777 七七七上上上 my name is clock I am I'm nice to meet you what what's your hello hi his and her question answer look first first name last last name boy girl zero one two three four five six seven eight nine telephone number telephone number phone phone number it it's
card ID card family family name Jenny Gina Alan Mary Jim Tom Bob Mike Jim Green Miller Jack Smith Brown Linda Nick Kim Hand this pencil pen book eraser ruler case pencil case backpack pencil sharpener dictionary that yes no not isn't thank OK in English a how do spell
baseball watch computer game key notebook ring call at the lost found lost and found please school a set Tim Sonia Jane Kelsey David sister mother father parent brother grandmother grandfather friend grandparent that's these are those she he he's son cousin daughter uncle aunt dear thanks for photo here
pen friend they aren't Dave Anna Paul Emma Mona where where's table bed dresser bookcase sofa chair drawer plant under they they're on don't know bag math alarm clock CD video tape video tape hat take thing to mom can bring some need floor room TV desk Tommy Sally
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also Joe how much pants sock shirt T-shirt shorts sweater shoe skirt sale dollar color black white red green blue yellow big small short long clerk help want Here you are. welcome You're welcome. example ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty thirty clothes store come
buy very price each anybody afford see yourself Mr sell from zigzag have a look sorry Lisa when birthday month January February March April May June July August September October November December tenth fourth fifteenth second third fifth sixth seventh eighth eleventh twelfth thirteenth fourteenth sixteenth seventeenth eighteenth
nineteenth twentieth thirtieth date happy Happy Birthday! birth age old how old speech contest party trip basketball game volleyball game School Day art festival Chinese music year years old Vera Jeff Leila Robert John William Tina Johnson go movie go to a movie action comedy documentary thriller kind singular plural opera Beijing Opera find someone student
scary funny sad exciting really often think learn about history with favorite actor new successful weekend too Rush Mr Bean Shaolin Temple Ben Maria Michele June Edward Jackson Rick Jackie Rowan Atkinson Jet guitar Join dance swim sing chess paint speak can't kid our drum piano trumpet violin or
musician then be rock band show Sunday pm kung fu may draw a little e-mail address why Jennifer Victor Cindy Jones time what time go to school get up shower take a shower usually o'clock work hour brush teeth after go to work get to bus hotel all night love listen home morning go to bed job am afternoon
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Cooper America so China before hobby today life Martin 777 七七七下下下 pal pen pal Canada France Japan the United States Australia Singapore the United Kingdom country Sydney New York Paris Toronto Tokyo live language world French like dislike Jodie Andrew Maria Lucy Paul Sarah King Sam Lisa Julie post office post office library
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a little bit joke never stop brown person beard glasses look remember pop singer say nobody Pete Cathy Johnny Dean Jackson Ruth Gloria Teeny Hugeman Dreamer Wiseman would I'd noodle beef mutton cabbage potato special drink large size bowl he'd onion juice dumpling porridge tea green rice soup
fish Tel RMB Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. reason menu Annie was did went visit test What about stay at home have do some reading practice regular verb irregular present past mountain geography spend week No. middle most go shopping had saw talk talk show song wrote go for a walk sat down cat It is time to...
wasn't no anything suggestion Carol Emma New York City camp summer camp museum guide central exam really rainy were fantastic unfriendly awful delicious expensive crowded cheap think of water cry corner make made feel walk back decide wall the Great Wall palace the Palace Museum square Tian An Men Square Hutung make classmate discuss report sex
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told close silence take place recent World Trade Center destroy terrorist meaning as…as became flight earth hero flew tragedy Ted Davy Martin Luther King Robert Allen ever mad anymore snack direct speect reported speech first of all message pass on suppose be supposed to hard-working do well in grandpa in good health report card nervous envelope luckily semester worst TRUE disappointing lucky
copy hers own get over village Peking University graduate volunteer the Ministry of Education Chinese Young Pioneer rural area meter sea level thin ate fortunately decision husband dormitory senior high school open up start influence hometown Greenpeace care for border UNICEF WWF danger Lana Marcia Ben Scott Alan jeans organize take away clean-up flower agent
around the world make a living against charity chance all the time injured sincerely lawyer t



   新目标初中英语单词全集 A a art.一个(只,把,台……) a few 有些;几个 a little 少量;稍许 a little bit 一点儿;少许 a lot 很;非常;常常 a lot of 大量;许多 a piece of 一张(片,块,...) a set 一套;一副 abacus n.算盘 abbreviation n.缩写形式 about adv.几乎 prep.关于;到处 accessory 配件;首饰 accident n.事故 according to 按照,根据 ...


   7上 Unit 2 this 这;这个 pencil 铅笔 pen 钢笔 book 书 eraser 橡皮;铅笔擦;黑板擦 ruler 尺;直尺 橡皮;铅笔擦; case 箱;盒;橱 pencil case 铅笔盒;文具盒 backpack 双肩背包 pencil sharpener 卷笔刀; 铅笔刀 dictionary 字典;词典 that 那;那个 yes 是 no 不;不是 not 不是 isn’t =is not 字典; excuse 原谅;宽恕 excuse me 请原谅 tha ...


   777 七七七上上上 我的 名字 是 时钟 我 是 I am 之略 好的;令人愉快的 不定式符号 prep.向;朝;至;达 遇见;相逢 你;你们 什么 ((口语))what is / has 之略 你的;你们的 (表示问候)喂 (表示问候或打招呼)嗨 他的 和;又;而且 她的 问题;难题;询问;疑问 问答;答复;答案 看;望;看起来 n.看;注视+D151 第一 名字 最后的;上一个的 姓氏 男孩 女孩 零 一(用来代替单数的人或物) 二 三 四 五 六 七 八 九 电话 数;数字 电话号码 ...


