Unit 3 Why do you like koalas?
Self check
Look at the animals and write about them.

  1. This is Koko. She can play with a ball. She can stand up and “walk” on water! She is very friendly to people. She is the most interesting animal in the zoo. I like to see her playing in a pool. I think she likes water very much.

  2. This is Peter. He’s smart. He’s from Africa. He can run fast. He catches and eats small animals. Now he’s in a zoo. He eats a lot of meat. My good friends Lily and Lucy like to see him.

  3. It has very strong legs.It is grey. It can jump high. It is very good at looking after her baby. A mother has a pouch in front. There, the babies are warm and safe . It lives in Australia.
选择填空。 Ⅰ. 选择填空。
  1. pandas from China? A. Are B. Is C. Do
  2.--Why do you like koala bears? C -- they are cute and smart. A. And B. For C. Because
  3. is the biggest animal on the earth? A A. An elephant B. A koala bear C. A giraffe

  4. Students nine hours a day. B A. sleeps B. sleep C. are sleep

  5. People usually think lions are scary. C A. kinds of B. kind C. kind of

  6.--Which kind of animals have long legs and neck? --. C A. Pandas B. Penguins C. Giraffes

  7. Tigers like meat. C A. eat B. eats C. eating B
  8. Koala bears sleep . A. at night B. during the day C. at noon A
  9. Do you ever play pandas? A. with B. to C. and
  10. Foxes can count numbers. So people think they are . C A. scary B. interesting C. clever
Ⅱ. Fill in the blanks.
favorite animals do let are let’s does come

  1. -- What kind of do you think are animals the biggest on the earth? -- Elephants.

  2. Why Maria like small animals? does
  3. Is your pet panda? favorite
  4. Where do lions from? come
  5. go to see the new teacher in our Let’s school.
句型转换。 Ⅲ.句型转换。 句型转换

  1. I want to see the lions.(对划线部分提问) (对划线部分提问) What do to do ? you want ? 解析: 动作”提问用“ 解析 对“动作”提问用“What...do?”, ” want to do sth.表示“想要干某事”。 表示“ 表示 想要干某事”

  2. Can you tell me how I can get to the airport? ? (同义句转换 同义句转换) 同义句转换 the way to Can you tell me the airport? 解析: 表示“ ……的路 的路” 解析 the way to表示“去……的路”, 表示 这是复合句与简单句的转换。 这是复合句与简单句的转换。

  3. Mary wants to go to the zoo with her friends. (同义句转换 同义句转换) 同义句转换 would like Mary to go to the zoo with her friends. 解析: 其同义词为would like 解析 want to do sth.其同义词为 其同义词为 to do sth. “想要干某事”; want有人称和数 想要干某事” 有人称和数 的变化, 则没有。 的变化 而would则没有。 则没有

  4. His brother likes dolphins. (对划线部分提问 对划线部分提问) 对划线部分提问 What animals does like his brother ? 解析: 对动物提问用What animals或 解析 对动物提问用 或 What animal, 句中 句中dolphins为复数形式。 为复数形式。 为复数形式

  5. Let’s see the pandas first. (同义句转换 同义句转换) 同义句转换 What about seeing the pandas first? ? 解析: 是表示建议的句型, 解析 Let’s...是表示建议的句型 此句型还有 是表示建议的句型 What/How about doing sth? Shall we do sth? Would you like to do sth?
用所给单词的适当形式填空。 Ⅳ.用所给单词的适当形式填空。 用所给单词的适当形式填空

  1.The animal usually (sleep)and sleeps relaxes (relax) 20 hours every day. 解析: 为一般现在时的标志词, 解析 usually为一般现在时的标志词 主语 为一般现在时的标志词 the animal为单数形式 故动词应该用 为单数形式, 为单数形式 第三人称单数形式。 第三人称单数形式。

  2. Koalas like to eat . (leaf) leaves 解析: 按常理“树袋熊要吃很多叶子” 解析 按常理“树袋熊要吃很多叶子”, 故用leaf的复数形式 的复数形式leaves。 故用 的复数形式 。 take
  3. Why not (take)a taxi to go home? ? 解析: 固定句型Why not do sth? 解析 固定句型

  4. The dolphins are very to us. friendly friends They are our . (friend) 解析: 对某人友好; 解析: be friendly to sb. 对某人友好; 主语“ 主语“the dolphins”为复数形式。 ”为复数形式。

  5. What other (animal) Tom animals does like (like)? 解析: animals意思为 意思为“ 解析: what other animals意思为“其他的 动物” 主语Tom为单数形式。 为单数形式。 动物”; 主语 为单数形式
Make a survey and write an article.
  1. What animals are very rare(稀少 稀少)? 稀少
  2. Where do they live?
  3. What can we do for them?


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