新目标七年级英语下 专项复习同义句 含答案) 专项复习 同义句(含答案 同义句 含答案
  1. His pen pal is from the USA. = His pen pal comes from the USA. = His pen pal is American.
  2. Where is the bank? = Is there a bank near here/in the neighborhood? = How can I get to the bank? = Can you tell me the way to the bank? = Which is the way to the bank?
  3. Take the first turning on the left. = Turn left at the first turning/crossing.
  4. The hotel is next to the house. There is a garden in the house. = The hotel is next to the house with a garden.
  5. Let’s see the pandas first. = What about seeing the pandas first? =Shall we see the pandas first? =Why not see the pandas first?
  6. What other animals do you like? = What else do you like?
  7. What does he do?
= What is he? = What’s his job?
  8. How was the weather? = What was the weather like?
  9. Thanks for helping me. = Thanks for your help.
  10. He is of medium build. = He has a medium build.
  11. It’s time for your lunch. = It’s time for you to have lunch.
  12. He has no dog and no family. = He doesn’t have a dog or a family.
  13. I think the shop is closed this morning. = I don’t think the shop is open this morning.
  14. I don’t know. = I have no idea.
  15. Please give a book to me. =Please give me a book.

  16. What do you think of game shows?
= How do you like game shows?
  17. This boy is eight years old. = This is an eight-year-old boy.
  18. He was late for school. = He came to school late.
  19. No photos! = Don’t take photos here.
  20. Miss Li is our English teacher. = Miss Li teaches us English.
  21. Lucy looks like Lily. = Lucy and Lily look the same.
  22. They are working. = They are at work.
  23. It often rains here. = There is much/ lots of/ a lot of rain here. = It is often rainy here.
  24. We often take a taxi to go there. = We often go there by taxi.
  25. He is on our school basketball team. = He is a member of our school basketball team.

  26. I spent five yuan on this pen. = I spent five yuan (in) buying this pen. = I paid five yuan for this pen. =It took me five yuan to buy this pen.
  27. He gave his sister a computer. = He gave a computer to his sister. = His sister got a computer from him.
  28. You mustn’t eat in class. = Don’t eat in class.
  29.He wants to do nothing. =He doesn’t want to do anything.
  30.Don’t arrive late for school. =Don’t be late for school.



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