八年级英语期中考试题 一.Choose the best answers. 单项选择题。(共 20 分)
  1.I hear she’ll be back a week. A. after B. in C. from D. at
  2.Did he give you anything else the book? A. but B. besides C. beside D. except
  3. I hope you go there me. A. / with B. to with C. can to D. not to
  4. What . A. did he happen B. was happened to him C. happened to him D. is happening with he
  5. He go there 6:00 yesterday. A. didn’t until B. didn’t in C. not till D. wasn’t till
  6.The old lady can’t hope to her cold in a few days. A. get away B. get off C. get out D. get over
  7.I don’t think he here next week. A. comes B. came C. will come D. coming
  8.It’s ten o’clock! Are you still TV? A. watch B. watches C. watching D. watched
  9.Can you tell me at that time? A. what were they doing B. what they were doing C. what are they doing D. what they are doing
  10.The teacher said light much faster than sound. A. traveled B. travels C. will travel D. had traveled
  11.If it , I’ll go to the zoo. A. won’t rain B. don’t rain C. doesn’t rain D. rain
  12.You’ll . A. late B. later C. are late D. be late
  13.I traveled the world for a few years. A. all B. on C. for D. around
  14.There is a blackboard our classroom. A. in front of B. in front off C. in the front of D. the front of
  15.We are all here Tom, because he is ill at home. A. except B. beside C. besides D. excepts
  16. Because of Project Hope, children have better lives. A. thousand B. thousands C. thousands of D. thousands of
  17. After you read the letter, please Tom. A. passing to B. pass on in to C. pass it on to D. pass to
  18. We are not supposed loudly in the hospital. A. speak B. speaking C. to speak D. speaker
  19. I am at Chinese, but my sister does in English. A. good good B. well well C. good well D. well good
  20. The man ranwhen he saw the policeman. A. to B. after C. away D. down 二.Cloze test. 完形填空(
  10) Sports play an 1part in your life. All over the world, people enjoy sports .Wherever you are, you can 2different kinds of sports or games .Some sports or games can go back to thousands of 3, like running and jumping .Chinese kung fu, for example, has a very long history.4_basketball and volleyball are new .Neither has a history of a hundred years .People are inventing new sports or games all the time. Sports help people keep healthy and happy and live
  5.Lots of people take part in sports and play
games. But some people like to watch 6 do sports .In order to watch the games , some people 7tickets or turn on their TVs at home .They don’t go to bed until the games are
  8.When their player gets the first or their team wins ,they often 9very excited. When the seasons change ,sports change with them .In different seasons, people play different games .For example , swimming is fun in warm weather just like in summer ,but skating or skiing (滑雪)is popular in 10
  1. A. different B. important C. strange
  2. A. watch B. look like C. look at
  3. A. seconds B. minutes C. years
  4. A .But B. Or C. So
  5. A. longer B. harder C. worse
  6. A. the other B. others C. other
  7. A. buy B. lend C. show
  8. A. away B. on C. over
  9. A. smell B. get C. taste
  10. A. spring B. autumn C. winter 三.Reading. 阅读理解。 (
  40) A Mr. and Mrs. Brown lived in a small town near London with their child. Sometimes Mr. Brown came back home from work very late, when his wife and the child were asleep, and then he opened the front door of this house with his key(钥匙)and came in very quiet. But one night when he was coming home very late, he lost(丢)his key, so when he reached his house, he rang the bell. Nothing happened. He rang it again. Again nothing happened. Nobody moved inside the house. Mr. Brown knocked at(敲)the bedroom window, he spoke to his wife, he shouted, but she didn’t wake up. At last he stopped and thought for a moment. Then he began to speak like a small child. \! Mother! ”he said. \! I want to go to the toilet! ”He spoke quite quietly but at once(立刻)Mrs. Brown woke up. Then he spoke to her, and she opened the door for him. 根据短文内容,判断正误,正确的写 T,不正确的写 F。
  1.The Browns lived in a small town near London.
  2.Mr. Brown’s wife and his child went to sleep after he came back from work.
  3.One night Mr. Brown lost his key to the door, so he knocked at the front door and the bedroom window.
  4.Mr. Brown said\! Mother” like a small child because he wanted his wife to wake up.
  5.Mrs. Brown woke up at once when she heard the bell rang. She opened the door for her husband. B Doing homework not only can help children master the knowledge they have learned ,but also can train their abilities of finishing the work alone ,planning the time and doing the duties .But some children don’t like to complete(完成) the work .Why? There are some reasons. Some children feel it is very difficult to do their homework, because they can’t understand their teacher clearly, and can’t follow their teacher’s teaching process (过程).Maybe there is something wrong with their intelligence. But some children’s intelligence is normal. They are even cleverer, but they don’t listen to the teacher carefully .It is hard for them to sit well and pay attention to anything .It needs to carry on the attention centralized (集中注意力) training to help the children. Some students love their teacher and then they like the subject. Their interest depends on the teacher who teaches them .So every teacher should be helpful and kind .It can make children love you and the subject you teach. So they can do their homework happily.
