Unit 1 Will people have robots?

Show your own opinions

Robot机器人 everything 每件事物 paper纸 use使用 less较少 fewer较少的 pollution污染 building建筑物 astronaut宇航员 rocket火箭 space太空 space station空间站 fly飞行 fall落下 fall in love with爱上 alone单独地 pet宠物 parrot鹦鹉 probably大概 suit一套衣服 casually非正式地 even甚至 interview面谈 predict预报 future将来 prediction预言 company公司 fiction小说 unpleasant不高兴的 scientist科学家 hundred一百 factory工厂 simple简单的 bored厌烦的 human人类 shape外形 earthquake地震 snake蛇 possible可能的 electric电的 toothbrush牙刷 seem似乎 rating级别,等级

Space station太空站 fall in love with爱上 go skating去滑冰 be able to能够 the world cup世界杯 come true实现 in the future未来 hundreds of好几百 look for寻找 countable nouns 可数名词 in college在上大学 in ten years十年之后 over and over反复 win awards获奖

Will there be less pollution ? No, there won’t
Will there be fewer trees ? Yes , there will
Kids won’t go to school
Kids will study at home on computer
People will live to be 200 years old
There will only be one country
People will use the subways less


  1. Make predictions(预言将要发生的事情):
Will people live to be 200 years old ?
Yes , they will.

  2. Show your own opinions (学会表达自己的观点):

  3. Do you think…

Yes, I think so / No , I don’t think so / I agree /well , I don’t agree
I think there will be fewer trees

例句展示 前后对比
Everyone dresses well at the party .
He is wearing a new dress .
wear 意为“穿,戴”, 后面的宾语为“衣服或饰物等可穿戴的东西”
dress作不及物动词单独使用时,意思是“穿衣,打扮”。 作及物动词时,意思是“给……穿衣,替……打扮”,后面的宾语要接“人”,不接“衣服”。 如:
The girl is too young to dress herself .
那个女孩年纪太小, 不能给自己穿衣服
The man is wearing a pair of dark glasses
( )
  1. A. robort B. paper C. use D. space
( )
  2. A. pollution B. astrounaut C. rocket D. fly
( )
  3. A. fall B. alone C. probabely D. suit
( )
  4. A. dress B. casually C. wrote D. interviw
( )
  5. A. predikt B. company C. unpleasant D. possible

  1. He is happy that he in a tall apartment next year.
A. live B. lives C. will live D. will living

  2. people robots in their home in 100 years ?
A. Will , have B. Do , have C. Did , have D. Have , have

  3.-Do you like the city life or the country life?
-It's hard to say. In the city there is interesting, but in the country there is pollution.
A. less; more B. more; less C. more; fewer D. much; much

  4.Will there be people in China in ten years ? No, there won’t
A. fewer B. much C. less D. many

  5.I rockets to the moon when I grow up.
A. will put B. will fly C. will be fly

  6.If there are trees, the air in our city will be cleaner.
A. less; more B. more; more C. more; much D. much; more

  7.I predict he will be an engineer ten years because he is so interested in making things.
A. in B. after C. later D. for

  8. My life a lot than it is now .
A. will be , good B. is , better C. will be , good D. will be , better

  9. It will take years to make robots the most unpleasant things . A. hundred , do B. hundreds of , to do C. two hundreds , do D. hundreds of , do

  10.He only said it for , he didn’t really mean it .
A. joy B. fun C. joke D. thank
三、 阅读短文,从各题A、B、C、D中选出一个能填入短文中相应空白处的最佳答案。(10分)
Perhaps you have heard _1 __about the Internet, but what is it?
The Internet is many different networks around the world. A network is a group of computers put together. These networks joined together are called the Internet.
_2 that doesn't sound interesting. But _3 we've joined the Internet, there are 4 things we can do. We can have a lot of 5 on the World Web.(www). We can use the Internet instead of a library to 6 all kinds of information 7 our favorite sports or film stars and do shopping on the Internet. We can send message to other people 8 e-mail. It's much cheaper and quicker than 9 our friends or sending a letter.
Thanks to the Internet, the world is becoming smaller and smaller. People can now work at home with a computer in front, getting and sending the information they need. They can buy or sell whatever they want by the Internet. But do you know 98% of the information is 10 English? So what will English be like tomorrow?

