新目标八年级英语下第七 新目标八年级英语下第七单元测试题
笔试部分 单项选择。( Ⅰ.单项选择。( 分) 单项选择。(15
  1.-Do you mind if I open the window? -. A. No, not at all B. Sorry, I’ll do it right away C. Yes, please
  2.I bought this pen here, it doesn’t work. A. with B. and C. but
  3.-I’ll have an of fish. -OK. I’ll bring you right now. A. order B. way C. plate
  4. The movie was . I don’t like it at all. A. wonderful B. good C. great
  5. It’s better your voice down in public places. A. keeping B. to keep C. keeps
  6. Dropping litter never allowed in our city. A. is B. are C. will
  7.One of the polite ways ask someone is “Would you mind…?” A .much B. more C. many
  8. Could you please ? A. do the dishes B. doing the dishes C. to do the dishes
  9. Why not help when you were in trouble? A. you ask for B. ask for C. asking for
  10. She would like a violin lesson. A. have B. to have C. having
  11. I will do it . A. after a minute B. in a minute C. right way
  12. Be polite others! A. to B. at C. about
  13. It is better to the lights before you leave here. A. put out B. put off C. put on
  14. He got really while hearing the bad news. A. angrily B. angry C. happy
  15. Could you please the radio a bit ? It’s too loud. A. turn up B. turn down C. turn off Ⅱ.根据汉语提示填单词。 分) 根据汉语提示填单词。 (10分 ( 根据汉语提示填单词
  16.Would you mind (调) down the TV?
  17.We must finish the (任务) as soon as possible.
  18.What he said made me feel (不舒服的) .
  19.The kids were playing in the back (庭院) .
  20.We should talk (有礼貌) to the old people.
  21.They often (抱怨) about the food.
  22.He’ll be __(生气) to find that nothing has been done.
  23.(吸烟) is not allowed here.
  24.Would you mind (传递) me the newspaper.
  25.China and Japan are (亚洲) countries. 用所给单词的正确形式填空。( Ⅲ.用所给单词的正确形式填空。( 分) 用所给单词的正确形式填空。(10
D. I’ll be glad to D. for
D. arrange D. terrible D. keep D. don’t D. most D. did the dishes D. asked for D. has D. before a minute D. for D. put up D. happily D. turn on

  26. Would you mind not (put) your bike here?
  27. I (buy) this shirt yesterday.
  28. He will (do) the dishes in a minute.
  29. It’s very (polite) to cut in line.
  30.12-year-olds are not (allow) to smoke.
  31. Could you please (pick) it up?
  32. I want (be) a doctor in the future.
  33. She is so (carefully) to look after the baby.
  34. Would you mind (keep) your voice down?
  35. My classmate often (borrow) my money. 根据汉语提示填单词。( Ⅳ.根据汉语提示填单词。( 分) 根据汉语提示填单词。(20 a.请你打扫一下房间。 Would you your room? b.我马上就做这件事。 I’ll do it . c.你必须完成家庭作业才能去玩。 You your homework before you go out to play. d.你买的那支钢笔不能用。 The pen didn’t . 连词成句。(5 Ⅴ.连词成句。( 分) 连词成句。(
  36. mind, turning, the, would, music, you, down ?
  37. with, you, my, could, me, homework, help ?
  38. best, said, was, it, your, great, friend .
  39. school, happens, time, library, me, the, all, this, to, in, the .
  40. don’t, the, to, sports, know, club, I, way, the . 快乐写作。 (10 Ⅵ.快乐写作。 快乐写作 ( 分) 日常生活中你都见过哪些破坏环境的不文明现象呢?你最不喜欢哪种不文明现象?如果这样的事情发生在你身 边,你会怎么做?如果别人不听你的劝告,你又会怎么办?用一篇 50 词左右的短文谈谈你的想法。
参考答案: 1-5 ACADB 6-10 ADABB 11-15 BAABB
  22.angry / annoyed
  32.to be
  35.borrows a. mind, cleaning b. right / at , away / once c. have ,to ,finish d. you ,bought , work
  36.Would you mind turning down the music ?
  37.Could you help me with my homework?
  38.Your best friend said it was great.
  39.This happens to me all the time in the school library.
  40.I don’t know the way to the sports club. 作文: When I see someone litter about, I can be very angry. If that happens around me, I would say to him politely, “Excuse me, would you mind not littering about and would you mind picking it up?” If he doesn’t listen to me, I would pick it up and set an example to him. I think usually it would make his face turn red and perhaps he would not do that again. It’s everyone’s duty to protect the environment.



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