I.听力部分(20%) .听力部分( )
Ⅰ、听句子选图片。本题读一遍(5%) 听句子选图片。本题读一遍 ) ( )
  1. A. B. C.



  4. A.
( )
Ⅱ、听小对话回答问题。本题读一遍(10%) ( )
  6. What time does Lucy go to school? A. 7:00 B. 7:15 C: 7:50 ( )
  7. What’s the weather like ? A. sunny B. rainy C. cloudy
  8. What are they doing now? A.watching TV B. doing homework C. reading books ( )
  9. What does Han Mei want to be? A. a doctor B. a policewoman C. a teacher ( )
  10. Where is the library? A. It’s in front of the post office. B. It’s next to Hongxing Hotel C. It’s next to a school ( )
  11. What does Mr. Brown’s son look like? A. He’s thin. B. He’s not very tall or heavy. C. He’s very tall. ( )
  12. Where does the woman come from? A. the USA B. the UK C. Australia ( )
  13. What are the two people doing? A. They are talking on the phone. B. They are looking at the photos. C. They are talking about the TV show. ( )
  14. What does Kelly think of pandas? A. She thinks pandas are cute. B. She thinks pandas are dangerous. C. She thinks pandas are beautiful. ( )
  15. Why does the girl like winter? A. Because it is cold. B. Because she can see her friends. C. Because she can play with the snow. Ⅲ、听两个长对话回答问题。本题读两遍 (5%) 听下面一段长对话,回答 16-17 两小题。 ( )
  16. How is Sam’s new school? A. It’s great. B. It’s terrible. C. It’s on Banana Street. ( )
  17. Where is the bookshop? A. Yes, there is. B. It’s next to the school. C. It’s across from the school. 听下面一段长对话, 回答 18-20 三小题. ( )
  18. Where are they talking? A. In a police station. B. In the woman’s house. C. In the post office. ( )
  19. Who is Sandy? A. Mrs. Read’s son. B. Mrs. Read’s cousin. C. Mrs. Read’s daughter. ( )
  20. What does Sandy look like? A. She’s wearing a red coat and black pants. B. She has blue eyes and long hair. C. She’s medium height and has long hair. 笔试部分( Ⅱ 笔试部分(80%) ) 单项选择。 (15%) Ⅳ. 单项选择。 ( )
  21. My pen pal the UK. A. come from B. is come from C. is from D. from
  22. My father likes books in the evening. He doesn’t often TV. A. looking at, see B. watches, see C. to read, watch D. reading, watch
  23. Thank you for me. A. writing for B. writing to C. look at D. listening
  24. Our school is the bank the hotel. A. next, to B. between, and C. in, and D. between, to
  25. Listen! Lucy in her room. A. sings B. is singing C. sang D. are singing
  26. -- Is there a park in the neighborhood? -- .
A. Yes, there isn’t. B. No, it isn’t. C. Yes, there is. D. No, it doesn’t.
  27. Let’s the music first. A. listening to B. listen to C. to listen D. to listen
  28. Frenchmen speak in . A. French, France B. France, French C. Franch, Frenchman D. England, English
  29. There a tree and some flowers in the garden. A. are B. be C. is D. to be
  30. --What she ? --She’s a teacher. A. is, do B. is, doing C. does, do D. did, do
  31. , could you tell me the way to the Water World? A .Sorry B. Excuse me C. Hi D. Hello
  32. My best friend Nancy beautiful long hair and she good-looking. A. is, has B. is, having C. has, is D. has, has
  33. -- in South China in spring? -- It’s humid. A. What do you do? B. How’s the weather? C. What’s the weather? D. What do you want to be?
  34. -How’s it going? - ! I feel great! A. Pretty good B. I am not bad C. It’s windy D. That sounds terrible
  35. --What are you doing in the park? -- I’m looking at the kids . A. play soccer B. to play basketball C. are playing tennis D. playing soccer
  36. My father enjoys jokes to us. A. telling B. say C. speaking D. talks
  37. --What animals do you like? -- I like dogs, too. A. another B. other C. else D. the other
  38. -- do you like pandas? -- Because they’re . A. What, interesting B. Why, ugly C. Why, cute D. Where, lovely
  39. --Is your friend quiet? --No, he never stops . A. talk B. talking C. to talk D. is talking
  40. She like her father. A. is B. look C. is looking D. /
  41. My brother works a magazine. He is a reporter. A. in B. at C. for D. of
  42. Let help . A. they, you B. us, his C. me, them D. we, you
  43. --You’re so beautiful today. -- . A. That’s all right. B. No, no, no. C. I’m sorry. D. Thank you.
