Liao Ping
Task 1 Talk about school rules
Do you know these school rules?
Are they good students?
What rules are these students breaking?
? ? ? ?

  1. Don’t arrive late for class.
  2. Don’t run in the hallways.
  3. Don’t eat in the classroom.
  4. Don’t listen to music in the classrooms or the hallways. ?
  5. Don’t fight. What rules are Peter, Nicki and Joseph breaking?
Name rule Peter Nicki Joseph

  1. Don’t arrive late for class.
  2. Don’t run in the hallways.
  3. Don’t eat in the classroom.
  4. Don’t listen to music in the classrooms or the hallways.
  5. Don’t fight.
What are the rules? We can’t arrive late for class. We can’t run in the hallways. … …
? A:What are the school rules, Alex? ? B:Well, we can’t eat in the classrooms. ? A:We can’t eat in the classrooms, too. But we can ? ? ? ? ?
eat in the cafeteria. B:We can’t go into the music room without our teacher. A:We can’t, too. And we can’t go into the classroom without teacher. B:Uh-huh, We can. But we can’t listen to music in class. A:Oh, we can’t wear a hat in class. B:Well, we can’t play football at noon.
Talk about your school rules
Are there school rules at your school? Can you say something about your school rules?
We have many rules in our school. We can’t fight. We can’t wear a hat. We can’t listen to music in the classroom. We can’t talk in class.
… …
Task 3 The signs for rules
What do these signs mean?
Do you know the rules for the school library?
No talking!
No school bags!
No food!
No wet umbrellas!
No listening to music!
The rules for the lab
Task 4 Making some rules
Listen and Find the rules for Zhao Pei’s house.
Zhao Pei’s Rules get up at 6 o’clock can’t meet her friends after school has to take her dog for a walk after school can’t watch TV on school nights has to be in bed by ten o’clock has to clean her room and wash her clothes on weekends has to help her mom make dinner has to learn the piano
Talk about your rules
? Amy: Hello, Ian. ? Ian: Hi, Amy. What are your rules? ? Amy: Well, I can’t watch TV in the evening. And I
can’t go out on school nights. Then I have to do my homework every night. What about you?
? Ian: I can’t play football at noon. I have to have a
good rest at noon. And I can’t watch TV in the evening and I have to do my homework every night. Then I have to practise guitar every day.
Make our school library rules
? ? ? ? ?
No food! No wet umbrellas! No listening to music! No talking! No school bags!


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