新目标九年级英语期末复习手册 Unit1Unit1-10 重点知识梳理
Unit 6 一、 知识点
  1.prefer v.更喜爱,更喜欢,相当于 like……better,其过去式、过去分词为 preferred, Which do you prefer? 常用于以下结构: (
  1)prefer+名词、代词 I preferred music. (
  3) prefer+v-ing 常见的搭配有: ① ② ③ prefer……to……喜欢……而不喜欢……(to 为介词) prefer doing to doing(to 为介词) prefer to do …… rather than do sth.宁愿干……而不愿干…… She prefers apples to bananas. He prefers running to walking. They prefer to play games rather than watch TV.
  2.gentle:①轻柔,温和(往往指音乐、嗓音或风) ②温柔的,文雅的(往往指人的性格)
  3.remind……of……使某人回想起或意识到某人、某事 She reminded me of her sister. The pictures remind me of my school days.
  4.表示“也”的用法: also 用在句中,too 用在句末,as well 多用于口语,用在句末,这三个表达都用在肯定句。 either “也” 用在否定句尾
  5. What do you think of …? =How do you like…?
  6.as 的用法: ①用作连词“按照” Please do it again as I told you. ②连词,当……的时候,着重强调两个动词同时发生 She sang as she worked. ③ 表示原因, “因为,由于”比较口语化,语气也较弱,所表示的原因比较明显。 (
  2)prefer+动词不定式“宁愿干……”She prefers to live among the working people. I prefer living abroad. (
As I didn’t know the way, I asked the policeman. ④as…as… 和……一样 ,往往与现在完成时连用
  7.over the years 多年来

  8.though 不做副词“可是,不过,然而”放在句尾
  9. be sure of +n. / pron. /短语 be sure that 从句 be sure to do 务必……一定…… make sure 确保,核实,查收,弄清楚
  10.one of the+最高级+复数名词,最……之一
  12. on display=on show
  13.interest:①n.兴趣,趣味;②v.使感兴趣 He interested me in football.他使我对足球感兴趣。 I’ve got a lot of books that might interest you.我有许多可能使你感兴趣的书。
  14.class 等级,级别,阶级
  15. whatever=no matter what
  16.suggest:①建议,后跟宾语从句,用虚拟语气; ②表示,暗示,后跟宾语从句,不用虚拟语气。
  17. energy (n.)=energetic (adj.)
  18.honest 该词是元音发音开头,前面的不定冠词用“an”.
  19.先行词若为地点或时间时,后面的关系词用关系代词还是关系副词,要看关系词在定语从句 中作什么成分。若关系词作定语从句的主语、宾语或定语,用关系代词;若关系词作状语,则用关 系副词。 二.短语
  1.expect to do sth.期望干…… expect sb. to do sth 期望某人干……
  4.quiet and gentle songs 轻柔的歌曲
  6. remind…of…使某人想起或意识到……
  8.be important to 对……重要
  2.catch up with 追上,赶上
  5. take…to… 带……到……
  3.different kinds of music 各种不同的音乐
  7.her own songs 她自己的歌曲
  9.Yellow River 黄河
  11.over the years 多年来 }相信,对……有把握

  10.Hong Tao’s latest movie 洪涛最近的电影
  12.be sure to do sth.务必干……一定干……

  13.one of the best known Chinese photographers 世界上最有名的中国摄影家之一
  14.on display 展览,展出
  15.come and go 来来往往

  16.can’t stand 不能忍受
  18.feel sick 感到恶心,不舒服
  20.to be honest 说实话

  17.look for 寻找
  19.have a great time 玩得高兴,过得愉快
  21.be lucky to do 幸运的是……
  24.go for 去找某人,想法得到某事物
c.形容词,轻的,明亮的,浅色的 d.及物动词 点燃 照亮 (过去式,过去分词 lit,lit 或 lighted ,lighted)
  5.Some day=someday 只指将来某一天 one day 既可指将来某一天,也可指过去某一天。
  6.Plan 计划打算(
  1) plan to do sth We are planning to visit London this summer (
  2) 跟名词或者代词 We have been planning this visit for months. (
  3) plan for 为…做计划 He planned for a picnic if the next day were fine. (
  4) plan on 打算有(做某事)She had not planned on so many guests. They are planning on an/for an outing.
  7.I’d like to go somewhere relaxing. Somewhere 在本句中有双重性,对 go 来说是副词,对 relaxing 来说是不定代词。
  8.Consider 考虑,认为 后面只跟动词,动词用“ing”形式
  9.else 用在特殊疑问词及不定代词的后面,other 用在名词前,两者都是“别的,其他的”的 意思
  10.in 在范围之内的某方位。to 范围之外的某方位。on 在两地边界接壤的某方位。
  11.mind 介意 mind doing sth; mind one’s doing sth.
  12.any 用在肯定句中, “任一”
  13.so that 引的状语从句, “以便,为了” ,从句往往有 can/may/will/could/might/would 等情 态动词。 So …that…如此…以至于 that …引导结果状语从句。
  14.Continue to do sth 继续干另外一件事。 Continue doing sth 继续干同一件事
  15.在英语中,有 although 不能有 but;有 because 不能有 so /Do plan to stay late? Have you planned your trip?