  44. I don’t like days because it’s too cold. A. raining B. sunny C. snowy D. warm
  45. He wants a singer because it’s an exciting . A. be, job B. to be, job C. being, work D. to be, work
  46. Do you have an English class Monday evening? A. on B. in C. at D. for
  47. Do you want a busy exciting job? A. and B.or C.but D.so
  48. A bank clerk works with money every day.
A. a little B. a bit of C. many D. much
  49. We can apples apple trees. A. give…to B. get…from C.get…to D. give …..from
  50. --Thank you very much. -- A. You’re welcome. B. It doesn’t matter. C. Never mind. D. I’m sorry. 完型填空。 (10%) Ⅴ. 完型填空。 ( ) Many Americans like to have their vacation in 51 countries. One day an American 52 comes to visit China. This is her first time (次数) to China and she 53 to make some friends there. She meets a Chinese. This Chinese wants to talk 54 with the American. When he sees her, he comes up, says “ 55 ” to her, then he begins his first talk with a person 56 an English-speaking(说英语的) country. “How old are you?” the Chinese 57 . “I’m 58 . Please don’t ask a lady (女士) about her 59 .” answers the woman. The Chinese is surprised. He doesn’t know 60 . Can you help him? ( )
  51. A. another B. the other C. other D. others ( )
  52. A. man B. boy C. woman D. child ( )
  53. A. want B. go C. goes D. wants ( )
  54. A. with English B.with Chinese C. in English D.in Chinese ( )
  55. A. OK B. hello C. sorry D. good-bye ( )
  56. A. to B. at C. of D. from ( )
  57. A. asks B. say C. talks D. speaks ( )
  58. A. sure B. shy C. happy D. sorry ( )
  59. A. name B. age C. job D. family ( )
  60. A. how B. why C. what D. where Ⅵ. 阅读理解。 阅读理解。 (20%) ( ) A This is a beautiful park near my home. People like to go to the park after work. Some of them go to the park every day. Look! This is Mr. Smith. He is sitting on a chair and watching the children. Some children are playing the game of hide-and- seek(捉迷藏). Some boys are playing with a yo-yo. Lucy and Lily are standing under a tree. They are talking. There is a small river through the park. We can see some boats(小船) in the river. Some children are sitting in the boats with their fathers and mothers. Listen! A lot of birds are singing in the trees. This is really a nice park. I come here to read English after school every day.
  61. like to go to the park. A. Children B. Fathers and mothers C. Lucy and Lily D. People
  62. Mr. Smith is . A. playing hide-and-seek B. playing yo-yo C. sitting and watching the children D. singing
  63. Which one is right? A. Lucy and Lily are playing hide-and-seek with other children. B. Lucy and Lily go to the park only on Sunday. C. Lucy and Lily are talking under the tree. D. Lucy and Lily live far from the park.
  64. The writer(作者) can’t see in the park. A. fish B. children C. women D. men
  65. What’s the writer doing?
A. He is singing. C. He’s playing a game.
B. He is sitting in a boat. D. He’s watching the people in the park.
B From Tuesday to Friday Mr. White goes to night school. He wants to learn English. It’s Wednesday morning. Mr. White is going to the bus stop. Now he’s waiting for the bus. The bus is coming. Mr. White gets on the bus. He stands next to two old women. The men in front of them are sitting. Two men get up and give the women their seats(座位). The old women take the seats and say, “Thank you very much. It’s very nice of you.”
