新目标八年级英语上期末试题 Ⅰ.选择填空(每小题 1 分,共 15 分)
  1.She is good at cooking. . A So I do B. So can I C. So do I D. So am I
  2.Would you like with me? A. have supper B. have breakfastC. to have a meal
  3.Give him to eat, please. A. something delicious B. delicious somethingC. anything deliciousD. delicious anything
  4.My friend was sick in hospital last month. A. a B. the C. an D. /
  5.Does your father often go to work? A. by a train B. on a train C. take a train D. catch a train
  6.It is wrong of you to laugh people. A. at others B. in other C. at other D. in another
  7.Well, this medicine three a day. A. take; time B. eat; times C. take; times D. eat; times
  8.You’d better not eat food every day. A. much too B. too much C. too many D. many too
  9.I got up too late the early bus. A. to catch up with B. to catch up C . catching up with D. catching up
  10.The boy didn’t work the exam. A. enough hard to pass B. hard enough to past C. hard enough to pass D. hard enough passing
  11.She stopped to the music and didn’t cry. A. listening; any moreB. to listen; any moreC. listened; no longer D. to listen; no more
  12.We lost the beautiful music. A. us on B. our for C. ourselves in D. ours at
  13.Lily quickly Kate. A. passed it on to B. passed on it toC. passed on them toD. passed on to it
  14.Do you know? A. when is Father’s Day B. when Father’s Day is C. when do Father’s Day D. when Father’s Day does
  15.?Why are you with him??Because he is me. A. feed up; always disturb B. fed up; always disturbing C. fed up; often disturbing D. feed up; often disturbing Ⅱ.按要求改写句子(每空 2 分,共 20 分)
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  1.You mustn’t talk in the reading-room. (改为祈使句) in the reading room.
  2.The boy never finishes the work by himself. (改为反意疑问句) The boy never finishes the work by himself, ?
  3.The summer holidays will begin in two weeks. (对划线部分提问) will the summer holidays begin?
  4.Tom didn’t run so fast as Jim. (改为肯定句) Tom run fast Jim.
  5.I think. You won’ like the film. (合并成一个句子) I think you like the film. Ⅲ.补全对话(共 10 分) 根据情景,从所给的七个选项中选出五个完成下面对话。 A: Have you read today’s newspaper? B: No. 1 A: Yes. 2 B: How did it happen? A: Two students were playing football on their way home. 3 B: What did the driver do with them? A: They were taken to the hospital. 4 B: How are the children? A: They were saved(被救)at last. 5 B: I hope everything goes well. A: I hope so, too. A. They’re calling the police. B. A car hit them and they were badly hurt. C. They’re getting better. D. Anything important? E. The doctors began to operate on(给……做手术) them at once. F. I’m sorry to hear that. G. There was a traffic accident on Zhongshan Road last night. Ⅳ.从方框内所给的单词中选出适当的单词并用其正确形式填空(共 15 分) warm, call, light, but, danger, above, believe, sink, must, land, towards, try Not many people have seen (看见) icebergs. Sailors 船员) ( sometimes see them but they (
  1) to keep away from them. We call the top and bottom (底部)of the world the North and South Poles(极点). Here there is ice over the sea and the (
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. The ice is often thousands of meters thick 厚) The ice often moves slowly ( . down (
  3) the sea . Then big pieces of ice break off and float 漂浮) the ( on sea . We (
  4) these big pieces Office“icebergs”. Most of an iceberg is under the water. Ice is only a little(
  5) than water. The top of an iceberg may not be near (
  6) a ship, (
  7) the ship hits the iceberg below the water. Then the ship (
  8). Sometimes the water becomes (
  9) . The bottom of the iceberg becomes smaller and smaller. Then it turns right over. Sometimes it hits a ship. Icebergs are often very beautiful but they are also (
  10). Ⅴ.完形填空(20 分) Mike didn’t live too far away from school. He liked to 1 to school every day. When it rained, like many 2 boys, Mike liked playing in the water. One afternoon, when the boy came 3 , he was all wet. His mother became very 4 and said, “Don’t play in the water after school. ”The next day he was very 5 again, and his mother became 6 angrier. “I’ll tell your father 7 you go to play in the water again, ” said. The third day the boy was dry when he came 8 she from school. “You are a 9 boy today, ”his mother said. “You didn’t play in the water. ” “No, ”Mike answered. “Because there were 10 older boys in the water, I couldn’t play in it. ”
  1.A. have B. walk C. fly D. come
  2.A. other B. others C. much D. more
  3.A. house B. family C. home D. room
  4.A. angry B. happy C. good D. sad
  5.A. dry B. late C. early D. wet
  6.A. very B. more C. much D. many
  7.A. if B. before C. for D. so
  8.A. to B. back C. away D. out
  9.A. good B. well C. bad D. worse
  10.A. many so B. so many C. much too D. too much Ⅶ.阅读理解(每题 2 分,共 10 分) It was late on a snowing night. Doctor Van was driving fast to the hospital to do an operation on a badly hurt person. Minutes later he came to a red traffic light and had to stop to wait. A man suddenly opened the door of the car and got in. “Drive on, ” shouted the man, “Just do what I’ve told you to. ” The man was strong and tall while Doctor Van was not.
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“But I’m a doctor, ” Van tried to tell him what he was going to do. “I’m on my way to the hospital to save. ” “Stop talking and drive faster, as fast as you can! ” the man stopped Van and Van had to do so. Only a few minutes had passed when the man made Van stop his car again and drove him off, and he himself drove away very quickly. Van stood in the snow for a moment and then walked around to look for a taxi. Another half an hour had passed when Van got out of the taxi and ran into the hospital. But it was too late and nothing could be done. The man who had taken Van’s car was standing by the person all the time. He was so sad! Only then did Van know that the man was the father of that badly hurt person! 根据短文内容选择最佳答案。
  1.Who needed an operation at once? A. Doctor Van. B. The man.C. Doctor Van’s son. D. The man’s son.
  2.Why did the man take Van’s car? A. Because he was a doctor and had to get to the hospital as soon as possible. B. Because he wanted to use the car to see a friend who was badly in hospital and needed his help. C. Because he wanted to get to the hospital earlier than the doctor. D. Because he was worried about his son and could not wait to see him.
  3.How long did it take Van to get to the hospital that night? A. More than one hour. B. Less than an hour. C. Only a few minutes. D. We can’t tell just from this passage.
  4.Which of the following is not true? A. The man lost his son. B. Doctor Van was stronger than the man. C. Doctors need cars. D. The weather was not fine that night.
  5.Which of the following can be the best title (标题) for this passage? A. A Doctor Driving at Night. B. A Good Doctor Met a Bad Man. C. Too Worried to Be Helpful. D. How to save a Bad Hunt person.
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  15.B Ⅱ.
  1.Don’t talk
  2.does he
  3.How soon
  4.run as , as
  5.don’t, will Ⅲ.
  5.C Ⅳ. try
  1. land
  3. towards
  4. call
  5. lighter
  6. above
  7. but
  10.dangerous Ⅴ.
  10.B Ⅵ.
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