新目标英语八年级(上)英语期末复习 重点短语,词组和句型 Unit 1 on weekends 在周末 go to the movies 去看电影 watch TV 看电视 surf the Internet 上网冲浪 twice a week 一周两次 once a month 一月一次 three times a day 一天三次 be good for 对……有好处 junk food 垃圾食品 how often 多久一次 look after 照看 eating habit 饮食习惯 as for 就…而言 stay / keep healthy 保持健康 make a big difference 有很大不同,对…很重要
  1.What does she do on weekends? 她在周末常干什么?
  2.She often goes to the movies. 她经常去看电影.
  3.I watch TV every day. 我每天都看电视.
  4.We often surf the Internet. 我们经常上网.
  5.I read English books about twice a week. 我大约一周两次看英语书.
  6.I shop once a month. 我每月购物一次.
  7.She says it's good for my health. 她说这对我的健康有利.
  8. How often do you eat junk food? 你多久一次吃垃圾食品?
  9.I look after my health. 我照看我的健康.
  10. My eating habits are pretty good. 我的饮食习惯相当好. Unit 2 have a sore throat 喉咙痛 see a dentist 看牙医 yang foods 阳性食物 be stressed out 压力大 a balanced died 平衡饮食 healthy food 健康食品 go to bed 上床睡觉 listen to music 听音乐 conversation practice 对话练习 a lot of 很多 ,很厉害
  1.I have a sore throat. 我喉咙痛.
  2.Maybe you should see a dentist. 也许你应该看看牙医.
  3.You should eat hot yang foods, like beef .你应该吃热的阳性食品,像牛肉.
  4. I'm stressed out. 我压力太大.
  5. It's important to eat a balanced diet. 平衡饮食很重要.

  6.You should eat fruit and other healthy food. 你一个吃水果和其它的健康食品.
  7. You should lie down and rest. 你应该躺下来休息.
  8. I like to listen to music. 我喜欢听音乐.
  9. I really need some conversation practice. 我真的需要一些对话练习.
  10. I have a lot of headaches. 我头痛得很厉害.
  11.What's the matter (with you )? (你)怎么啦?I'm not feeling well. 我感觉不舒服.
  12. That's a good idea. 好主意.
  13. I hope you feel better soon. 我希望你尽快好起来. Unit 3 for vacation 度假 babysit sb.…照顾(婴儿) how long 多久 go sightseeing 去观光 go fishing 去钓鱼 rent videos 租赁录像带 go camping 去野营 on Monday 在周一 go hiking 去远足 go bike riding 去骑车 take walks 散步 an exciting vacation 一个令人激动的假期 a no-stress vacation 一个没有压力的假期
  1.What are you doing for vacation?你假期要干什么?
  2.He's going camping with his parents.他要和父母去野营.
  3.She's babysitting her sister.她要照看她妹妹.
  4.I'm going on Monday.周一我要去.
  5.How long are you staying?你要呆多长时间?
  6.I'm going hiking in the mountains.我要到山中远足.
  7.I'm going sightseeing.我要去观光.
  8.I'm taking walks,going fishing,and going bike riding. 我要散步,钓鱼,骑自行车.
  9.I'm renting videos and sleeping a lot. 我要租赁录像带并且要大睡一觉.
  10.I want an exciting vacation! A no-stress vacation! 我要过一个令人激动的假期!一个没有压力的假期! Unit 4 get to school 到达学校 how far 多远 from…to…从……到…… ride one's bike 骑自行车 the subway station 地铁站 take the bus 坐公共汽车 the most popular 最流行的 think of 看待,认为 North America 北美 be different from 与……不同
depend on 依靠,依赖
  1.How does Emilio get to school?爱米丽欧怎么去学校? 2 .How far is it from your home to school ?从你家到学校有多远?
  3.How long does it take you to get from home to school? 从家到学校你花费多长时间? 4_I ride my bike to the subway station.我骑车去地铁车站.
  5.In North America,not all students take the bus to sch0
  6.In China,bikes and buses are the most popular means of transportation.在中国,自行车和公共汽车是 最流行的交通方式.
  7.What do you think of the transportation in your town? 你认为你们镇上的交通情况如何?
  8.Other parts of the world are different from the United States.世界上其他地方与美国不同.
  9. It depends on where you are. 它取决于你在哪里. Unit 5 come to 来到 have /take a piano lesson 上一节钢琴课 would love to…愿意…一 too much 太多 play soccer 踢足球 go to the doctor 去看医生,去看病 study for a test 准备考试 have to 不得不;必须 the day after tomorrow 后天 the science report 科学报告
  1.Can you come to my party on Wednesday? 你星期三能来参加我的晚会吗?
