Unit 6
Section B
  1. 描述并谈论天气
It’s raining!
Period 2

  1.词汇及短语:vacation;lie;beach;group;surprised;heat; relaxed;winter;scarf;everyone; on vacation;take a photo;look at
  2.句型:What do you usually do when it is raining? I usually read a book. Some are taking photos./ Others are lying on the beach. I am surprised they can play in this heat. 【学习难点】用现在进行时描述人们在不同的天气里正在做的事情
  1. 读书
  2. 躺在海滩上
  3. 好极了
  4. 看上去很酷
  6. 打沙滩排球
【课堂学习】Step I. Read and understand the text. Finish 3a.
  1. Thank you for +doing sth. = Thanks for doing sth. 感谢某人做了某事
  2. There are many people here on vacation. 有许多人在这里度假。 vacation. 有许多人在这里度假。 a. 本句是 there be 句型,意为“有……”,表示某地有某人或某物。 b. on vacation 是固定短语,意为“在度假” 。
  3. Some are taking photos. Others are lying on the beach. a. Some…, others…表示“一些。。。,另一些。。。” some, others 在此都是代词, 。。。 。。。 做句子的主语。 some 指“一些” others 指除去一部分之后的“另一些” , ,但不是剩下的 全部。例如: Some are playing basketball, others are playing football. 一些人在打篮球,另一些人在踢足球。
  4.I am surprised they can play in this heat. I heat. a. be surprised 的常用句型如下: ①be surprised + 句子 ②be surprised to do sth. ③be surprised at sth. 表示“对……感到惊讶” 本句就是第①种常用句型的例子。 。
。 b. heat 是名词,表示“热,高温” 。in this heat 意思是“在这样的高温下”

  5.But everyone is having a good time. a. everyone 表示“人人,每人” ,为不定代词,做句子主语时,谓语动词用第三人称单 数形式。例如:Everyone has a picture book. 每人有一本图画书。 b. have a good time 固定短语, “玩得很高兴,过得很快乐” 。 可与 enjoy oneself 相互转换。 Step II. Finish 3b and check students’ answers. Step III. Write something about your hometown and tell others what the people are doing. Finish 3c. IV. Step IV Make dialogues with your partners like P4 on Page
  1. It’s windy in spring in Beijing.(对画线部分提问) the like in Beijing?
  2. They’re playing sports over there.(改为一般疑问句) over there?
  3. Thank you for your help.(改为同义句) Thank you for .
  4. There are many people here. They are on vacation.(合并为一句) There are many people here . 二、根据汉语意思完成句子
  1.谢谢你教我汉语。 Thank you for .
  2. 他们正玩得高兴。 They are .
  3. 看!一些男孩在打篮球。 Look! Some boys are .
  4. 北京的冬天寒冷而且有风。 The weather in Beijing is cold and windy .
  5. 他们正在给孩子们拍照。 They of the children.
  6. 有个男孩正站在那棵树下。 There is a boy the tree.
  7. 我姐姐正在厨房做饭。 My sister in the kitchen.


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