Unit 12 My favorite subject is science.
Ⅰ.预习展示 Try to guess what subject it is!
学习目标: Ⅱ.学习目标:

  1.学习并掌握关于学科名称的 单词。
  2.学会并能较好的运用所学句 型谈论喜欢的学科以及喜欢 的原因。
How many subjects do you have at school?
Chinese 语文 math 数学 English 英语 politics 政治 history 历史
geography 地理 biology 生物 music 音乐 art 美术
computer 电脑
Important sentences?
? What’s your favorite subject? ? My favorite subject is … ? What’s his/her favorite subject? ? His/Her favorite subject is …
Who is he? He is Zhou Jielun. His favorite subject is music.
Who is he? He is Bill Gates. His favorite subject is science.
Who is he? He is Yao Ming. His favorite subject is Chinese.
Who is she? She is Zhang Shaohan. Her favorite subject is English.
Bill Gates:
Zhou Jielun:
Yao Ming: : Chinese Zhang Shaohan: : English
Important sentences?
? Why do you like …? ? Because it’s … ? Why does he/she like …? ? Because it’s …
Chinese, math, English, music, computer, history, art, science, P.E. A: What is your favourite subject? B: My favorite is… A: Why do you like…? B: Because it is…
interesting, boring, fun, difficult, relaxing
Open your books ?
  1.Listen and put the conversation in order. ?
  2.Listen again and match the subjects you hear with the description words.
Ⅴ.测试评价 测试评价
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  1)他最喜欢的科目是什么? What’s his favorite subject?
  2)他最喜欢的科目是美术。 His favorite subject is art.
  3)你为什么喜欢数学? Why do you like math?
  4)因为它是轻松的。 Because it’s relaxing.
? 完成Unit 12 练习册 Section A部分. 完成Unit A部分 部分. ? 预习Page 73-
  74. 预习Page 73-



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