Unit 3 Why do you like koalas?
Section A
Can you feel the love tonight?
Can you feel the love tonight? The peace the evening brings. The world for once, in perfect harmony, with all its living things. So many things to tell her. But how to make her see? The truth about my past? Impossible! She’d turn away from me. He’s holding back. He’s hiding. But what I can decide? Why won’t he be the king I know he is, the king I see him inside?
Can you feel the love tonight? You needn't look too far. Stealing through the night's uncertainties, love is where they are. And if he falls in love tonight, it can be assumed. His carefree days with us are history. In short, our pal is doomed.
Do you know these animals?
What animals do you want to see? Why?
1a. Match the words with the animals.

  1. tiger b h
  2. elephant d
  3. koalas a
  4. dolphin e
  5. panda f
  6. lion g
  7. penguin c
  8. giraffe
1b. Listen and check the animals in 1a you hear.
cute interesting fun smart
A: Let’s see the pandas. B: Why do you want to see the pandas? A: Because they are cute and interesting.
beautiful fun interesting friendly lovely
A: Let’s see the koalas. B: Why do you want to see the koalas? A: Because they are interesting.
golden monkey
intelligent fun beautiful interesting friendly cute
cute friendly fun beautiful
beautiful smart scary
cute beautiful fun lovely interesting
cute scary beautiful
smart beautiful interesting scary lovely
beautiful lovely fun interesting
friendly cute
beautiful fun cute friendly shy
2a. Listen and write the animals you hear. Draw a line from the animals to the description words.
Animals koalas
  1. dolphins
Description Words a. interesting b. cute c. fun d. smart
2b. Listen again and complete the conversation with the wordsin the box.
very dolphins kinds of koalas
koalas Julia: Let’s see the . koalas Henry: Why do you like . very Julia: Because they are cute. dolphins Henry: Well, I like . dolphins Julia: Why do you like ? Henry: Because they’re kind of interesting.
kind of big
= a little big
very big
The animals and the countries
Where are these animals from?
They come from …
North Pole Europe Asia
North America
South America
Australia Oceania
South Pole
3a. Match the animals with the countries.
Country China Australia South Africa India
Animals panda koalas lions elephant polar bears penguins Asia Oceania Africa Asia North Pole South Pole
A guessing game!
It’s big and fat. It’s quiet and gentle. It’s furry. It’s black and white.
It’s quiet and gentle. It’s spotted. It has very long neck.
It’s strong and big. It looks like the cat. It eats meat. It runs fast. It’s the king of the forest.
ugly friendly small / little 小的 fun 乐趣 cute 小巧玲珑的 shy 害羞的 interesting 有趣的 scary 令人恐慌的 难看的 友好的 quiet smart
安静的 精明的 clever beautiful
聪明的 美丽的

  1. Kind的习惯用法 的习惯用法
  1) kind of 有点儿 有几分 稍微 “kind of + a.” 有点儿, 有几分, 稍微, ” 如: Koala bears are kind of shy. 考拉有点害羞。 考拉有点害羞。 kind of difficult kind of cute kind of cold 有点儿难 有点可爱 有点冷

  2) kind 还有“种类”的意思,如: 还有“种类”的意思, 各种各样的 all kinds of We have all kinds of beautiful flowers in our school.
  3) in kind 用实物 (支付 支付) 支付 农民往往愿用实物抵账。 农民往往愿用实物抵账。 如: Farmers often like to pay their bills in kind.

  2. very + adj. very beautiful very cool
很/非常…… 非常…… 非常 很美/非常漂亮 很美 非常漂亮 很酷

  3. China n. 中国 Africa n. 非洲 China 和Africa都是专有名词 首字母都应该 都是专有名词, 都是专有名词 大写, 而且和介词in连用 连用。 大写 而且和介词 连用。如: There are many kinds of tigers in China. There are many kinds of scary animals in Africa.

