II. 单项选择. (10 分)
  21. there green plants in 150 years? A. Will; have B. Will; be C. Do; have D. Do; be

  22. ?We an English exam. I'm not good at English. What should I do? ?You can ask your English teacher for help. A. would have B. had C. should have D. will have

  23. All the students went to the museum me that day, because I had a stomachache. A. except B. and C. or D. with

  24. I hope your dream will . A. come true
  25. ?Where is Jim? ?He went to Hong Kong last month. He will come back two days. A. after B. behind C. in D. later B. come out C. come in D. come on

  26. I like people who talk but do . A. more; more B. less; more C. little; little D. few; many

  27. ?I'm sorry. I lost the library book and couldn't find it. ?I'm afraid you have to it. A. look for B. ask for C. find out D. pay for

  28. Don't your life to others. Do the things that you like best. A. complain B. complain with C. complain to D. complain about

  29. Mrs Black argued her husband(丈夫) their son. A. with; of B. to; for C. with; about D. to; about

  30. Many students find difficult to learn English well. A. it B. this C. that D. is
III. 完形填空. (10 分) Is it difficult for you to get up in the morning? Are you often late 31
school? Yes? Here's a bed for you. The bed will wake you up!Here is 32 it works. There is an alarm clock and a tape recorder in the bed. 33 a sound, you'll have a few minutes to wake 34 a little girl's sweet(甜
When the clock
up. Then the recorder plays soft music
美的) voice. She says, "Wake up, please." A few minutes later, a second recording plays. It can be unpleasant sounds, "Get up, be late!" If you don't get up 36 35 you'll
the second recording, you'll be in 37 " in the bed. It can 38
trouble. There is a mechanical (机械的) "
kick (踢) you in the head gently (温柔地). Then the bed
for a few minutes. What? You are still lying in bed!Slowly the top of the bed goes up, while the end of the bed goes lower and lower. the bed is straight. You slide off (滑下) the bed and floor. You are out of the bed and awake.
  31. A. to
  32. A. when
  33. A. makes B. for B. how B. gets C. at C.where C.hears D. of D. what D. opens 40 39 ,
onto the

  34. A. of
  35. A. and
  36. A. after
  37. A. hand
  38. A. looks
  39. A. First
  40. A. run
B. on B. but B. for B. arm B. asks B. Then B. ran
C. at
D. in D. or D. when D. foot D. tells D. Finally D. fell
C. so C.before C. head
C.waits C. Next C. fall
IV. 阅读理解. (20 分) (A) Experts(专家) say that students usually need eight to ten hours' sleep every night, but most Chinese students do not get enough sleep. Some Chinese parents are glad to see their children studying late. They think their children work very hard. But not all parents are happy about this. Once a mother told us that every morning her 12-year-old son closed his eyes and put up one finger (手指), begging (央求) for one more minute to sleep. Like most of the "early birds" students in China, he has to get up before six every morning. Many students fall asleep in class at one time or another. Too much homework is not the only reason why students stay up late. Some may watch TV or play computer games late into the night. Experts say that students should have good studying habits. 根据短文内容,选择最佳答案. (10 分)
  41. sleep every night is enough for a student.
A. Seven hours'
B. Six hours'
C. Nine hours'
D. Twelve hours'

  42. The 12-year-old boy begged for one more minute to sleep because . A. he didn't want to go to school
C. it wasn't time for him to get up
B. he didn't have enough sleep
D. he wanted his mother to wake him up

  43. In this passage, "early birds" means "persons who ". A. sleep less B. don't want to sleep C. get up late D. get up early

  44. The underlined(划线的) phrase"stay up late"mean "". A. study late B. play computer games late D. watch TV late
C. not go to bed until late

