Unit 2  What's the matter?



  3.学习情态动词should, shouldn't的用法。

have a cold, have a sore throat, have a headache, have a toothache等。

  1.?What’s the matter?  怎么了?
  ?I have a cold. 我患感冒了。

  1)matter作名词时,表“事情;问题;情况”,What’s the matter? 常用来询问对方的病情或其他不适,也可用What’s wrong? 或What's the trouble with sb.? 来表示,如要说明对象,则需要用介词with表示。如:
▲What’s the matter, little boy?
▲What’s wrong / the matter with her?  她怎么了?
  ※wrong是形容词,前面没有“the”; matter和trouble都是名词,前面应有“the”,trouble前还nit 2  What's the matter?
  ▲You should stop smoking.  你应该戒烟。

  ▲ You shouldn’t leave a baby alone in the house.
  2)lie down意思是“躺下”,动词lie的过去式是lay,现在分词形式是lying。如:
  ▲ She lay down on her bed.
  ▲ I found a purse lying on the ground.
  ▲ I’m so tired and I want to have a rest. 我太累了,我想休息一下。
▲Can I get some rest, mum?  妈妈,我可以休息一会儿吗?

  4.That sounds like a good idea.  那听起来像是一个好主意。
  1)idea意思是“主意;想法;思想”,good idea意思是“好主意”,一般用来表示赞同。如:
▲ That’s a good idea. 那是一个好主意。
▲?Why not go to the park? 为什么不去公园呢?
?Good idea. 好主意。
  2)sound like 意思是“听起来像……”,sound是连系动词,它也能作名词,意思是“声音”。如:
▲ Your idea sounds like a good one.
▲ We can hear the sound of birds singing in the morning.

  6.I hope you feel better soon. 我希望你很快好起来。
▲ We hope you’re well. 我们希望你健康。
辨析: hope与wish:
  ▲ I wish I were as strong as you.  我真希望我像你一样健壮。
  ▲ I wish you success.  祝你成功。
  ▲ I hope that you will succeed. 我希望你会成功。
  ▲ He hoped to get the first prize. 他希望获得一等奖。

  7.Maybe you have too much yin. 也许你有太多的阴。
辨析:too much 与much too
  too much的中心词是much, too修饰much,加强语气。too much 修饰不可数名词或单独使用,意思为“more than enough”,与too many相对,后者修饰可数名词或单独使用。如:
  ▲Don’t eat too much sugar. It’s not good for your health.
  ▲He drank too much, so he didn’t feel very well.
  much too的中心词是too, much修饰too,以加强语气,much too用在形容词或副词之前。如:
  ▲ My uncle is a businessman. He’s always much too busy.
  ▲This sweater is much too expensive.

  8.It’s easy to have a healthy lifestyle, and it’s important to eat a balanced diet. 拥有一个健康的生活方式很容易,营养均衡很重要。
  1)这是一个并列句,并列句由两个或两个以上的简单句并列而成。常见的并列句结构是:“简单句+等立连词+简单句”。等立连词之前可用逗号,也可不用逗号。等立连词通常是and, or, but等。如:
  ▲ You’re alive! And she’s dead.
  ▲ Honey is sweet, but the bee stings.
  2)It’s +形容词+to do sth. 是个固定句型,意思是“做某事是(怎样的)”。类似的结构还有:“It’s+形容词+for sb. to do sth.”意思是“对于某人来说,做某事是(怎样的)”。如:
  ▲ It’s easy to pass the English exam.
  ▲ It’s difficult for me to work out the problem.
  3)stay healthy意思是“保持健康”,同be/keep healthy。stay为连系动词,意思是“持续不变;保持”。如:
  ▲ He can stay so cool after such a hot argument.

  4)a balanced diet意思是“一个均衡的饮食”。balanced作形容词时,意思是“平衡的;平稳的”。

  9.Then ask classmates for advice. 向你的同学征求建议。(请你的同学提出建议)
一条建议 a piece of advice
两条建议 two pieces of advice.
一些建议 some advice
ask sb. for advice  请……提出建议
give sb. advice   给……提出建议
take one's advice  采纳某人的建议
refuse one's advice 不听某人的劝告、忠告
“有关……的建议”应用advice on /about sth.
▲ I’ll give you a piece of advice on how to learn English well.

