新目标英语初二上学期 U4-6 单元复习测试题
Ⅰ. 听力 (l0 分) a. 听对话 选择与对话内容相符的图片,将代表图片的字母写在答题卡上。
  1.( )
  2.( )
  3.( )
  4.( ) b.听对话,选择正确答案。
  5.What does Luey look like? A.Tall with curly hair. B.Short with long hair. C.Fat with straight hair.
  6.What size bowl of noodles would the man like? B.Medium. C.Large. A.Small.
  7.What did Mary think of football matches? . B.Interesting. C.Boring. A.Exciting.
  8.Why is Wang Dong getting so fat? . A.He has got a heart disease. B.He hasn’t taken enough exercise. C.He never goes to work on foot. c. 听下面一段对话, 回答
  9、10 小题。
  9.How long has Bob been collecting kites? . B.About three years. C.About four years. A.About two years.
  10.Where does Bob usually fly kites? . A.On the mountain. B.By the river. C.In the park.
Ⅱ. 找出不同类的单词 (10 分)

  1. A. take B. tell C. ten D. taste
  2. A. train B. subway C. bicycle D. bus
  3. A. quick B. angry C. early D. stop
  4. A. chemistry B. Chinese C. schoolwork D. math
  5. A. weekday B. Friday C. Sunday D. Wednesday
  6. A. concert B. match C. training D. worry
  7. A. calm B. wild C. note D. serious
  8. A. hers B. his C. their D. my
  9. A. outgoing B. building C. interesting D. exciting
  10. A. before B. bedroom C. below D. between
根据中文意思完成句子 Ⅲ. 根据中文意思完成句子 (10 分)

  1. do you get to school? (怎么)
  2. I a bus to the cinema. (乘坐)
  3. I my bike to school. (骑)
  4. Sam is than Tom. (文静)
  5. Can you come to my party tomorrow? (在)
  6. I’m going to my aunt on Sunday. (看望)
  7. I have to study an English test. (为)
  8. Tom is than Sam. (强壮)
  9. She is than her sister. (好玩)
  10. I am very , for we are going to Harbin by plane. (兴奋)
Ⅳ. 根据要求完成句子 (10 分)

  1. does, get, Bob, ?, school, to, how (连词成句)
  2. this, piano, I, ., weekend, have, lesson, a (连词成句)
  3. are, vacation, China, we, around, .,take, a, going, to (连词成句)
  4. I’m playing soccer in the afternoon. (就画线部分改成疑问句)
  6. I relax in my swimming pool twice a week. (就画线部分改成疑问句)
  5. It takes about 10 minutes to walk to school. (就画线部分改成疑问句)
  7. He can play soccer. (改写成否定句)
  8. I have a fever. (改为一般疑问句)
  9. In China, bikes and buses are the most popular means of transportation. (译成汉语)
  10. My friends are coming to Hainan for sightseeing.(译成汉语)
Ⅴ. 单项选择 (10 分) 单项选择

