Unit 3 What were you doing when the UFO arrived?
二. 教学目标:
  1. 谈论过去发生的事情
  2. 学会讲故事
  3. 热爱科学、探索科学
三. 重点词汇: UFO, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, land, shirt, while, experience, around, strange, follow, kid, climb, jump, shout, cat, anywhere, happen, accident, plane, modern, kill, murder, bright, playground, bell, close, silence, meaning, earth, hero
四. 重点短语: in front of, get out of, talk on the phone, take off, be surprised, at the train station, run away, in hospital, at the doctor’s, walk around, call one’s name
五. 重点句型:
  1. What were you doing when the UFO arrived? I was standing in front of the library.
  2. The boy was walking down the street when the UFO landed. While the boy was walking down the street, the UFO arrived.
  3. Where were you when the UFO arrived? I was in my bedroom.
六. 语法重点:
  1. 过去进行时。
  2. 掌握以 when 和 while 引导的时间状语从句。
七. 课文重点、难点讲解:

  1. What were you doing when the UFO arrived? I was standing in front of the library. (
  1)in front of … in the front of … 在……前面,当……的面 在……的前部

  2)过去进行时:表示在过去某一时间内正在进行的动作。过去某一点时 间正在进行的动作或某段时间内一直进行的动作。构成:was / were + doing。过去进行时的标志词:at 8 o’clock last night, this time yesterday 等。注意: 一些动词,如 see, hear, love, like, know, remember, understand, have 等感情、知觉和状态的词,一般 不用于进行时。 过去进行时和一般过去时的区别:过去进行时表示过去正在进行的动作,而 一般过去时则表示一个完整的动作。
  2. I was getting out of the shower. 我正洗完澡出来。 “get out”出来,get out of … 从……出来

  3. I was walking down Centre Street when a UFO landed. walk down / along 沿着……走。 land“着陆、下降”,动词。take off“起飞” e.g. The plane landed safely.
  4. The girl was shopping when the alien got out. While the girl was shopping, the alien got out. when 与 while 区分: (
  1) “当…的时候”, 如后面连接的动词为进行时态, 则用 while 多于用 when。 而 when 通常与瞬间性动词或延续性不强的动词连用。 (
  2)如果 while 前后的动词都是进行时态,while 可译为“与此同时” I was reading while my brother was drawing. (
  3)当 while 前后的句子描述的情况相对或相反,while 可译为“而”,while 更强调并列的对比而非转折。 e.g. I am out-going while my sister is quiet and shy.
总之,when 表示做某种动作的时间或瞬间,由其引导的时间状语的时态如果是 一般过去时,其主句通常要用过去进行时。while 表示略长的一段时间,由其引 导的时间状语从句用过去进行时,而主句时态根据实际情况而定。
  5. I had a very usual experience on Sunday. experience 可数名词,“经历”。an experience 一次经历。
  6. I followed it to see where it was going, and I was very surprised when it went into a souvenir shop. (
  1)follow sb. / sth 跟随某人(某事物) ,follow 及物动词,“跟随”。 (
  2)be surprise“感到吃惊”,主语为人。 e.g. He gave us a big surprise. We’re surprised to hear the news. That movie has a surprising end.
  7. Isn’t that amazing! 太令人惊叹了! 这是感叹句的一种表达形式。如:Aren’t they perfect! 另外还有用 how 和 what 开头的感叹句。例:What a day I had!
  8. I saw a cat in a tree.
  9. It was really scared. be scared “(某人)给吓坏了,害怕了。”近义短语 be afraid / frightened.
  10. He shouted at me. So I stopped climbing. shout at sb. 冲某人大叫,shout sth. 大叫某事物(shout his name) stop doing sth. 停止做某事,stop to do sth. 停下来去做某事
  11. call the police 报警 talk on the telephone 在电话里交谈 look outside 往外看,look outside of 向…的外面看。
  12. Beijing was made host to 2008 Olympics. host 名词,“主人”;动词,“作东道主”
  14. Robert Allen is now over
  40. over:“超过”
  15. The World Trade Centre in New York was destroyed by terrorists. Even the
date has meaning to most Americans.
  16. His flight around the Earth lasted about 22 hours. around 介词,“围绕,环绕” last 动词,“持续,延续”。



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