  1)hot tea with honey  加蜂蜜的热茶
▲I like mooncakes with eggs. 我喜欢吃有鸡蛋的月饼。

  2)not…any more   不再

  3)see a dentist   去看牙医

  4)a balance of cooling yin and hot yang  阴阳平衡
a balance of...     ……的平衡
keep one's balance   保持平衡
lose one's balance   失去平衡
balanced adj.      平衡的,协调的
a balanced diet     均衡饮食

  5)on the other hand 另一方面,反过来说(副词词组)
  ▲Hot yang foods can give us more energy, but on the other hand they make us get fat easily.
  6)be stressed out     紧张的,有压力的
  7)stay healthy      保持健康
  8)at the moment      此刻,现在
  9)get tired        感觉疲倦

  1.He leave he finished reading the magazine.
A.doesn't, until               B.doesn't, and
C.didn't, until               D.didn't, or

  2.She eats food, so she is fat.
A.much too, too much            B.much too, too many
C.too much, much too             D.too much, too many

  3.There is a post office on side of the street.
A.another                  B.the other
C.other                   D.the others

  4.English people like drinking tea milk in it.
A.have                    B.has
C.with                   D.and

  5.There isn't in the box. It's empty(空的).
A.something                 B.nothing
C.everything                D.anything

  6.I’m not very healthy, I do have one healthy habit. I don’t know why.
A.and                    B.or
C.so                    D.although

  7.-What’s the matter you?
  -I’m not feeling .
A.with; good                 B.for; good
C.with; well                D.for; well

  8.?There a lot of meat on the plate. Would you like some?
  ?Just a little, please.
A.is                     B.are
C.am                    D.be

  9. important some exercise every day.
A.That’s; to do              B.It’s; do
C.That’s; do                D.It’s; to do

  10., we need a balance of cooling yin and hot yang.
A.To be healthy               B.Be healthy
C.Being healthy               D.For be healthy
B 卷

  1.You should have a d before you are thirsty.

  2.You s eat anything before you see a doctor.

  3.When you are h (wanting to eat food), you should eat some apples.

  4.If you have too m (a lot of) yin, you should eat yang foods.

  5.We should all have a balanced diet to s(keep) healthy.






  1.see a dentist
  2.too much food
  3.have a stomachache
  4.drink much water

  5.traditional Chinese doctors
  6.stay (keep) healthy
  7.ask sb. for advice

  8.healing foods
  9.some other healthy foods
  10.my host family
A:Good morning, doctor.
B:Good morning.  
  1  , young man?
A:I’ve got a headache and a running nose.
  2  have you been like this?
A:For about a week.
B:I see. Let me  
  3  you carefully.
A:Is it serious (严重的), doctor?
B:No, there is  
  4  , but you’d better take some medicine or get an injection.
A:Injection? Oh, no! It’s painful. I prefer to take medicine.
B:OK. Take the medicine three times a day and you’ll be  
  5  soon.

  1.What’s the matter/What’s wrong
  2.How long
  3.look over/examine

  4.nothing serious

  1.I have a cold. (对画线部分提问)
  What’s ?

  2.There is something wrong with you. (改为一般疑问句)
  wrong with you?

  3.That sounds like a good idea. (改为同义句)
  That idea .

  4.It started about two days ago. (对画线部分提问)

  5.You should drink some hot tea with honey. (改为否定句)
  You hot tea with honey.

  1.the matter with you
  2.Is there anything
  3.sounds good/nice

  4.When did it start
  5.shouldn’t drink any

  You should lie down and .

  I will you on how to healthy.

  Chinese doctors believe we cooling yin and hot yang.

  People who are and angry may have yang in their lives.

  It’s important to .

  1.the matter with you

  2.Is there anything

  3.sounds good/nice

  4.When did it start

  5.shouldn’t drink any


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