II. 听句子,填入所缺的单词。(5 分)
  1. My car number is ABS .
听力部分(共 20 分)

  2. I want to join the club.
  3. I take a shower at .
  4. My pen pal is from .
  5. Can you play the ? III. 听对话,根据对话内容回答下列问题。(5 分)
  1. What is David doing?
  2. What time does Steve want to go shopping?
  3. Where is the boy from?
  4. What's Ben's favorite subject?
  5. What color is the boy's coat? IV. 听短文,根据短文内容判断下列句子的正(T)误(F)。(5 分)
I. 看图听句子,从 A、B、C、D 中选择与你所听到内容相符的 选项。(5 分)

  1. Tom is American.
  2. Tom has a brother, but he doesn't have a sister.

  3. He plays tennis every day.
  4. He doesn't like physics.
  5. Speed is an action movie. 笔试部分(共 80 分) I. 词汇。(10 分) A) 词语释义 选出与句中划线部分意义最相近的解释。(5 分)
  1. Jim's parents are teachers. A. father and mother B. uncle and aunt C. brother and sister
  2. -What day is it today? -It's the first day of the week. A. Monday B. Wednesday C. Sunday
  3. The woman in the car is my uncle's wife. A. my mother B. my sister C. my aunt

  4. I don't like science because it is not interesting. A. fun B. boring C. difficult
  5. His birthday is in the last month of a year. A. January B. December C. September B) 用所给单词的适当形式填空。 (5 分)
  6. This is my pen and that is (she) pen.
  7. I want to buy five (tomato).
  8. Today is my (twelve) birthday.
  9. There (be) many books on the desk.
  10. His father usually (go) to work by bike. II. 选择填空。(10 分)
  11. This is ID card. Is it ? A. an; his B. a; he C. an; him D. a; his
  12. your brother fruit? A. Is, like B. Does, like
C. Do, likes D. Does, likes
  13. My father doesn't play sports. He only on TV. A. watches it B. watch them C. watch it D. watches them
  14. He eats healthy food. A. lot of B. a lot of C. any D. a lots of
  15. ―Your hat is very nice. ―. A. You are right B. That's right C. You are welcome D. Thank you
  16. Nancy born June, 19
  92. A. is, on B. are, in C. was, in D. were, on
  17. He can speak Japanese, only a little. A. and B. so C. but D. then
  18. The man in London and he English. A. live, study B. is live, studies
C. lives, study D. lives, studies
  19. ―Do Chinese like playing basketball? ―. A. Yes, he does B. No, they aren't C. Yes, they do D. No, they can't
  20. ― does your brother go to school? ―At 7:
  00. A. What time B. What C. How D. Where III. 用所给动词的适当形式填空。(15 分)
  21. She wants (read) a book.
  22. Let's go and (see) our grandma.
  23. Please tell him (not do) the work.
  24. Would you like (have) a cup of tea?
  25. -What your brother (do)? -He is a doctor.

  26. We all like (play) computer games.
  27. She (get) up at 6:30 in the morning.
  28. Can he (ride) a bike?
  29. His birthday (be) November 14th.

  38. He has a (生日聚会) on July 2nd.
  39. (谢谢) your letter.
  40. Our math teacher is (对......严格要求) us and it makes us tired. V. 完形填空。(10 分)

  30. She (have) a new sweater. IV. 根据汉语提示,完成句子。(15 分)
  31. -Where is your bag? -It's in the (失物招领处).
  32. For dinner, he likes (汉堡包) and chicken.
  33. Do you (想参加) the music club?
  34. Mike enjoys (弹吉他). Fox lifts (举) his 48 as usual.
  35. Can you (把你的相片带到...... 来) to school?
  36. The table is the desk (在......之间) the sofa.
  37. We eat lots of and (蔬菜、水果). "Yes, Fox?" says the teacher
  49. Fox stands (站) up and says, "50 they have no wings (翅膀)."
  41. A. good B. hard C. well D. bad One day, the teacher asks the boys and girls a question. "Swallows(燕子) fly to the south before winter 46,"he says. "But why don't cats and dogs do 47?" Fox is an eight-year-old boy. He is a good boy. He does 41 in all his lessons. He 42 school and he is always active in class. Every time the teacher asks a question, Fox always 43 his hand quickly. Sometimes his answer is 44, but the teacher always smiles (微笑) and says, "Good, Fox. But 45__ __ a better answer to my question?"

