新目标九年级英语第 12 单元单元测试题 河曲红星中学 刘永茂
  1. You are (suppose) to shake hands when you meet a Chinese friend.
  2. Keep your eyes (close) when you are doing eye exercises.
  3. A knife is (use) for (cut) things.
  4. Trees can keep water from (run) away.
  5. Do you still remember(see) me somewhere in Beijing ?
  6. Everything was ( familiar ) with me because I was in Japan for the first time?
  7. Though you failed this time, don’t give up (study) .You still have a lot of chances.
  8. ( spend ) time with family and friends is very important.
  9. Remember (turn off) the light when you leave the room.
  10. People are pretty ( relax ) about time in Colombia. 二、小小翻译家,根据汉语提示,完成下列句子。 (横线处不限词数)
  1. 初次见日本朋友时你应该说什么?
What when you meet your Japanese friend?
  2. 我认识马林,但不了解他。
I Ma Lin but I do not .

How can I my American friend ?
  4. 老师常常告诉我们要尽量帮助有困难的学生。
The teacher often tells us to help the students .
  5. 吃饭时不要用筷子指着别人。
Don’t others with chopsticks while eating.
  6. 他没有理由去做那件事。
He has .
  7. 很快他便成了学校里的尖子生。
Soon he became at school.
  8. 自从他光顾网吧以来,变的很糟糕。
He since he visited net bar.
  9. 下个月将有几个外国学生来我校上课。
A few foreign students at our school.
  10.我的工作是教好学生。 My job is . 三、试试你的判断力,选择正确答案。 ( )
  1. Will you come to the dinner party? I won’t come until Jenny . A. D. is invited ( )
  2. John Beijing the day before yesterday. will be invited B. can be invited C. invited
A. arrived at arrived in (
B. arrived
C. reached to
  3.In Switzerland, people visit a friend’s house. A. make plans B. make plans to C. makes plans to
D. make a plant ( )
  4.It’s too hot. Do you mind the window? A. my closing D. close ( )
  5.She Shanghai next week. A, is leaving for D. left ( )
  6.What are you nervous , Mary? A. in ( B. at C. on D. about B. leaves for C. leaved B. my opening C. open
  7.We go to school every day Saturday and Sunday. A. beside B. besides C. except D. except for
  8.Yang Liwei is proud his motherland. A. in B. of C. from D. for
  9.After receiving education, he changed a bad boy an honor
student. A. to ( B. in C. for D. from
  10.He in his English Test Paper. His teacher was very angry
with him.
A. makes some mistakes C.made few mistakes
B. make a mistake
D. made many mistakes
四、你能完成下面这段对话吗?在空白处填上适当的话语,使对话意 思完整。 A: Hello,Lin Feng.
  1.? B:Hello,Le Lei. I’m going to watch the football match between our Chinese team and the Korean team. A: Oh, that’s such an important match. I don’t want to miss it.
  2.? B: Of course. Let’s go. A: It seems that you like football very much. Do you like PE? B:
  3.. A: Why not? B: Because the teacher just lets us play games ourselves. What about you? A: I like it very much.
  4.. B: You are lucky. A:
  5.? B: Yes, having sports can make us healthy. A: That’s right. I agree with you. 五、读书破万卷 阅读短文,试试你的判断力,选出正确答案.
Dinner customs (习惯) are different around the world. If you are a guest in Ghana( 加纳), this information will help you a lot. In Ghana, dinner is usually from four in the afternoon to six in the evening. But there are no strict rules (规则) about time. Whenever a guest arrives, a family offers food. When you go to a home, the person who receives guests takes you to the living room first. At this time everyone welcomes you. Then you go to the dinning room. There you wash your hands in a bowl of water. All the food is on the table. In Ghana you usually eat with your fingers. You eat from the same dish as everyone else .But you eat from one side of the dish only. It is not polite to get food from the other side of the dish. After dinner, you wash your hands again in a bowl of water. Most meals in Ghana have a dish called fufu. People in Ghana make fufu from the powder(粉末) of some plants. Sometimes they cut the fufu with a saw(锯子) because it is very hard. You must chew(咀嚼) fufu well, or you may get sick. You eat fufu with the fingers of your right hand only. ( )
  1.From the passage we know that in Ghana . A. the rules for dinner time are not strict six in the evening C. a family offers food only at four in the afternoon D. people usually invite their guests to dinner late in the evening ( )
  2.If you are a dinner guest in Ghana, the host (主人) always takes B. dinner is always at
you to . A. the dining room first C. the kitchen first B. the living room first D. the garden first
( )
  3.People in Ghana usually eat . A. from one side of a dish to the other B. from the other side of the dish C. with their fingers D. with their spoons
( )
  4.In fact, most dishes in Ghana . A. are cooked with the powder of some plants B. have fufu in them C. are too hard to eat D. are not very hard
( )
  5.When you eat fufu, you’d better . A. cut it with a saw C. chew it well 六、下笔如有神 书面表达 假如你以前是一个不求上进的学生,初二时,你班来了一位随父亲打 工进城的学生小雷,他的家境及学习态度改变了你的观点…… 要求:
  2.要举出 1 个例子说明小蕾的贫穷和学 习精神,如买不起 5 元钱一本的练习册(exercise book)…
  3.展开联想,适 当发挥.
  4.词数为 80-1
  00. 提示词:change, be not paid well (工资不高), afford, lend, return, from then on, value(珍惜), top B. use your right hand only D. all of the above
附基础知识巩固练习参考答案 一、
  2. closed
  3. used cutting
  4. running
  5. seeing
  6. unfamiliar
  7. studying
  8. Spending
  9. to turn off
  10. relaxed 二、
  1. are you supposed to say for the first time
  2. know, know about him
  3. greet, in a right way/the right way
  4. in trouble as much as possible
  5. point at
  6. no reason to do it/for doing it
  7. the top
  8. has kept slipping
  9. are going to take classes
  10. to teach my students well 三、1-5 DDBBA 6-10 DCBAD 四、
  1. Where are you going /What are you going to do
  2. Can I go with you
  3. No, I don’ /I don’ like it at all
  4. Our teacher teaches us a lot t t
in PE lessons
  5. Do you like sports/Do you often do sports/You are good at sports, aren’t you 五、1-5 ABCDD 六、One possible version I did not study hard and I was not a good student at all when I was in Grade One. But one thing changed my mind/idea. When I was a Grade Two student, Xiaolei came to my class. He was from a small poor village. His father found a job in the city. But he was not paid well and often could not get the money on time. One day each of our classmates bought a useful exercise book, but Xiaolei didn’t. One book cost only five Yuan, but he could not afford it. So I lent my book to him. He was so happy that he finished all the exercises as soon as possible and returned it to me two days later, which surprised me a lot. From then on, I decided to study hard. I should learn from Xiaolei and we should value what we have. I hope to be the top student in my class.



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