  1. do you live? A. When B. Who C. Where D. What
  2. Mary the subway to school. A. rides B. brings C. takes D. gets
  3. I walk to school. How you? A. over B. about C. around D. after
  4. I have much homework today. A. also B. to C. yet D. too
  5. Can you go to the basketball game? A. No, I don’t. B. Yes, I can’t. C. No, I do. D. Yes, I can.
  6. What are you going to do this afternoon? A. / B. on C. in D. at
  7. Pedro is than Paul A. heavy B. heavyer C. heavier D. heaviest
  8. Do you think you are different Tony? A. for B. from C. with D. and
  9. Are you good sports? A. in B. on C. at D. by
  10. I don’t have a cold, I really have a bad headache. A. and B. or C. but D. for Tim: Oh, no, I have to study
  4. . Sun Ning:
  5.W , Wilson? Wilson: Sorry, I have to go to the
  6. . Sun Ning: Anna,
  7. ? Anna: No, I
  8. . I have to visit my aunt. Kay: I can’t
  9. , I have a piano lesson. Sun Ning: That’s too bad. Maybe next time. What a
Ⅵ. 情景交际 补全对话 (10 分)
Sun Ning: Hey, Ted. Can you come to my party on Saturday? Ted:
  1. , I can’t. I have to help my mom. Sun Ning: Too bad.
  2. , Carlos? Can you come to my party? Carlos: I’d love to. Sun Ning: Tim? Can you come to my party? Tim:
  3. ? Sun Ning: Saturday afternoon.
Ⅶ. 完形填空 (10 分) Look at this. It’s 1 bedroom. It’s not big 2 it’s very clean and tidy. The walls of it 3 white and some pictures are on 4 . This is her bed. It’s yellow 5 blue. 6 this is her desk. It’s brown. Look 7 A black and whit cat is under the desk. It 8 very cute. 9 name is Leo and it’s Nancy’s good 10 .
  1. A. Nancy B. Nancy’ C. Nancys’ D. Nancy’s
  6. A. And B. Also C. Although D. Always
  2. A. and B. but C. or D. too
  7. A. … B. ? C. , D. !
  3. A. are B. is C. were D. be
  8. A. look B. looking C. looks D. looked
  4. A. it B. theirs C. they D. them
  9. A. Their B. He C. It D. Its
  5. A. and B. but C. or D. so
  10. A. friend B. kid C. boy D. son Ⅷ. 阅读理解 (20 分) Hello, my name is Tony. This is my sister, her name is Jenny. This is my brother, his name is Bob. That is my backpack, it is black. And that is Jenny’s backpack, it is red. That is Bob’s pencil sharpener, it is new. We all have many books. My grandparents are old but they are very kind. My parents are teachers. We are in the same school with them. My uncle, Jack is a doctor and my aunt, Emma is a nurse. They are not in the same hospital. My cousin, Jim is a baby, and we all like it. Our family is a happy one.
  1. My name is . A. Tony B. Bob C. Jenny D. Tom
  2. I have a backpack. A. red B. brown C. black D. green
  3. My brother has a pencil sharpener. A. old B. red C. new D. small
  4. My grandparents are old very kind. A. but B. and C. so D. in
  5. My parents are . A. doctors B. nurses C. workers D. teachers
  6. My uncle’s name is and he is a . A. Jack; doctor B. Tony; nurse C. Bob; doctor D. Emma; nurse and she is a . A. Jack; doctor B. Tony; nurse C. Bob; doctor D. Emma; nurse
  7. My aunt’s name is
  8. Jim is my . A. brother B. cousin C. friend D. father
  9. like the baby. A. I B. We C. They D. You
  10. I have a family. A. big B. happy C. first D. dear
Ⅸ. 写作 写五个句子,介绍你的家庭。 (10 分)
附录音材料: Part 1
  1. W: My pen pal John lives in Australia. He will come to China next week. M: Oh, you will have a good time.
  2. W: Excuse me. Can I have a look at some pants? M: All right. The pants are over there.
  3. W: My parents go to work by train. How about your parents? M: They drive their car to work.
  4. W: What bad weather! Will the rain last long? M: No, I don’t think so. Part 2
  5. M: Look! Who’s the tall girl with curly hair? W: Oh, she’s my new friend, Lucy.
  6. W: Hello, house of noodles! M: I want to order a large bowl of mutton noodles, please.
  7. M: Mary told me she didn’t watch football matches. W: Why? M: She said they were boring.
  8. W: What’s the matter with Wang Dong? M: He has got a heart disease. He’s too fat because he hasn’t taken enough exercises. Part 3 W: Wow, Bob. Are all these beautiful kites yours? M: Yes. I’ve been collecting kites since 20
  05. W: How many kites have you got? M: Well, I’ve got about
  35. W: Do you usually fly them? M: Yes, I usually fly them in the park when it’s windy.



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