  42. A. loves B. likes a C. goes to a D. enjoys
  43. A. gets up B. puts on C. gets on D. puts up
  44. A. right B. wrong C. easy D. hard
  45. A. has B. is there C. are there D. have
  46. A. will come B. is coming C. comes D. is going to come
  47. A. different B. these C. the same D. with
  48. A. hand B. head C. foot D. eye
  49. A. happy B. glad C. happily D. angrily
  50. A. Why B. Because C. That D. Where VI. 阅读理解。(10 分) 星期 Monday 时间 9:00 am 11:15 am 1:45 pm 3:00 pm physics English physics math math math English chemistry history physics 10:30 am chemistry history chemistry Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  51. What lesson do they have at 1:45 pm on Wednesday? A. Physics. B. Chemistry. C. History. D. Math.
  52. Do they have lessons at 10:30 am on Thursday? A. Yes, they have. B. No, they don't. C. We can't know from the timetable. D. None of the above.
  53. On Friday, a physics lesson begins at . A. 9:10 am B. 10:30 am C. 1:45 pm D. 3:00 pm
  54. How many lessons do they have in a week? A.
  10. B.
  11. C.
  12. D.
  55. How many kinds of lessons do they have in a week? A.
  3. B.
  4. C.
  5. D.
  6. VII. 书面表达。(10 分) 你是电影俱乐部(Movie Club)的一名会员。你们经常组织看 不同类型的影片。请较全面地介绍你们的俱乐部成员及开展的活动。
  1)你及俱乐部其他成员(至少1名)的姓名、年龄、 生日及各自的特长(例如:会跳舞等等)。
  2)近期活动安排(时间、 日期),电影类型及你对这些电影的简单评论。
  3)不少于10句话。 Our Movie Club My name is Tom Green.
C. I usually do my homework at 7:30 in the evening. D. I usually play the piano at 4:30 in the afternoon.
  3. A. How much are the white socks? B. How much is the blue sweater? C. How much are the black pants? D. How much is the green T-shirt?
  4. A. Let's play soccer. B. I like action movies and thrillers. C. This is my favorite food. D. I dislike bananas.
  5. A. My backpack is behind the sofa. B. My pencil case is on the dresser. C. My tennis racket is under the table. D. My book is on the desk. (1-5 B C D A B)
听力部分录音原文及答案 I.
  1. A. Mr Brown is walking into the room. B. Mr Brown is waiting for the bus. C. Mr Brown is swimming in the pool. D. Mr Brown is playing basketball.
  2. A. I usually go home at 5:00 in the afternoon. B. I usually eat dinner at 5:30 in the afternoon.
  1. My car number is ABS0462
  2. I want to join the chess club.
  3. I take a shower at 6:
  4. My pen pal is from Australia.
  5. Can you play the piano? (
  1. 046277
  2. chess
  3. 6:35
  4. Australia
  5. piano)
M: The one in the blue coat. (
  1. He is painting.
  2. At 3:
  3. He is from Japan.
  4. His favorite subject is science.
  5. Blue.) IV. My name is Tom Bruce. I'm 14 years old, and I'm from the United States. I speak English. I have a brother, Sam, and a sister, Lisa. I play tennis on weekends. It's my favorite sport. I enjoy physics at school. It's fun. My favorite movie is Speed. Do you know it? It's an action movie. Please write and tell me about yourself. (1-5 TFFFT)
  1. W: What are you doing, David? 笔试部分 M: I'm painting, Mom. I. 1-5 ACCBB
  6. her
  7. tomatoes
  8. twelfth
  9. are
  10. goes
  2. W: When do you want to go shopping, Steve? M: Let's go at 3:
  3. W: Is that boy from Korea? M: No, he isn't. He is from Japan.
  4. W: Hi, Ben! Why do you like science? M: It's interesting. It's my favorite subject.
  5. W: Which boy? II.
  11. A. 因 ID 的第一个音素是元音,所以用 an,第二个空 应用名词性物主代词 his。
  12. B. 有实义动词 like, 且主语为单数, 所以助动词用 does。
  13. D. 主语是 he,动词应用第三人称单数形 式,代词应与 sports 对应,所以用 them。
  14. B. 修饰不可数名词 food,用 a lot of 或 lots of。
  15. D. 当别人赞扬你时,应说 Thank you。
  16. C. "某人出生于......"应用 was born,年、月前应用介词 in。
  17. C. 前后两句表示转折,所以用 but。
  18. D. 主语是单数, 动词也应用第三人称单数形式。
  19. C. Chinese 指"中国人",所以 回答时代词用 they,助动词用 do。
  20. A. 提问钟点,用 what time。 III.
  21. to read
  22. see
  23. not to do
  24. to have
  25. does, do
  26. playing / to play
  27. gets
  28. ride
  29. is
  30. has
  31. lost and found case
  32. hamburgers
  33. want to join
  34. playing the guitar
  35. bring your photos
  36. between, and
  37. vegetables, fruit
  38. birthday party
  39. Thanks for
  40. strict with V. 41-45 CADBB 46-50 CCACB VI. 51-55 ABCDC VII. One possible version: Our Movie Club My name is Tom Green. I am thirteen years old. My birthday is April 25th. I can play basketball and swim very well. I like seeing movies very much. I am in a movie club. In the club, I have a friend called Jim Brown. He is twelve years old and he is good at drawing. His birthday is July 7th. We are going to see a new film next Sunday afternoon. It will be on at three o'clock. It is an action movie called Hero. Li Lianjie is the actor. I think it will be exciting. I can't wait to see it.



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高一英语必修2 词组归纳总结

   高一英语必修 2 词组归纳总结 Unit 1 1. look into Cultural Relics 文化遗产 调查 2. insist on/upon sth/doing 坚持做,坚决做 3. belong to 属于 迷路,丢失 4. get /be lost ; be missing 5. do with 处理;对付 6. in search of ;in the/one's search for 7. be used to do sth. 被用来做某事 寻找 8. be used ...


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