  66. Mr White does not go to night school on . A. Tuesday B. Friday C. Wednesday D. Monday
  67. Mr White goes to night school to learn . A. Chinese B. English C. French D. Japanese
  68. Now Mr. White is waiting . A. at the bus stop B. at school C. at home D. in the factory
  69. At first(起先), the two old women are . A. talking B. sitting C. standing D. running
  70. The men give their seats to . A. Mr. White B. two old women C. two children D. Mr. White and two old women C Sunny School We are a bilingual(双语的) school for the children of 6-
  15. We want a cook, a library assistant, a sports coach and a language teacher. Job Age Language Skill Other terms (其它条件) Cook 25-40 Chinese Can cook both Healthy(健康的) Chinese food and western food Library 20-35 Chinese Have the Careful(细心的) assistant English knowledge 知识) ( of different kinds of books Sports 20-40 Chinese Major in (主修) Healthy, Coach English physical strong education(体育) Language --Chinese Major in English teacher English 根据招聘启事,选择最佳答案。 ( )
  71. Which of the following can’t go to Sunny School? A. A four-year-old child B. A ten-year-old child C. An eleven-year-old child D. A fifteen-year-old child ( )
  72. Who is not wanted by Sunny School? A. A cook B. A headmaster C. A library assistant D. A sports coach ( )
  73. Which of the following may(可以)not be able to(能) speak English? A. The language teacher B. The library assistant C. The cook D. The sports coach ( )
  74. The coach must major in . A. Chinese B. English
C. physical education D. language )
  75. Which is right? A. The language teacher can only teach Chinese. B. A twenty-five-year old cook can’t work in the school. C. The library assistant must be careful. D. A teacher must be strong. D The Browns have a very nice garden round their house. It has some tall trees and many flowers. Mr. and Mrs. Brown work hard in their garden. Now Mrs. Brown is in the garden getting some flowers. She will put the flowers in the dining room and in the sitting room. Susan is sitting in a chair in the garden. She is reading a book. She takes the book from the table in the house. Susan didn’t go to work today, so she is at home. David is saying good-bye to his mother. He is running through the gate, he is going to school. He will go to school by bus. At school he will work with his friends. He will have lunch at school. Mrs. Brown and Susan will have lunch at home. Mr. Brown goes to London today. He is in London now and will have his lunch there. This afternoon he will come to the station by train, and he will drive from the station to his house by car. Mrs. Brown will be at home. Susan will be with her friend Tom Smith in his car. They will go to the town this afternoon and have tea there.
  76. There is . A. a beautiful house near the garden without trees and flowers B. a nice garden near the Browns’ house. C. a big park round the house D. a nice garden with some tall trees and many flowers round the Browns’ house
  77. Mrs. Brown is getting flowers in order to . A. give them to Susan B. put them in the sitting room and dining room C. take them to school D. send them to her friends
  78. Susan is . A. looking at a picture book B. sitting in a chair and reading a book C. reading a newspaper D. putting the flowers in her bedroom.
  79. How does David go to school? A. By car. B. By bike. C. By bus. D. On foot.
  80. What’s this passage(短文) about? A. The Browns’ family. B. The garden. C. Their jobs. D. London 完成对话。 (10%) Ⅶ. 完成对话。 ( ) A. 从方框中选择合适的句子填空。 Jenny: So, Betty, what does your father do? Betty: 81 Jenny: Do you want to be a policewoman? Betty: Oh, yes. 82 but it’s also an exciting job. Jenny, your father is a bank clerk, right? Jenny: 83 Sam: Do you want to be a bank clerk, too? Jenny: No, not really. I want to be a reporter. Sam: Oh, yeah? Why? Jenny: It’s very busy, but it’s also fun, too. You meet so many interesting people. 84 What does he do? Sam: He’s a report at the TV studio. It’s an exciting job, but it’s also very difficult. 85 I want to be reporter, too. (
A. B. C. D. E.
Yes, he is. Sometimes it’s a little dangerous, He’s a policeman. He always has a lot of new things to learn. What about your father, Sam?
B. 在空格中填入合适的词语。 A: Don’t you love Johnny Dean, Danny? B: Johnny… A: Dean. The pop singer. B: I don’t know. What does he 86 like? A: He’s really tall and really thin. And he 87 long curly hair. And he has funny glasses. Look, there he is. B: Oh, yeah, I see him. A: Hey, here come the movie 88 . B: Oh, wow! A: Who’s your favorite actor? B: I like the woman 89 the long blonde hair. A: The tall woman? B: She’s 90 height and she has long blonde hair. A: Oh, Tina Brown. 单词拼写。 (10%) Ⅷ. 单词拼写。 ( )
  91. She (总是)wears a T-shirt.
  92. The supermarket is on the (第五)Avenue.
  93. (没有人)is here on Sundays.
  94. There is a garden (在…后面)the house.
  95. Look! My mum’s (躺)on the beach.
  96. Everybody in the class (学习) very hard.
  97. He wants to go hiking when it’s (多云的).
  98. Our t



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