Unit 3(A 卷)
Ⅰ.词汇(20 分) A.根据所给汉语填入单词,使句意完整(10 分)
  1.Am I (允许) to drive the car? 答案:allowed
  2.Teenagers should stop wearing (耳环). 答案:earrings
  3.Show me your (执照). 答案:license
  4.Don’t make friends with that (愚蠢的;傻的) boy. 答案:silly
  5.?What’s the result? ?My mother will make the (决定). 答案:decision B.用括号中所给词的正确形式填空(10 分)
  6.I think the books should be(buy) by us. 答案:bought
  7.They talk instead of(run) in the park. 答案:running
  8.I(allow) to go shopping with friends on Sundays. 答案:am allowed
  9.The bell is ringing.Stop(talk). 答案:talking
  10.Don’t get your ears(pierce). 答案:pierced Ⅱ.单项选择(10 分)
  11.?Haven’t you seen the notice “No photoes here”?( ) ?I am sorry,I . A.is allowed taking;didn’t notice B.should be allowed to take;haven’t noticed C.is allowed to take;was not noticing D.should be allowed taking;was not noticing 答案:C 第一空考查“allow sb. to do sth.”的被动结构:sth. is allowed to be done。第 二空考查过去进行时的用法,表示在刚才说话时正在(或未正在)进行的动作或状态。
  12.?Excuse me,you are of my passing through.( ) ?I’m sorry,here you go. A.on the way B.in the way C.out the way D.off the way 答案:B 根据句意,应为“你挡着我的路了” ,in the way 有“挡道,碍事”之意。
  13.We should our hobbies in condition that they are not in the way of our school work.Which of the following is wrong?( ) A.form B.develop
C.practice D.have 答案:D form,develop,practice 都有“培养,发展”之意。
  14.Jill didn’t finish the homework,.( ) A.either B.too C.also D.neither 答案:A either 意为“也不” ,用于否定句中。
  15.I’m sorry to hear that you the math test last term.( ) A.pass B.passed C.failed D.fail 答案:C 根据 I’m sorry ...知要选 failed。
  16.?I think art is very interesting.( ) ?.Music is more interesting than art. A.I don’t agree B.I think so C.I agree D.I don’t know 答案:A 下文中的 music 和上文中的 art 不同,所以肯定是不同意前面的说法。
  17.Our teacher is friendly to us.But he is strict us,too.( ) A.to B.in C.on D.with 答案:D 对某人要求严格是 be strict with sb.。
  18.My little sister is only five years old.She isyounggo to school.( ) A.so;that B.enough;to C.too;to D.such;that 答案:C 这句话的意思是:她年纪太小了,不能上学,故选择 C。
  19.?There is a birthday party for John tonight,would you join in?( ) ?I ,but it depends on the schedule. A.wouldn’t like to B.want to do C.would like to D.don’t want to 答案:C 根据空后的 but 可排除 A、D 选项,C 项为 would like to join in 的省略表达方 式,旨在避免表达上的重复,不定式符号要保留。
  20.Anna is to drive a car.( ) A.calm enough B.enough calm C.enough to calm D.calm to enough 答案:A enough 修饰形容词放在所修饰词的后面。 Ⅲ.情景交际:补全对话,每空一词(10 分) A:I have a lot of
  21. at home. B:So
  23.. A:
  24. not allowed
  25. study at a friend’s house. B:I have to
  26. at home on school nights. A:I’m not
  27. to go out,
  28.. B:But I can
  29. TV on Friday nights. A:That’s
  30.. 答案:
  21. rules
  22. do
  23. I
  24. I’m
  25. to
  26. stay
  27. allowed
  28. either
  29. watch
  30. nice
Ⅳ.根据所给汉语,完成下面句子,每空一词(20 分)
  31.在家里你有哪些约束? do you have ? 答案:What rules,at home
  32.我经常和朋友一起去购物。 I often my friends. 答案:go shopping with
  33.我们应该在作业上多花点儿时间。 We should more time homework. 答案:spend,on
  34.青少年不应过久熬夜。 Teenagers shouldn’t too late. 答案:stay up
  35.每天早晨妈妈都要打扫房间。 Mother the room . 答案:cleans up,every morning
  36.我们不反对跑步。 We have running. 答案:nothing against Ⅴ.完形填空(10 分) Every year several people 37 or injured in road accidents.There are rules to 38 the roads safe,but 39 people do not always obey(遵守) the rules.They are 40 . If everybody obeys the rules,the roads will be 41 .How can we make the roads safe?Remember this rule:Traffic must keep to the right.Cars and buses and bikes must all keep to the right side of the road.Before 42 the road,stop and look 43 . Then,if you are sure that 44 is clear,it is safe to cross the road.If you see small to help them to children,or very old people,or blind people,waiting to cross the road,it is 45 cross the road safely. We must teach children to cross the road safely.We must tell them 46 in the street.We must always give them a good example.