  45. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A. Students fall asleep in class because they don't have enough sleep. B. If you want to do better, you must work late into the night. C. Students don't have enough sleep only because they have a lot of homework to do. D. Sleeping late means working hard. (B) If you get the flu(流感), what should you do? Here is some advice. ★ Go to see your doctor first. Take the medicine according to the doctor's suggestion. ★Get enough sleep. If you can't sleep well, keep relaxed. Listen to some music, see a movie, and read an interesting book or a magazine. ★ Wear warm clothes. You might be cold within one minute, but hot
within the next minute. So if you wear some clothes, don't pull your outer wear (外套) on and off. ★ Wash your hands often. Also, don't share your cups, chopsticks or spoons with others. ★ Maybe you will get better in a week, but you should keep on taking the medicine on time for several more days and take care of yourself. ★ If you have breathing (呼吸) trouble, or you feel uncomfortable, then you need to see your doctor again. 根据短文内容,判断下列句子正(T) ,误(F)(10 分) .
  46. If you get the flu, you should lie down and have a rest first.
  47. When you get the flu, you need to take off your outer wear when you feel hot, and put it on when you feel cold.
  48. If you get the flu, you shouldn't share your cups with others.
  49. If you get better in a week, you should stop taking the medicine at once.
  50. If there is something wrong with your breathing, you should see a doctor. B 卷 (共 60 分) V. 词汇. (10 分) (
  1) 根据句意及括号内的汉语提示,写出正确的单词.每空一词. (5 分)
  51. Team A (包括) John, Kate, Ann and me.

  52. They will (或许) go to the park this weekend.
  53. It (似乎) impossible to finish the work. However, they finished it.
  54. I looked for my lovely dog (到处),but I didn't find it.
  55. Would you like to see the movie with me this evening? I have two (票). (
  2),从方框内选择合适的单词,并用其适当形式填空. 分) (5 boring, they, kind, organize, surprise
  56. There are all of computers in that shop.
  57. We often activities in our school successfully in the last year.
  58. The children enjoyed in the zoo last weekend.
  59. We heard the news this morning. It all of us then.
  60. Every day he has to do lots of homework. He is . VI. 句型转换,每空一词. (10 分)
  61. Please tell us what we should do next time. (改为同义句) Please tell us what next time.
  62. We'll go out for a walk with you. (改为否定句) We out for a walk with you.
  63. Linda will have a fine day. (改为一般疑问句) Linda a fine day?
  64. The students will work in the supermarket. (对划线部分提问) the students work?

  65. They clean the classroom every day. (用 tomorrow 代替 every day 改写句子) They the classroom tomorrow. VII. 根据括号内的英语提示,将下列汉语句子翻译成英语. (10 分)
  66. 我认为将来不会有更多的污染.(will)
  67. 你一个人过圣诞节太没意思了.(by oneself)
  68. 直到他回来后他妈妈才会吃午饭.(not ... until)
  69. 他去了广州并爱上了那个城市.(fall in love with)
  70. 那位老太太很爱自己的花园,不让任何猫狗进入.(keep out) VIII. 改错. (10 分) 下列各句划线部分均有一处错误,请找出并改正.
  71. Hundred of students are planting trees. A B C D

  72. There will have a new film at the cinema. A B C D

  73. ?How long will you finish your homework? A B C
?In an hour. D
  74. What is the matter of you? A B C D

  75. Lucy is the same age like Lily. They are twin sisters. A B C D
IX. 根据对话内容填空. (10 分) (Mr Zhang is showing Li Lei around a modern (现代的) factory.) Mr Zhang: You can't see many workers here, but you can see many robots. Look, that robot has two big hands. It does much work for us. Li Lei: There are so many robots here. What are they doing? Mr Zhang: They are making fridges. Li Lei: How much time do they need to make a fridge, Mr Zhang? Mr Zhang: About five minutes. Li Lei: Only five minutes? I can't believe it. There are many 78 76 in a 77 factory. They are very 80 83 about 81 84
. One of them has two big 79
. It can do
82 work. The robots work very fast. They only minutes to 85 a fridge.
X. 书面表达. (10 分) 假如你是 Jack, 请阅读下面这封信, 并就信中的问题提出你的建议 (用 上 should,shouldn't,could 等词) .注意信的格式.不少于 80 词.信的
开头已给出,不计入总词数. Dear Jack, What a terrible day today! This morning I was late for school and my headmaster was angry with me. Since I stayed up late last night, I fell asleep in class this afternoon. I could hardly hear what the teachers said. There will be a good football match on TV tonight, but my mother doesn't want me to watch it. I really don't know what to do. Could you please give me some advice? Yours, Peter Dear Peter, Here's some advice for you. There are many things you could do. First, Yours, Jack


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