  22.my six-month English course 我 6 个月的英语课
  23.most of my friends 我的大部分朋友
  25.stay healthy 保持健康
  27.stay away from 与……保持距离
  28.be in agreement 意见一致(后跟短语、句子)
  29.barbecued meat 烤肉
  31.be bad for 对……有害 三.句子
  1.I love singers who write their own music.我喜欢自己创作曲子的歌手。
  2.We prefer music that has great lyrics.我们更喜欢歌词很棒的曲子。
  3.What do you dislike about this CD.你不喜欢这张 CD 的什么?
  4.What does it remind you of?它使你想起了什么?
  5.The music reminds me of Brazilian dance music.这首曲子使我想起了巴西舞曲。
  6.It does have a few good features, though.然而,它的确也有一些好的方面。
  7.She really has something for everyone.每个人的确都能从她的作品中领悟到一些东西。
  8.Whatever you do, don’t miss this exhibition.无论怎样,你都不能错过这次展出。
  9.As the name suggests, the band has a lot of energy.正如乐队名字所暗示的那样,这支 乐队很有活力。
  10. Some people say they are boring, but others say they are great.
  11.If I were you, I’d eat nuts instead.如果我是你,我会改吃坚果。 Unit7 一、知识点:
  1.Would like to do sth sb to do sth
  3、expect Wish Hope
  4. light 穿过 sth 想要干… 想要××干 含有“in”的意思 across sb to do sth / 横过 含有“on”的意思 to do sth / to do sth / sb to do sth / that 从句(不用虚拟语气) that 从句(用虚拟语气) 想要某东西
  30.a tag question 反意疑问句
  26.French fries 薯条

  16.强调句型:It is(was)…that (who ,whom)… (
  1) 强调句型可用来强调各种句子成分 (
  2) 强调句中的连词 who,whom 只用来指代人,that 即可以指代人也可以指代物被强调部分是 时间,地点等仍用 that (
  3)that,whom, who 后的句中的谓语与原句保持一致 (
  4)强调句中只有 it is ,it was 两种时态形式, 如:I am right It is I who(that) am right. 又如:They will have a meeting tomorrow.
to do / that 从句(不用虚拟语气) (没有 hope sb to do sth 结构) a.可数名词,灯 b. 不可数名词,光线、日光
It is they who(that) will have a meeting tomorrow. It′s a meeting that they will have tomorrow. It′s tomorrow that they will have a meeting. 二 短语
  1.go on vacation 去度假
  3.some day 有朝一日
  7.take a trip 去旅行
  8.provide sb with sth = provide sth for sb
  9.be away 离开,远离
  13.dream of 梦想,想到
  11.according to 根据。按照。 为了某人提供某物
  10.the answer to the question 问题的答案
  12.work as tour guides 做导游的工作
  14.less realistic dreams 不现实的梦想
  2.trek through the jungle 徒步穿越丛林
  4.one of the liveliest cities 最有活力的城市之一
  6.pack light clothes 穿薄衣服

  9.I hope you can provide me with some information about the kinds of vacations that your firm can offer 我希望能给我提供一些贵公司能经营的旅游项目的信息.
  10.Could you please give me some suggestions for vacation spots? 你能给我一些有关度假地的建议吗?
  11.You need to pack some warm clothes if you go there. 你如果去那里,需要带一些暖和的衣服。
  12.I’d love to sail across the Pacific. 我想横渡太平洋。 Unit 8 一.知识点
  1. 动词+副词构成的短语,代词做宾语只能放在中间,名词做宾语可中可后。 如: clean up ; give out ; cheer up ; put up ; write down ; hand out ; call up ; set up ; fix up ; give away ; work out 2 3 4 5 could 表示建议,比 can 婉转。 put off +v-ing put up 举起,悬挂,张贴。 Not only … but also … 不仅…而且… 强调后者 此结构用来连接主语时,谓语动词按照就近原则,在人称与数上与 but also 后的名词、代 词保持一致。 例:Not also ZhouXia, but also her parents are fond of watching football matches.

