新目标 九年级 Unit 12
Unit 12 You’re supposed to shake hands. Section B Period 1
Table Manners
There are many table manners around the world. But different countries have different culture. How much do you know about table manners around the world?
Open and Widen your eyes
Look at the following things. Tell me if they are right.

In the United States, you’re not supposed to eat with your hands.
In Peru
You’re not supposed to talk at the table.
In China, you’re not supposed to pick up your bowl of rice.
In Korea, the youngest people is supposed to start eating first.
In Brazil, you should wipe your mouth with your napkin every time you take a drink.

A: In…what are you supposed to do when you eat? B: We are / aren’t supposed to …
the United States
In Peru
In China
In Korea
Do Romans do when you are in Rome. 入乡随俗
2a Listening
2b Listening
d ?
  1.You aren’t supposed to __
  2.It’s polite… a __
  3.It’s rude… b __
  4. You shouldn’t… c
You aren’t supposed to eat or drink while walking down the street.
It’s polite to make noise while eating noodles.

  1. In China, you’re not supposed to pick up your bowl of rice. 在中国, 你不应该端起你的饭碗。 在中国 你不应该端起你的饭碗。 pick up “捡起 拾起 拿起”。 捡起; 捡起 拾起; 拿起”
如: A girl picked up a wallet on her way home. 一个小女孩在回家的路上捡到了一个钱 包。 The phone stopped ringing just as I picked up the receiver. 我一拿起听筒, 电话就不响了。 我一拿起听筒 电话就不响了。

  2.In Brazil, you should wipe your mouth with your napkin every time you take a drink. 在巴西, 在巴西 每次喝完东西后你应该用餐巾 纸擦嘴。 纸擦嘴。 wipe 动词 意思是 “擦,擦去” 常与 擦去” 擦去 away, off, up 连用 表示“擦干净’’。 连用,表示 擦干净’’ 表示“ ’’。
如: Wipe the dirt off your shoes. 抹去鞋上的污泥。 抹去鞋上的污泥。 Wipe up the milk you spilled, please. 请抹掉洒出来的牛奶。 请抹掉洒出来的牛奶。

  3. …to stick your chopsticks into your food. 把筷子插入你的食物中。 把筷子插入你的食物中。 (
  1) stick 动词 “刺, 插入” 如: 动词, 刺 插入” Stick a fork into the meat to see if it’s ready. 将叉插进肉里看熟了没有。 将叉插进肉里看熟了没有。
I can’t move. There’s a piece of wire sticking in my leg. 我动不了, 我动不了 有一根金属丝刺进我的腿 里了。 里了。 (
  2)chopstick 是由 chop(砍)+stick(棍子 组 棍子)组 砍 棍子 成的合成词。 筷子” 成的合成词。意思是 “筷子” 它通 常以复数形式出现。 常以复数形式出现。
如: Our Chinese always use chopsticks to eat, but the English don’t use them. 我们中国人通常用筷子吃饭, 我们中国人通常用筷子吃饭 而英国 人不。 人不。

  4. It’s rude to point at anyone with your chopsticks. 用你的筷子指着别人是很不礼貌的。 用你的筷子指着别人是很不礼貌的。 rude adj. 粗鲁的; 无理的 粗鲁的; 常用词组be 常用词组 rude to sb, 意思是 “对某 人无理” 人无理”。
It’s rude to interrupt when people are speaking. 打断人家的话是不礼貌的。 打断人家的话是不礼貌的。 I think it was rude of them not to phone and say that they weren’t coming. 他们来不了, 也不打电话通知一声, 他们来不了 也不打电话通知一声 太 不象话了。 不象话了。
point 是一个动词 意思是 “指, 指向”。 是一个动词,意思是 指向” 它构成的词组” 它构成的词组” “point at”意思是 “指 意思是 对准” 向” “对准”。 如: “I’ll have that one.” She said, pointing at a big chocolate cake. “我想要这个。”她指着一块大的巧克 我想要这个。 我想要这个 力蛋糕说。 力蛋糕说。
Your pen pal is going to visit you from France. Discuss in groups of four and tell him what he is supposed to do in China.
Thank you for listening!


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