  37.A.killed B.are killed C.were died D.was killed( ) 答案:B
  38.A.have B.do C.make D.let( ) 答案:C
  39.A.no B.few C.a little D.many( ) 答案:D
  40.A.rich B.safe C.poor D.careless( ) 答案:D
  41.A.much safer B.busy C.dangerous D.more safer( ) 答案:A
  42.A.stopping B.acrossing C.crossing D.walking( ) 答案:C

  43.A.both ways C.in front 答案:A
  44.A.the rule C.the car 答案:B
  45.A.interesting C.careful 答案:B
  46.A.not to cross C.not to walk 答案:D Ⅵ.阅读理解(20 分)
B.behind D.to the right( B.the road D.the accident( B.a kind act D.difficult( B.not to drive D.not to play(
A Hundreds of years ago there lived a king in a small country.He liked swimming.When summer came,he always went to another palace by a forest with his guards and returned to the capital in autumn. One afternoon the king went swimming in a river in the forest but he didn’t tell others about it.He was very happy when he swam in the water.After that he heard a great noise and saw a big bear coming at him.He tried his best to run away.He ran and ran and at last he lost his way.He was hungry and tired when he found an old house.There was an old farmer in it.“It’s your king,” he said to the old man.“I’m hungry now.Bring me something to eat quickly!” The old man had nothing dear.He only had four eggs.The king ate them and felt better.“How much must I pay you for that?” “Eighteen pounds.” “How dear they are!Are eggs rare(稀有的) here?” “No,” answered the old farmer.“We have only one king in our country!” 根据短文内容,选择正确答案(10 分)
  47.Which is the best title of the story?( ) A.The King and the Old Farmer B.The King in the Forest C.The King and the Bear D.The Kind ? hearted King 答案:A
  48.,he was happy.( ) A.The river was beautiful B.He was swimming in the water C.The water was warm D.The king could swim for a long time 答案:B
  49.When the king saw the bear,he .( ) A.asked the old farmer to help him B.cried for help C.ran away quickly
D.ran outside the forest 答案:C
  50.At last the king found .( ) A.an old house C.his capital 答案:A
  51.The king felt better because .( A.he could sleep in the farmer’s house B.the bear couldn’t find him C.he ate four eggs D.the farmer knew he was a king 答案:C
B.his guards D.the bear )
B There was a traveler who was wet and cold because he had ridden in the rain.At last he reached a country inn.The inn was so crowded with people that he could not get near the fire.So he called to the inn keeper,“Take some fish to my horse!” The inn keeper answered,“But the horse doesn’t eat fish.” The traveler then said,“Never mind,do it as I tell you.” The crowd of people,hearing this strange order,ran out to see the horse eat fish.The traveler,now having the whole room to himself,sat down beside the fire and got himself warm. When the inn keeper came back with the crowd of people,he said,“Your horse would not eat fish.” The traveler answered,“Never mind,put it on the table,and when I have dried my clothes,I will have it myself.” 根据短文内容,在改写后的短文的空白处填入适当的词,使其完整,每空一词(10 分) A traveler was riding in the rain so he was wet and cold.When he
  52.at a country inn,there
  53. a lot of people in it.He wanted to dry his
  54.,but he could not get near the fire.Then he had a good
  56. the inn keeper to take some fish to his horse.The crowd of people heard this strange order and ran out to see the horse
  57. fish.The traveler
  58. in the room alone and got himself
  59..When the crowd of people and inn keeper
  61. sitting near the fire and drying his clothes. 答案:
  52. arrived
  53. were
  54. clothes
  55. idea
  56. asked/ordered/told
  57. eat
  58. stayed
  59. warm
  60. returned
  61. was Ⅶ.书面表达(10 分) 国有国法,校有校规。在你的学校中一定有很多规章制度来规范中学生的行为,使学生 们都能健康成长。请你写一篇小短文向大家介绍一两条校规、校纪,如能用自己的观点来评 价就更好了。 (60 词左右) 答案:There are many rules in our school,At our school we have to wear uniforms every day.The problem is that all my classmates think the uniforms are ugly.I think young people should look smart and so I’d like to wear my own clothes.If we have to wear uniforms,we should be allowed to design our own uniforms.That would be a good way to keep both teachers and students happy.


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