Go for it!?Test of teaching &learning
Unit 4 Where is my backpack? Written Test Part
II. 完成对话,每空一词。 (20 分)
  1) A: Where 1 my book? B: I 2 know. 3 it in your backpack? A: No, it 4 . on your desk? B: Is 5 , it isn’t. A: 6 B: Is 7 on the teacher’s desk? A: No, it 8 . 10 your desk. B: Oh, look! 9 A: I see it, too. Thanks.
  2) A: Where 1 my keys? B: 2 3 in your bag? . A: No, they 4 B: 5 6 in the drawer? 8 A: No, 7 B: I 9 10 on the dresser. A: Yes. You’re right. Thanks. III. 单项填空。 (10 分) ( )
  1.Is his name Tim? . A.Yes,he is. B.Yes,he’s. C.Yes,it is. (
D.No,it is not.
  2.is he? he is my new English teacher. A.Who B.How C.How old D.Where )
  3.is LiPing? He is in that tree. A.What B.Where C.He D.It )
  4.There’s a map of Chinathe wall. A.in B.on C.under D.between )
  5.Your brother’s CDsin the drawer. A.is B.isn’t C.are D./
Go for it!?Test of teaching &learning
  6.Where is Nanjing? It’s in. A.Beijing B.Hefei C.Jiangsu D.Hebei )
  7.the baseball on the desk? A.Does B.Do C.Is D.Are Yes,it is.
  8. “World Cup” is a name for game. A. map B. washroom C. cup D. football. )
  9. -- -- Sorry, I don’t know. A. I like the backpack. C. Where’s my backpack?
B. Do you want a new backpack? D. There are some books in your backpack.
  10. ① Where’s the clock? ② I can see a clock. ③ It’s on the wall. ④ What can you see in the room? A. ④-②-①-③ B. ①-③-④-② C. ①-②-④-③ D. ④-③-①-② IV. 翻译下列词组。 (20 分)
  10.闹钟 ( V.问答配对。(10 分) ( )
  1.What’s in the room? A.Your baseball? I don’t know. ( )
  2.Is that Jeff? B.Yes,they are. ( )
  3.Are these your grandparents? C.No,they are in the backpack. ( )
  4.Is my pencil case in the bookcase? D.It’s on the desk. ( )
  5.Are the books on the sofa? E.No,it’s Jack. ( )
  6.Is the computer on the desk? F.Yes,it is. ( )
  7.Who is your friend? G. No,it’s my cousin. ( )
  8.What’s this in Enlgish? H. There are some things in it. ( )
  9.Is that boy your brother? I.Guo Peng. ( )
  10.Where’s my baseball? J.It’s a clock.


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