store v. 储存
run out of 用完;用尽 用完;
The first one I ever got was a birthday cake snow globe on my seventh birthday. I particularly love globes with animals. I have a big one with bears in it, and another one with penguins. If you know anyone else who collects them, please tell me. I’d like to start a snow globe collectors’ club. By the way, what’s your hobby? cake n. 蛋糕 particularly adv. 独特地;显著地,特别地 独特地;显著地, anyone pron. 任何人 start v. 发起;开办 发起; collector n. 收藏家 by the way 顺便;附带说说 顺便; Love, Ellen
eg: Thanks for helping me study English. 谢谢你帮我学英语。 谢谢你帮我学英语。
  2. in fact 事实上 eg: In fact I like to study in school. 事实上我还是喜欢在学校学习。 事实上我还是喜欢在学校学习。
  3. run out of 用尽;缺乏 用尽; We’ve run out of room to store them 我们缺少储存它们(snow 我们缺少储存它们( globes)的空间 ) ?
  4. If you know anyone else who collects them, … 如果你知道谁也 喜欢)收藏它们, (喜欢)收藏它们,…… ? 这是一个由 引导的条件状语从句,if在这里解释为“如果 这是一个由if引导的条件状语从句 引导的条件状语从句, 在这里解释为 如果……”,在 在这里解释为“ , 这个状语从句中又含有一个由who连接的定语从句,who在这里指 连接的定语从句, 这个状语从句中又含有一个由 连接的定语从句 在这里指 anyone。 。 ? Do one’s best 尽力 do my best 尽我全力
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Section B 3a
  1. thanks for doing sth 为(做)某事感谢某人

  1.His hobby is (收集) stamps.
  2.Mr Liu (对……感兴趣) making kites.
  3.I’ll (尽力) to help you with your English.
  4.He (用尽) his strength to save the boy out of the water.
  5.Let’s (共用) my umbrella if you don’t bring yours.
当我们谈论动作从过去某一时间开始一直延续到现在 当我们谈论动作从过去某一时间开始一直延续到现在, 过去某一时间开始一直延续到现在 并且有可能持续下去时,我们常常用以下句型来表示: 并且有可能持续下去时,我们常常用以下句型来表示
for +一段时间 一段时间 have / has been + doing sth + since +过去的时间点 过去的时间点 since + 从句 (一般过去时 一般过去时) 一般过去时
e.g. How long have you been collecting coins? I have been collecting coins for 1 year. I have been collecting coins since 2010? I have been collecting coins since one year ago She has been skating since I was 12 years old.
现在完成进行时的构成形式: 现在完成进行时的构成形式: 构成形式
have / has been + doing have / has是助动词 是助动词 been是be的过去分词 是 的过去分词 表示从过去开始一直持续到现在的动作, 表示从过去开始一直持续到现在的动作, 并有可能持续下去. 并有可能持续下去.
(The Present Perfect Progressive Tense)
表示动作从过去某一时间开始,一直延续到现在,可能还要延续 表示动作从过去某一时间开始,一直延续到现在, 下去。常和表示一段时间的状语连用。 下去。常和表示一段时间的状语连用。
They have been working for two hours.
他们已工作两小时了。 他们已工作两小时了。
for和表示一段时间的词组连用 They have been running since six o’clock. 点起他们一直在跑。 从6点起他们一直在跑。 since 和表示过去某一时刻的词或词组连用 I have been waiting for you since I came here.
自到这儿以来我一直在等你。 自到这儿以来我一直在等你。
since后可跟句子,句子时态多用一般过去时 后可跟句子,
用for和since填空 for和since填空
  1.They have been learning Chinese they came to China. for
  2. I haven’t seen her a long time. since
  3. He has been living here 20
  4. She has been doing her homework for two hours. since
  5. It’s 5 years we left school.
  6. ? How long has Mary been a teacher? ? two years ago. Since
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