  2.Sorry.I can't.I have a piano lesson. 对不起,我不能.我要上钢琴课.
  3.Sure.I'd love to.当然,我愿意.
  4.I'm playing soccer.我在踢足球.
  5.I have too much homework(to do) this weekend .这个周末我有太多家庭作业(要做).
  6.I have to go to the doctor.我得去看医生.
  7.On Thursday,I'm studying for a test.周四,我要备考.
  8.I can't join you because I have to help my mom 我不能参加,因为我要帮我妈妈干活.
  9.I'm having a piano lesson the day after tomorrow后天我要上钢琴课.
  10.Can you come over to my house to discuss the science report':你能来我家讨论这份科学报告吗? Unit 6 be outgoing 爱抛头露面 short hair 短发 more athletic 更健美 as…as 同……一样… the same as 同……一样 lots of 许多 look the same 看起来一样 be good at /do well in 擅长 … make sb.1augh 使……发笑
3 centimeters taller 高了三厘米
  1.I'm more outgoing than my sister.我比我妹妹更爱出风头.
  2.He has shorter hair than Sam.他的头发比山姆的短.
  3.Tom is more athletic than Sam.汤姆比山姆更健美.
  4.Liu Ying is not as good at sports as her sister.刘莹不如她姐姐擅长体育.
  5.Both girls go to lots of parties.两个女孩都参加了许多晚会.
  6.In some ways we look the same,and in some ways we look different在某些方面,我们看起来一样, 在某些方面,我们看起来不同.
  7.My good friend is good at schoolwork.我的好朋友爱好干学校事务.
  8.I think a good friend makes me laugh.我认为好朋友会使我发笑.
  9.I'm about 3 centimeters taller now.我现在(比以前)高了 3 厘米. Unit 7 turn on 打开 pour…into…把……倒人 put…into..把……放入……内 . 2 teaspoons of relish 两茶匙调味品 cut up 切碎 put…on..把……放到……上 . add…to… 把……加入……中 mix up 混合在一起 make a banana smoothie 做香蕉思木西
  1.Turn on the blender.打开果汁搅拌机.
  2.Cut up the bananas.切开香蕉.
  3.Pour the milk into the blender.将牛奶倒入果汁机里.
  4.Put some relish on a slice of bread.将调味品涂到一片面包上.
  5.Put the bananas and yogurt into the blender.将香蕉和酸奶倒人果汁机.
  6.How do you make a banana smoothie?你如何做香蕉思木西饮料?
  7.First, put 1 teaspoon of mayonnaise on the sandwich.首先,在三明治上放一茶匙蛋黄酱. Unit 8 go to the aquarium 去水族馆 take photos 照相 hang out with one's friends 与朋友闲逛 buy a souvenir 买纪念品 a famous actor 一个著名演员 go to the zoo 去动物园 eat some ice cream 吃些冰淇淋 go for a drive 开车兜风 win a /(the first )prize 赢得奖品(第一名) have a yard sale 进行庭院旧货出售 school trip 学校组织的旅行
  1.I went to the aquarium,I didn't go to the zoo 我去了水族馆,我没去动物园.
  2.Did you take any photos?你照相了吗?
  3.I'd like to eat some ice cream.我愿意吃些冰淇淋
  4.We often hang out with our friends.我们经常同朋友一起 m 去闲逛.

  5.Would you like to go for a drive?你愿意去开车兜风吗?
  6.Did Tina buy a souvenir?蒂纳买纪念品了吗?
  7.Toby won a prize.托比赢了奖金.
  8.Did Tina meet a famous actor?蒂纳遇见一位著名演员了吗?
  9.The students had a terrible school trip.同学们度过了一次糟糕的学校旅行 Unit 9 a great Chinese ping?pong player 一位了不起的中国乒乓球运动员 be born in 出生于…… for example 例如…… too…to… 太……而不能…… a professional soccer star 一个专业的足球明星 a movie star 一位影星 a loving grandfather 一位慈爱的爷爷 free time 业余时间;空余时间 a skating champion 一位溜冰冠军 the first prize 第一名 the 70-year history 七十年的历史 the International Piano Competition 国际钢琴比赛 major in sth.主修某科目 l.Deng Yaping is a great Chinese ping?pong player.邓亚萍是一位了不起的中国乒乓球运动员.
  2.She was born in 19
  73.她出生于 1973 年.
  3.For example,Tiger Woods started golfing when he was only ten months old. 例如,泰德.伍德十个月 大时就开始打高尔去球.