  5.be supposed to do sth. 应该干。

  15.be willing to do sth. 愿意干。
  16.achieve one’s dreams 实现梦想
  17.sail across the pacific 横渡太平洋
  18.hold on to 保持,不要放弃(卖掉)
  19.take it easy 从容 轻松 不紧张
  21.Eiffel Tower 艾菲尔铁塔
  20.Niagara Falls 尼亚加拉大瀑布
  22.Notre Dame Cathedral 巴黎圣母院

  23.this time of year 一年中的这个时候
  24.in general 通常 ,大体上, 一般而言 三 句子
  1.where would you like to go on vacation? I’d like to trek through the jungle.
  2.l like places where the weather is always warm.
  3.I like to go somewhere relaxing 我喜欢去休闲的地方
  4.For your next vacation, why not consider visiting Paris? 你下次度假为什么不考虑去巴黎?
  5.Traveling around Paris by taxi can cost a lot of money. 乘坐出租车游览巴黎要花费很多钱
  6.So unless you speak French yourself, it’s best to travel with someone who can translate things for you. 因此,除非你自己会讲法语,否则最好与一个能为你翻译的人一起去。
  7. We’d like to be away for three weeks. 我们大约要去三个星期.
  8.The person has a lot of money to spend on the vacation. 度假中这个人有很多钱可以花.
此结构可用来连接两个句子,当 not only 连接的句子位于句首时,该句要部分倒装。 例:Not only does Miss Li like music,but also she likes sports.李小姐不但喜欢音 乐,还喜欢体育 Not only did he come,but also he was very happy.他不但来了,而且还很高兴。
  6.coach ①名词 长途公共汽车、四轮大马车, (运动员的)教练,私人教师。 ②动词 辅导,训练
  7.major ① adj. 重要的,主要的 ② n. 专业,专业学生 He is a history major. = He chose history as his major.他是主修历史的学生 vi. 主修,专攻。
  8.volunteer He majors in physics. 他主修物理学。 ②adj. 自愿的 ①可数名词 “志愿者”
vi. volunteer to do sth They are the Chinese People’s Volunteers. 他们是中国人民志愿军。
I volunteer to help you. 我自愿帮助你。
  9.no longer = not … any longer no more = not … any more
  10.run out 与 run out of ①run out (become used up). 其主语往往为物。如时间,食物,金钱,油等,本 身就含有被动意义。 His money soon ran out. 他的钱很快就花光了。 My patience has completely run out. 我没有一点耐心了。 Our time is running out. 我们剩下的时间不多了。 ②run out of 主语为人,表示主动含义。 He is always running out of money before pay day. 他总是在发工资的日子还没 有到就把钱花完了。 两者在一定条件下可以互换 如:The petrol is running out. 汽油快用完了 = We are running out of petrol. 我们快把汽油用完了。 Our time is running out. 我们剩下的时间不多了。 = We are running out of time
  11.work out v. + adj. ①结局,结果为 The strategies that he came up with worked out fine. 他提出的这个策略 效果很好。 ②算出,制订出,消耗完(精力等) He never seems to be worked out. 他好像永远不会疲乏似的。 He worked out a plan. 他制订了一个计划。 I have worked out our total expenses. 我已经算出了我们总的费用。
  12.homeless 无家可归的
  13.donate v. 二.短语
  1.clean up 清扫
  2.give out 分发,发放
  3.cheer up=make…happier 使...高兴,使...振作
  4.after school study program 课外学习班
  5.come up with=think up 提出,想出
  7.write down 写下,记下
  6.put off 推迟
  8.put up 张贴 donation n. 捐赠 指时间上不再延续。 指动作上不再延续。

  9.hand out 分发,发放
  11.ser up=establish 建立
  14.put…to use… 把...投入使用

  10.call up 打电话
  12.be home to sb 是某人的家园
  15.elementary school 小学

  13.volunteer one’s time to do sth 自愿花时间干...
  16.plan to do sth 计划干...打算干
  17.coach a football team for kids 训练少年足球队
  18.start a Chinese History club 开办一个中国史俱乐部
  19.run out of 用完,耗尽
  21.fix up 修理
  24.ask for 索要
  26.hang out 闲荡
  27.put up signs asking for singing jobs 张贴寻求


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