一. 单项选择题
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  1. your brother work ? --In a bank. A. Where do B. What do C. Where does D. What does )
  2. There is elephant in the zoo. elephant is from Africa. A. / , An B. an, The C. a, The D. an, / )
  3. My little cat sleeps the day,but night he begins to work. A. at, at B. on, in C. on, at D. during, at )
  4. Where your English teacher ? A. is,from B. are, from C. do,come from D. are, with )
  5. The boy a walk after supper. A. like taking B. likes takes C.likes to takes D. likes taking )
  6. -- No, I’m not. A What do you do ? B Who are you ? C Are you a teacher ? D Where do you work ? )
  7. I come to school with sister every morning. A. her and her B. she and she’s C. she and her D. her and she )
  8. Helen can speak . A. Japan B. France C. Canada D. Chinese )
  9. ?What’s your uncle’s job? -- A. He’s fine B. He’s a waiter C. He’s forty D. He’s in a room )
  10. ?Is there a restaurant near here ? --> A. Yes, there’s B. No, there aren’t C. Yes, there is D. No, it isn’t 句型转换。 Tom has a new pen pal in China. (改为一般疑问句) Tom a new pen pal in China? There are some elephants in the zoo. (改为单数形式)There elephant in the zoo. There is a big library. It’s next to the bank. (合并成一个句子) Lucy lives in China.(改为否定句) Lucy in China. She speaks English.(改为一般疑问句) she English? He likes China because he thinks the Chinese people are friendly.(就画线部分提问) he China? Eric is from Japan.(改为同义句) Eric Japan. Where are you from? .(改为同义句) Where you ? Tom King speaks French. (就画线部分提问) Tom King ? Thank you very much. (改为同义句 .
三. 用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空(10 分)
  1.How many(tiger) can you see in the zoo?
  2.Some animals are (friend) to people. We like them very much.
  3.He usually sleeps and (relax) 20 hours every day.
  4.She likes (play) with her friends.
  5.One of the giraffes (be) a baby one.
  6. What other (animal)doesTom like?
  7.Let the girl (go) to school early.
  8.The dolphins come from (Japanese).
  9.This is (Helen) book.
  10.She likes to play with (she) doll.
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单项选择 )
  1. Why do you like penguins ? Because they are very . A. cute B.dirty C. lazy D. tall
  2. Does your mother like sleeping during the day ? A. No, he doesn’t B. No, he isn’t C. No, she doesn’t D. No, she isn’t
  3. One of the students from France. He speaks . A. are, Japanese B. is, English C. is, French D. come, French
  4. do you like dogs ? Because they’re very friendly. A. What B. How C. Why A. very much D. Where B. a little C. is, from C. much D. little
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  5. The girl is shy. A. does, from
  6. Where lions ? B. do, come from D. are, come from C. play with C. others D. play D. other’s )
  7. He likes my friend. A. to play with )
  8. What animal do you like ? A. else B. to play B. other
  9. Let’s the dolphins now. They are very smart. A. read B. watch C. look D. see )
  10. Mr Li is kind us. But sometimes he is kind serious(严肃). A. to, of B. with , to C. of, to D. of, of
二. 用所给的词填空。 (共 10 分) shy, China, play with, Sunday, because, new, panda, want, beauiful, quiet
Today is . Jim and David to go to the zoo. there is a in the zoo. She is there. Her name is Ling ling. She is from . She is only five years old. She's very . Children like her very much. They want to her, but Ling Ling is very . So the keeper(饲养员)in the zoo tell them to be . 三. 从方框中选择适当的句子完成对话,有多余选项。 (共 10 分) A: There are many new animals in the zoo. Do you know? B: Oh? A: Giraffes,elephants, pandas, lions, and monkeys. B: Let's go and see them. A: OK. B: I want to see pandas first. A: B: Because they are very cute. A: I like elephants. B: A: Because they big, but they are very friendly. A. Why do you like them? B. Do you like elephants C. What animals do you like? D. What are they? E. What do you want to see first? F. Where are they? G. Why do you want to see them first?



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