  1. A. a lot of B. a lot C. a few D. a little of

  2. A. May B. But C. And D. Maybe

  3. A. where B. when C. however D. although

  4. A. lots of B. a lot C. much D. few

  5. A. interesting B. friends C. interest D. funny

  6. A. find B. look for C. find out D. look after

  7. A. with B. for C. on D. about

  8. A. with B. by C. on D. for

  9. A. call B. called C. calls D. calling

  10. A. on B. with C. in D. for
四、 阅读短文,选择最佳答案(10分)
When the Americans were getting ready to send their first men to the moon , an old Australian was watching TV in a restaurant . There was an Englishman in the restaurant , too , and he said to the Australian , “The Americans are clever , aren’t they ? They are going to send some men to the moon . It is a very long way from our world .” “Oh , that’s nothing ,” the Australian answered quickly . “ Our country is going to send some people to the sun in a few months . That’s much farther away than the moon , you know . “ “Oh, yes ,it is , “ the Englishman said , “ but the sun is too hot for people to go to .” The Australian laughed and said , “ We won’t go to the sun in the day , of course . We’ll go there at night . ”

  1. Who were going to send their first men to the moon ?
A. The Americans B. The Australians C. The Englishmen

  2. Where were the Australian and Englishman watching TV?
A. In the cinema B. Outside a shop C. In a restaurant

  3. The Englishman thought .
A. the Americans were clever B. the Australians were clever C. the Englishmen clever D. the white people were clever

  4. Both the Englishmen and the Australian knew that .
A. the moon was much farther away from our earth than the sun
B. the sun was much farther away from our earth than the moon
C. the sun was much hotter in the day than at night

  5. The Australian thought that .
A. the sun was very hot at night B. the sun is not hot at night
C. the sun was too cold for people to go to at night

  1. We can’t finish the work by today . It’s I !

  2. The room was dirty and it had an u smell .

  3. My father works for a French c .

  4. Yang Liwei is a great a in China .

  5. I am going to be a s when I grow up .

  6. It s that he is very angry with you

  7. I still don’t have a car of my o

  8. There are eight h students in this school .

  9. I live a in a big house , but I don’t feel lonely.

  10. I will p the future life correctly .
A: Wang Lin , which city do you know will host(主办)the 2008 Olympics ?
B: Beijing . (
A: (
B: Lots of things , such as more roads , more buildings and more visitors .
A: (
B: Yes .
A: (
B: Of course . (
A: What do you mean ?
B: There is still a lot of work to do . For example , we have to make the city clean and have less pollution .
A: I agree .
A. But first we have to solve some problems
B. What will the Olympics bring us ?
C. That’s quite easy
D. How do you know that ?
E. You mean a new Beijing ?
F. Do you think we will successfully host the Olympics ?

  1. There (be) many people at tomorrow’s party .

  2. We all (take )part in the sports meeting last week .

  3. Listen , who (sing) in English ?

  4. He fifteen next week .

  5. - they (buy) the house ? ? Yes ,they will .

  6. We are sure Hong Kong will be even (good )tomorrow.

  7. There will be (few) trees in future .

  8. People will live (be) 200 years old .

  9. There will be (many) people in 30 years .

  10. The children will use computers (study)at home
Students’ life in 50 years

Unit 1 Will people have robots?
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
  5. A
  10. predict
  1.will be
  3.is singing
  4.will be
  5.will, buy
  6. better
  7. fewer
  8. to be
  9. more
  10. to study
八.One possible version
Students’ life in 50 years
I think the students’ life in 50 years will be quite different from ours today . They will not go to school to
Have some classes . They will stay at home to study on the computer . They will ask their teachers or classmates for help by chatting on the internet . They won’t use paper , pens or exercise books . They will go to school to have sports together . For examples , they will go to school to play ball games . I don’t like that kind of life . I like to meet my teachers and classmates every day .



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