   英语单词 初中英语单词 http://www.english-word.cn 第 1 页 共 49 页 http://www.english-word.cn 初中英语单词表 注:n 名词 v 动词 adj 形容词 adv 副词 prep 介词 conj 连词 phr.短语 num 数词 七年级上册英语单词 1833 1 what pron 什么 2 is v 是 3 what's what is 的缩写形式 4 your pron 你的,你们的 5 name n 名字 6 my pron 我 ...


   my [mai] name ['neim] is [iz, s, z, z] name's clock [klk] [ai] I am [m, m, m] I'm [aim] nice ['nais] to [tu:, tu, t] [mi:t] meet you [ju, ju:] what [wt, w:t] what's [wts] your [j:, j:, jr, j:r] ['h'lu] hello hi [hai] his [his] and [nd, nd] [h:,h] h ...


   (初三下)英语单词 初三下) 序号 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 汉语 飞机 公共汽车,客车 出发;启程;航班;车次 英文 序号 8 9 汉语 点头(表示赞同) 英文 标注 1课 1课 1课 1课 1课 1课 1课 眼泪;泪珠 10 往;向;朝..方向 11 12 13 14 香烟 虽然;尽管 下(火车、公共汽车等) (机场等的)等候室 (机场的)候机厅 交通方式;交通 动身;出发 步;步骤 1 地理学 11 安全 2课 (初三下)英语单词 初三下) 序号 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ...


   The Family 家庭类 relations, relatives, kinfolk, kin 亲属 my family 我家 my people 我家人 next of kin 近亲 family life 家庭生活 caste 社会地位 generation 代 branch 支,系 tribe 部族,部落 clan 氏族 race, breed 种族 lineage 宗族,世系 stock 门第,血统 of noble birth 贵族出身 of humble birth 平民出身 ...


   温州市 2010 年中考英语词汇表 词汇表 I (共 1266 个单词) A art. 一个(只,把,台……) adj. 能够的;有才能的 prep. / ad. 关于,涉及,在……方面 prep. 在上方;过于;超出 v. 接受 n. 事故 vt. 达到;取得 prep. 横过,在地面 n. / v. 表演,演戏 n. 动作;行动;行为 adj. 活跃的,积极的 n. 活动 v. 增加;添加 n. 通讯处,地址 n. 广告,广告活动 n. 忠告;劝告;建议 v. 负担得起,买得起 adj. ...


   英语汉语 (not)...any more.再也不;不能再 100-metre race.100 米赛跑 aart.一(个;件……) a bit(of).少量(的);一点 a bottle of.一瓶…… a few.一些;几个 a glass of.一(玻璃)杯…… a kind of.一种;一类 a little.一点;少量 a lot.很;非常 a moment ago.刚才 a moment later.片刻之后 a pair of.一对;一双 a piece of.一片(一张;一块… ...


   词汇词类汉语 a.m.n.上午 a/anart.一个 abbreviationn.缩写 ableadj.有能力的;能干的 aboutn.&adv.关于…;大约 aboveprep.在…上方 abroadadv.在国外;到国外 accidentn.事故,灾难 accordingtoprep. acrossprep.横穿…,穿过… activeadj.积极的 activityn.活动 ad(=advertisement)n.广告 addv.增加 addres ...



   牛津英语 5A 英语语法(二)名词复数的规则变化 情况 一般情况 以 s,sh,ch,x 等结尾 以 ce,se,ze 等结尾 以辅音字母+y 结尾 读音 例词 map-maps 加s 清辅音后读/s/ 浊辅音后和元音后读/z/ car-cars box-boxes 加 es 读/iz/ class-classes license-licenses 加s 读/iz/ baby-babies 变 y 为 i 再加 es 读/iz/ 构成方法 二.其他复数的规则变化 1) 以 y 结尾的专有名词 ...


   小学六年级英语第十一册 小学六年级英语第十一册(第 7-8 课)形成性训练卷(09、11) 十一 、 ) 学校 评价等级 班级 姓名 评价等级 Listening (40%) I. 听录音,找出你听到的单词。 念两遍)(4%) 听录音,找出你听到的单词。 念两遍) (念两遍 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1. ) 2. ) 3. ) 4. ) 5. ) 6. ) 7. ) 8. A. metre A. brave A. sleep A. most A. funny A. bette ...


   2005 Part II vocabulary section A 31.There was nobut to close the road until February. A.dilemma B.denying C.alternative D.doubt 32.Iwhen I heard that my grandfather had died. A.fell apart B.fell away C.fell out D.fall back 33.I’mpassing a new law ...


   2010年6月大学英语六级考试听力讲义精选(一) Lesson1★   资料的选择:   1、听力原题   2、TOEFL的听力   3、《走遍美国》、《探索》、《国家地理》   听力结构:   Section A:10个短对话   Section B:3个段子;复合式听写(很少考)   类型题:   比如:Would you go to dance with me tonight?去不去干……   回答Yes/No.以及理由。   Would you go with us?   Would ...


   英 语 26 个 字母 的 复习训练 字母表 Aa Ff Kk Pp Uu Xx Bb Gg Ll Qq Vv Yy Cc Dd Hh I i Mm Nn Rr Ss Ww Zz Ee J j Oo Tt 字母表 Aa Hh Jj Kk Ee Bb Cc Dd Gg Pp Tt Vv Ii Yy Oo Uu Qq Ww Ff Ll Mm Nn Ss Xx Zz Rr 字母所含的元音音素归类 [ai](2个) ai]( 个) [ei]( 个) [ei](4个) [ i:](8个) i:]( ...