  4. 几个特殊形容词的用法。 几个特殊形容词的用法。
  1) daily, weekly, yearly, monthly等一些 等一些 以ly结尾的词即可以是形容词也可是副 结尾的词即可以是形容词也可是副 词。 A daily newspaper go to visit a place weekly Yearly production (annual)

  2) late, lately; hard, hardly 有些形容词加ly后意义不同 发生变化 有些形容词加 后意义不同, 后意义不同 (late, lately; hard, hardly等)。 等。 Sorry I am late. I haven’t seen him lately.

  3) 有些形容词只能做表语。(如表健康的 、 有些形容词只能做表语。 如表健康的 如表健康的ill、 well和以前缀 开头的形容词 和以前缀a开头的形容词 和以前缀 开头的形容词alone, awake, asleep, alive) 如: The old man is alone at home. The baby is asleep now. Are you alive?
根据英语意思写出动物名称。 Ⅰ. 根据英语意思写出动物名称。
penguin, koala, elephant, panda, giraffe
  1. a very large, grey animal with big ears and a very long nose: elephant
  2. an Australia animal like a small bear with grey fur which lives in trees and eats leaves: koala

  3. a large, black and white animal that panda lives in forests in China:
  4. a large African animal with a very giraffe long neck and long, thin, legs:
  5. a large, black and white sea bird that penguin swims and cannot fly:
单项选择。 Ⅱ. 单项选择。

  1. --What animals are from Australia? A. Lions B. Pandas C. Koalas C -- ? D. Dolphins
  2. --Are from China? --Yes, they are. A. lions B. pandas C. koalas D. dolphins
  3. --Do you like giraffe? -- . A. Yes, I am D. Yes, I will B. Yes, I do C. Yes, I can

  4. --Why do you like pandas? --Because they’re . D A. sorry A. China D. USA
  6. Let’s during the day. D A. sleeps B. to sleep C. sleeping D. sleep B. tired C. quiet C --. D. cute
  5. --Where are the lions from?
B. Australia C. South Africa

  7. --What other animals do you like? A --I like . A. dogs B. books C. bikes D. red
  8. She likes during the day. A. to sleeping B. sleeping C. sleep D. to sleeps
  9. There are hours in a day. C A. seven D. forty? eight B. twelve C. twenty-four
用适当的介词填空。 Ⅲ. 用适当的介词填空。

  1. Koalas are kind interesting. of with
  2. She likes to play her friends.
  3. Bill gets up nine. at during
  4. Lingling sleeps the day.
  5. Lions are the South Africa. from from
  6. We’re in USA now, but we’re China.

  7. There’s a chair your left. on in
  8. I know that you will arrive Beijing next Sunday.
  9. --Where’s the post office? from --It’s across the bank.
  10. There are many animals the zoo. in

  1. Why are dogs afraid to sunbathe? Because they don’t want to be hot-dog.
  2. Where can a dog get another tail? At a retail store.

  3. What animals can jump as high as a tree. All animals, for no trees can jump.
  4. Lucky mouse fell off a 1000-step stair, and was not hurt, why? He fell off the last step.
  5. Why do giraffes have long neck? Their heads are far from their bodies.

  6. Why is peacock the best story-teller? Because it always has a beautiful tail (tale).
  7. Which animal eats with its tail? All animals. No one takes off its tail while eating.
  8. Which is the strongest creature in the world? Snail. It carries its house on its back.

  9. Why do lions eat raw meat? They don’t know how to cook.
  10. What kind of animal will become larger when its head is cut off? fox ox

  1. Remember the new words.
  2. Practice the conversations with your classmates.
Animals are our friends. We live(居住 居住)in the same 居住 (相同 相同)small world(世界 世界). 相同 世界 To Love animals is to love ourselves(我们自己 我们自己). 我们自己
Protecting animals means protecting ourselves.
Protecting animals means protecting ourselves.
Protecting animals means protecting ourselves.
Protecting animals means protecting ourselves.
Don’t kill animals. Don’t hurt animals. Don’t eat animals.
Don’t kill animals. Don’t hurt animals. Don’t eat animals.



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