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新目标初二上期英语期末复习题 新目标初二上期英语期末复习题
Ⅰ.听力测试 (略) Ⅱ单项选择 15% ( )
  21.What’s the ,John? I have got the flu. A. weather By bike. A .When A. if B. How B. whether C. What .why ( )
  23. I don’t mind he will come to the party or not this evening? ( )
  24. Where is Mr King? He be in the gym .He likes playing sports at this time every day. A .must A. so A. What B. can’t B. or B. How C. will C. but C. What a ( )
  25.Look carefully before you cross the road, you may be hit by a car. ( )
  26. dirty water here! We must do something to make it clean. ( )
  27.Would you like some milk or coffee? .I just want a glass of water with honey. A. Neither answered. Oh, I the shopping in the supermarket with my mother. A. was doing ( B. do C. did )
  29.Do you think English is more interesting than Maths ,Tom? . But I’m not good at it. Can you help me? A. Yes ,I think so ( you go with us? Yes ,I’d love to, but the water there is much now. A cleaner ( A. shall we B. dirtier B. will you C. warmer C. shan’t we )
  31.We have worked for a long time, let’s stop to have a short rest, ? B. No, I don’t think so. C. No, I’m not sure. )
  30. Kang Ming, we are going swimming in Jun Xi River this Saturday. Will B. Either C. Both ( )
  28. Hello, Jackey. I rang you up at this time yesterday evening, but nobody B. matter C.wrong ( )
  22. did you go to the town yesterday?
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  32. It took 300 people three years this hotel. A. building A. to look up B. to build B. look up C. build C. looking up
( )
  33. As a student, we should learn how the words in the dictionary. ( )
  34.People often mistake Lily Lucy, because they are twins, they look the same. A. for ( B. by C. as )
  35. do you play sports ? Once a week. A. How long Ⅲ. 完形填空 10% Many people like to watch TV. Watching TV is 36 of the most important activities of the day. TV brings the outside world closer to people’s home. Some people __37the world is 38_than before because of TV. What’s going on in other countries? How 39people live in faraway places?__40 there a good sports game somewhere? What’s life in the deepest part of the sea? If you want to 41__ these and other kinds of questions, just turn 42__ the TV and watch it. Of course people can also learn through reading or listening43 the radio. But TV can help them learn better and more easily,__44 they can hear and watch at the same time. TV can give 45 new ideas. It’s a wonderful thing. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  36. A. one )
  37. A.tell )
  38. A.small )
  39. A.does )
  40. A. Was )
  41. A.know )
  42. A.on )
  43. A.with )
  44. A. where )
  45. A.we B. any B. speak B. smaller B. do B. Are B. see B.down B. at B.which B. our A C. some C. say C. bigger C. can C.Were C.find C.off C to C.because C.us B. When C .How often
Ⅳ.阅读理解 20%
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Newton was born on Christmas, 1642,in a small village in England. His father, a farmer, died when he was young. He liked to repair clocks and make toys. He also was interested in astronomy(天文学). Newton went t school at twelve. Soon after he had to stop as his mother wanted him to do farm work. When she found her son was so interested in science, Mrs. Newton sent him to Cambridge(剑桥) University to study. He was 19 at that time. Sometimes he had to work as a servant to go on his study. There he became a famous scientist. At 23 he invented methods of calculation(计算) which have been used to nowadays. In 1665 he had to leave the university and go home where he made two of his great discoveries. One is that he found the colour of sunlight was made up of seven kinds. The other was the founding of force of gravity(地心引力),which was one of the most important theories(理论) for modern science. ( )
  46. Newton was a great scientist. He A. discovered the law of nature B.discovered the force of gravity C.discovered the universe ( )
  47. Mrs. Newton hoped her son could become a . A. worker A. student B. scientist B.servant C. farmer C.scientist B. light C. lens ( )
  48. In Cambridge Newton often worked as a to go on his study. ( )
  49. Newton’s first discovery was. A. 7 colours of the sunlight A. his father died B. his mother wanted him to be a farmer C. his family was poor B Visit Forest Zoo Come and see the Indian elephants and the new tigers from Northeast of China. The beautiful birds from England are ready to sing for you, and the monkeys from Mount Emei will be ready to talk to you. The lovely dogs from Australia want to smile at you. Sichuan pandas will play balls for you. The giraffes(长颈鹿) from Africa are waiting to look down at you. Tickets ( )