  4.Pele,became a professional soccer star when he was fifteen. 比利,在他十五岁时成了一位专业的足 球明星.
  5.When did she become a movie star?她何时成了一名影星?
  6.Arthur is a loving grandfather.亚瑟是一位慈爱的爷爷.
  7.He spends all his free time with his grandchildren.他全部业余时间都跟他的孙子在一起.
  8.She become a skating champion when she was ten. 当她十岁时,她成了一位溜冰冠军.
  9.He won the first prize in his group.他在小组里赢得了第一名. lO. He was also the first Chinese pianist in the 70-year history of the Chopin International Piano Competition to win this prize. 在有七十年历史的肖邦国际钢琴比赛中他也是第一位获此荣誉的中国钢琴 家. Unit 10 grow up 成长 a basketball player 一位篮球运动员 a computer programmer 一位电脑程序设计师 take lessons 上课 somewhere interesting 有趣的地方 a fashion show 一次时装展示会 a part-time job 一份零工一份业余工作 save some money 省钱;攒钱 make money 挣钱,赚钱 at the same time 同时
all over the world 全世界 send…to…送……到…… get good grade 取得好分数 communicate with sb.与……交际;与……交流 a teaching job 一个教学的 lT 作 a foreign language teacher 一位外语教师 l.What are you going to be when you grow up?你长大了要干什么?
  2.I'm going to be a basketball player.我要成为一名篮球运动员.
  3.I'm going to be a computer programmer.我要成为一名电脑程序设计师.
  4.I'm going to take acting lessons.我要去上表演课.
  5.I'm going to move somewhere interesting.我要搬到有意思的地方去.
  6.I want to be an art editor for a fashion show.我想成为一名时装展示会的艺术指导.
  7.I'm going to find a part-time job for a year or two and save some money. 我想找一份可干一,两年的零 工,攒下点儿钱.
  8.I'm going to study economics at the same time.同时,我要学习经济.
  9.I'm going to travel all over the world.我要到全世界去旅行.
  10.I'm going to write articles and send them t0 magazines and newspapers.我要写文章,发给报纸和杂 志.
  11.I'm going to get good grades.我要得一个好分数(成绩).
  12.They want to communicate better with their kids.他们想要更好地与孩子进行交流.
  13.She is going to look for a teaching job in China next year.明年,她想要在中国找一份教书的工作.
  14.An old lady said she found a job as a foreign language teacher.一位老太太说她找了一份作外语教师 的工作. Unit 11 take out 拿出来 make the bed 整理床铺 sweep the floor 扫地,清洁地面 fold your clothes 叠衣服 clean the living room 清理起居室(打扫) like to do sth. 喜欢干…… invite…t0 邀请……到…… take care of / look after 照顾 forget to do sth.忘记要去干…… forget doing sth. 忘记做过某事 work on 从事 on vacation 度假
  1.Could you please take out the trash?请把垃圾拿出去好吗?
  2.Could you please sweep the floor/make the bed/fold your clothes/cleaning the living room? 你扫 地/整理床铺/叠衣服/清扫起居室好吗?
  3.Do you like to make your bed? 你喜欢整理床铺吗?
  4.Could you invite your friends to my party? 你能邀请你的朋友来参加我的晚会吗?.
  5.Thanks for taking care of my dog.谢谢你照看我的狗.
  6.Don't forget to clean his bed.不要忘了清扫他的床.

  7.I'm going to work on my English project and then meet my friends. 我要做英语功课,然后见我的朋友.
  8.I'm going on vacation tomorrow.明天我要度假. Unit 12 close to home 靠近家的 movie theater 影院 comfortable seats 舒适的座位 do a survey of 做一个调查 play a piano piece 弹一支钢琴曲 the price of……的价格 the radio station 广播电台 think about 考虑 talent show 才能展示 boring TV show 乏味的电视节目 a 1ot 许多
  1.What's the best movie theater? 哪个是最好的影院?
  2.What is the best radio station? 哪个是最好的广播电台?
  3.It has the most comfortable seats.它拥有最舒适的座位.
  4.What do young people think about places in town? 年轻人关于镇上的位置是什么看法?
  5.We did a survey of our readers.我们做了一个读者调查.
  6.Last week's talent show was a great success.上周的才能展示是一个成功.
  7.She played a beautiful piano piece.她演奏了一支优美的钢琴曲.
  8.What is the most boring TV show? 最乏味的电视剧是什么 7
  9.The price of a hotel room is about 320 yuan a night. 一个旅馆房间的价格是每晚 320 元.
  10.There's a lot things to do.有许多事情要做. Review of units 7 一 12 make mushroom soup 做



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