  6. Doing homework can help children . A. master the knowledge B. train their abilities C. learn new lessons D. Both A and B
  7. Some children find the homework difficult .Which reason id NOT right? A. They can’t understand their teacher clearly B. They can’t follow their teacher’s teaching process
C. The intelligence of all the students isn’t normal D. They don’t listen to the teacher carefully
  8. What is the Chinese meaning of the underlined word “intelligence?” A. 作业 B. 智商 C. 思想 D. 方式
  9. According to the last paragraph (段落),the writer thinks is very important . A. a teacher B. a subject C . attention D. homework
  10. What is the best title of the passage? A. some children don’t like their teacher B. children’s homework is very difficult C. Why don’t some children like to do homework D. Why can’t some children study the subjects well C At present, too much carbon dioxide(二氧化碳)makes the earth warm and causes terrible effect to popular. Low carbon means low energy and no waste. It is necessary for everybody to learn to live at low-carbon life. To live a low-carbon life, we’d better save energy as much as possible. Turn off the lights and TV whenever they are not needed. If possible, use cold water to wash clothes or dishes. Take a short shower and try to take a cold one when the weather gets warm. Don’t do the cooking with electricity. To live a low-carbon life, we should eat less meat. Everybody knows eating too much meat makes people fat and easy to have heart disease, but maybe you don’t know keeping animals for food produces even more carbon dioxide than all the cars in the world, and being a vegetarian can help reduce (减少) one and a half tons (吨) of carbon dioxide a year .Maybe it is a little difficult, but it’s really necessary. To live a low-carbon life ,we are supposed to do less shopping .When we go shopping ,we may drive a car or take other transportations .On the one hand ,these machines pollute the air and waste energy .On the other hand ,most of us always buy some useless things because of some advertisements. It is not only a waste of money but also causes trouble to the earth, because as you know, making everything will produce carbon dioxide more or less. There are many other ways to live a low-carbon life, such as recycling things, planting trees and reducing textbooks .If we can keep it a habit in our daily life, the earth will become a safer planet for us to live on.
  11.makes the weather on the earth get warmer. A. little rubbish B. a waste of money C. too much carbon dioxide
  12.We can to save energy in our daily life. A. use less electricity B. go to sleep with lights on C. wash clothes with hot water
  13. The underline word ”it ” in the third paragraph means A. eating less meat B. having heart disease C. keeping animals for food
  14. Less shopping should be done because A. wasting money causes trouble to people B. the advertisements are sometimes misleading C. the less you shop, the less carbon dioxide will be produced
  15. If everything lives a low-carbon life , A. we will waste more energy B. there will be less carbon dioxide C. the earth will become a dangerous place to live on D. President Hu Jintao flew to the earthquake ?hit region in Yushu,Qinghai on April 18,20
  10.At a field hospital on the grounds of a sports stadium ,Hu sat on the bed of Drolma,a middle school student, and held her in his arm as she wept (哭 泣).”Rest assured (放心的)that you will have a full recovery (康复).Be strong .You will have a bright future ,” he told her
The 2010 World Expo,Shanghai China Duration (举办时间):May 1to October 31,2010 Expected visitors:70 million Theme(主题):Better City ,Better Life The theme represents the common wish of the people all over the world for a better living in future urban( 城 市 的)environments The 19th FIFA World Cup (世界杯足球赛) Duration: June 11to July 12,2010 Host (主办)nation :South Africa Number of teams: Thirty-two Number of matches: Sixty-four It is the first time that the tournament(锦标赛) has been hosted by a nation in the Confederation( 联 盟 )of Africa Football.
  16. President Hu Jintao flew to Yushu, Qinghai,2010 A. on May 1 B. on June 11 C. on April 18 D. on July 12
  17. President Hu Jintao comforted () at a field hospital. A. a middle school student B. a soldier C. a farmer of Yushu D. a doctor
  18. The 2010 World Expo in Shanghai will end on . A. September 30 B. October 31 C. November 30 D. December 31
  19. The theme of Expo 2010 is A. Better City Bright Future B. Better City Good Environment C. Better City Better Life D. Better City Best Investment (投资) th
  20. There will be teams taking part in the 19 FIFA World Cup. A. 10 B. 12 C.13 D.32 四.补全对话(
  5) Wang Wei: So what are you going to be when you grow up? Chen Han: I’m going to be an astronaut like Yang Liwei, Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng Wang Wei: Sounds like an exciting job. But I don’t think it is easy to be an astronaut.1 Chen Han: I am going to do some exercise every day so that I can be strong enough .And I am going to study science at college .How about you? What are you going to be? Wang Wei: 2 Chen Han: Why are you going to be a teacher? Wang Wei: Because I like being with children. Chen Han: 3 Wang Wei: Yes, I have .I’d like to work here in our hometown .I want to do something to make our hometown better. Chen Han:4 Wang Wei: Great! Let’s work hard at our lessons to make our dreams come true. Chen Han:5 A.I hope I can do something for our hometown, too. B. I am going to be a teacher C. Have you thought about where to work D. You’re welcome E. How are you going to do that? F. OK. Let’s start right now. G: Why do you want to be a teacher? Ⅴ.Writing. 书面表达。(共 25 分) 假期中,同学们会有一段休闲的好时光。如果组织旅游,你会选择去哪里呢?请你根据提示写 一篇不少于 50 词的短文。 (
  1)where you want to go (
  2) why you want to go there (
  3) what you are going to do during your visit



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