We can’t rule the country without rules.
The school has school rules. …更多资源xiti1
What are the rules at your school?
What are your family rules?
Can you watch TV after school? Do you have to do you homework after school? Can you go out on school nights?
Do you have to clean your own room? Do you have to wash clothes. Do you have to get to bed by 9:30 on school nights? Do you have to help in the house? Do you like staying at home? Why?
play outside too late. talk on the phone for too long watch TV on…. play computer go anywhere by yourself. Visit your friends at weekends Go outside on Saturday nights?
A: Can you…at home? B: Yes, I can . /No, I can’t A: Do you have to…at home? B: Yes, I do./No, I don’t.
get up early on school mornings. help in the house study hard at all the subjects. do your homework after school make your own bed wash your hands before a meal go to bed before 10:00 on school nights
Where do you like to stay? At home or at school?
At school, I can….but I can’t… I have to… But I don’t have to…. At home, I can …but I can’t … I have to… but I don’t have to…
So I think I like to stay at home/school.
gym class
=gymnasium class
--What can we do in gym class? --We can run/play basketball… --What do we have to wear for gym class? --We have to wear sports shoes for gym class.
d b c
d b c
4 2 3

  1. get up at 6’clock
  2. Don’t meet your friends after school
  3. Do your homework after school
  4. Don’t watch TV on school nights
  5. You have to be in bed by ten o’clock.
  6. You have to clean your room and wash your clothes on weekends
  7. You have to help your mom make dinner
  8. You have to learn the piano.
Don’t watch TV late at night. Don’t eat in bed. Clean your bedroom on Saturday. Don’t get up too late. Don’t play the guitar late at night.
What are the rules in the library? Don’t … You have to… You can’t … …
Library Rules
Keep books tidy (整洁) and clean. Keep quiet. Give books back on time. Don’t use (使用) others’ library card. Be friendly/polite (礼貌). Wear school badges. Don’t bring your backpack. Don’t bring wet umbrellas. Don’t bring any food or drink.
Library Rules
Keep books tidy (整洁) and clean. Keep quiet. Give books back on time. Don’t use (使用) others’ library card. Be friendly/polite (礼貌). Wear school badges. Don’t bring your backpack. Don’t bring wet umbrellas. Don’t bring any food or drink.
No smoking
No photos No spitting No way No parking Danger!
No talking!
  23.taobao.com 更多资源
No wet umbrellas!
No school bags No food No wet umbrellas No listening to music
祁使句 Example: 肯定祁使句
  1. Sit down.
  2. Come in.
  3. Eat at home.
  4. Listen to music outside.
Don’t sit down. Don’t come in . Don’t eat at home.
Don’t listen to music outside.

  5. Do your homework at school.
Don’t do your homework at school.
  3.假设你是一个超市的经理.请你 列出 “supermarket rulers”
  00. 2a,2b 部分.



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