  50. Newton stopped studying when he was young, because.
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Grown-ups (成年人):¥3 Children: Over
  1.4m:¥2 Under
  1.4m: Free Opening time 9:00 a.m~4:00 p.m. ,every day except Friday 10:00 a.m.~3:00 p.m. Keep the zoo clean! Do not touch, give food or go near to the animals. ( )
  51. Why does the writer introduce so many animals from different places to us? A. To show animals can do everything. B. To make us lovely in the zoo. C. To attract us to the zoo. ( )
  52. How much does Mr. Smith have to pay if he visits the zoo with his son of three? A. ¥
  3. B. ¥
  4. C. ¥
  6. B.3:30 p.m. Sunday. C.5:30p.m. Tuesday. ( )
  53. At which of the following time can we vistt the zoo? A.8:30 a.m. Wednesday. A. To throw things everywhere. B. To keep the zoo clean. C. To keep the zoo full. ( )
  55. From the passage , we can infer(推断) a giraffe must be a very animal. A. short B. strong C. tall C A man went to see his doctor one day because he was suffering (遭受……痛苦) from pains in his stomach. After the doctor had examined him carefully, he said to him.“Well, there’s nothing really wrong with you, I’m glad to say. Your only trouble is that you worry too much. Do you know, I had a man with the same trouble as you in here a few weeks ago, and I gave him the same advice as I’m going to give you. He was worried because he couldn’t pay his tailor’s bills. I told him not to worry about the bills any more. He followed my advice, and when he came to see me again two days ago, he told me that he now feels quite all right again.” ( )
  54.What should we do in the zoo?
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“Yes, I know all about that,” answered the patient sadly. “You see, I’m that man’s tailor.” 根据短文内容判断正(T)误(F). ( )
  56. The man’s pains in the stomach was caused by too much worry. ( )
  57. The doctor’s earlier patient had made some clothes for the new one. ( )
  58. The earlier patient wasn’t worried any more, because he had paid for the tailor. ( )
  59. The tailor was worried that the man whom he made clothes for would not give the money to him. ( )
  60. The doctor wasn’t a doctor , but a chief. D Have you ever seen the Statue of Liberty? It is a tall figure of a robed (披长袍的) woman holding a torch(火把). She stands proudly on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. The statue is a symbol of freedom for the United States. It was given as a gift to the United States by France in 18
  84. The statue is one of the largest ever built, It stands 151 feet high from its base to the top of the torch. When the statue was shipped to America, it could not be sent in one piece. Instead it was taken apart and packed in 214 separate(分离的) crates(板条 箱).
  61. What is the Statue of Liberty?
  62. Who gave the statue to the United States?
  63. How tall is the statue?
  64. How was it sent to America?
  65. Was it sent in one piece? Ⅳ词汇 15% A 将下单词按其所属类别分类,归类后若能写出更多该类单词,请写出。10% tomato drum flu ugly protect healthy potato humorous follow rebuild violin piano cancer sausage headache discuss daily guitar cabbage SARS
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  70.乐器名称: B。用所给词的适当形式填空.5%
  71. Tom is going to be a policeman when he (grow) up.
  72. Everyone should have good (hobby). They can make our life more interesting.
  73. She has great fun (play) the violin every day.
  74. She is (care). She often loses her school things.
  75. The Great Wall is one of (great) wonders in the world. Ⅴ补全对话(根据对话内容,在空白处填入适当的句子、短语或单词,使对话意 思完整,通顺)10% A: Hello, Jane . This is Maria speaking. Would you like to go hiking with us this Saturday? B:
  76. But I’m afraid I’ll have to go to the library. A: What about next Saturday? B:
  77. Let’s go hiking then. A: OK. I hope the weather will be fine then. B: I am sure it will.
  78. A. Let’s meet at half past seven. B: Why not make it earlier,
  79. A: That sounds good. Where shall we meet? B:
  80. A: Great! See you then! B: See you! Ⅵ书面表达 10% 中学生是个多梦的季节,你一定做过好梦。 王伟做了个梦,梦见自己为北 京奥运会做一名志愿者:他努力帮助来自世界各地的外国朋友……在交谈中,王 伟让外国朋友更多地了解了北京。我国朋友感谢他,并认为他的英语非常好。王 伟很高兴,他高兴地笑了…… 请你根据设定的梦境并加以是的想象,写一段 80 词左右的短文。开头与结 尾均给出。 参考词汇:
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try one’s best, find, talk with, on the way Wang Wei had a dream last night. In the dream, he volunteered to serve in the Beijing Olympic Game He smiled and smiled happily, then he woke up.



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