听力部分( 听力部分(20 分) 一、听对话及问题选择最佳答案(10 分) ( )
  1. When did Jason arrive? A. On Monday. B. On Wednesday. C. On Friday. ( )
  2. How long does it take the boy to get to school? A. About 10 minutes by car. B. About 10 minutes by bike. C. About 10 minutes on foot. ( )
  3. Where will the man go tomorrow if it is fine? A. The park B. The zoo C. The Great Wall ( )
  4. What time did Jane get up? A. 6:10 B. 5:45 C. 6:15 ( )
  5. Who is the best at English? A. Jim. B. Lucy. C. Kate. ( )
  6. How will the woman go to London? A. By train. B. By boat. C. By plane. ( )
  7. Can the girl use the computer now? A. We don’t know. B. Yes, she can. C. No, she can’t. ( )
  8.What does the woman mean? A The man can sit down. B The man should stand there. C She doesn’t want him to sit down. ( )
  9. What are they going to do tomorrow? A. Make kites. B. Fly kites. C. Read newspapers. ( )
  10. Where will Amy go before she goes home? A. The Reading Club. B. The library. C. Her friend’s home. 二、 听一段对话,选择最佳答案(5 分) ( )
  11.Where does the conversation(对话) probably take place? A In a middle school. B In an office. C In a college. ( )
  12. How many foreign languages did the woman study at college? A One B Two C Three ( )
  13. What foreign language can the woman speak well? A English B French C Japanese ( )
  14. What is difficult for the woman in language learning? A Speaking English B Speaking French C Reading French ( )
  15. What do you think of the woman’s experience(经验) in business? A She has some experience. B She has much experience C She has no experience.
三、 听文章, 选择最佳答案(5 分)

  16. When did the writer go to America? A. When he was ten. B. When he knew little about English. C. When he left the middle school. )
  17. When didn’t the writer go to the language school? A. Every day. B. Every day except Sunday. C. Sunday. )
  18. Who was the writer’s classmate? A. Alice. B. Mary. C. Ann. C. Nothing.
( ( (

  19. What did the girl want to eat? A. A piece of bread. B. A piece of cake

  20. What does “a piece of cake” mean in this passage? A. The cake is very small. B. A thing is very easy. C. Someone is very hungry. 笔试部分( 笔试部分( 80 分 )
一、用所给单词或中文的适当形式填空 (10 分)
  1. Children under
  1.2m in (high) can’t go into the concert all by themselves.
  2. There is (little) milk in this glass than in that glass.
  3. Miss Li always speaks to us with a face. (smile)
  4. Little Alice always plays games with us, she likes to hide in the locker. (she)
  5. Everyone who can answer the questions will get 10 points. ( correct)
  6.The dog (重) 10 kilograms.
  7.They are the best (歌手) in the world.
  8.My friend can share my (欢乐,高兴) when I feel happy.
  9.I think diving is one of the most difficult . (活动)
  10.Sandy’s drawing is the most beautiful in the .(比赛) 二、选择填空 (12 分) ( )
  1. interesting news I saw in the newspaper! A What a B How C What an D What ( )
  2.What he said makes us very . A. happily B. sadly C. happy D. angrily ( )
  3. I don’t know what to do. Can you give us? A a advice B an advice C some advice D any advices ( )
  4.If worries me, I often go to him. A. something special B. special something C. anything special D. special anything ( )
  5.This piece of music is that one. A. as boring as B. not as boring than C. more bored than D. so boring as
( ( ( ( ( ( (
  6.The old woman has a bad cold. She is feeling today than yesterday. A much ill B a little bad C a little badly D much worse )
  7.-- do you go hiking? Twice a year. A How long B How soon C How often D How far )
  8.I think necessary to take more exercise. A it, for Jim and me B it’s, to Jim and me C that , for Jim and I D that’s, to Jim and I )
  9.I like to watch my cat with a ball when I am free. A plays B to play C play D played )
  10. I have more paper clips than, but my CDs are fewer than. A she, hers B she, her C yours, yours D hers, her )
  11.The student says hello to every person she sees and she is really. A generous B polite C nervous D honest )
  12.If you have any trouble, be sure to call me. . A I’m glad to hear that B I will. Thank you very much C I have no trouble D I will think it over
三、动词填空(10 分)
  1. (not be ) careless next time ,or you’ll make more mistakes .
  2.The Browns went for a walk after (eat ) dinner in a restaurant.
  3. Dick will give Millie a call as soon as he __ in London.( arrive)
  4. Alice sent an e-mail to me and me to go to her birthday party. (ask)
  5.Listen, who (knock)on the door? Can you go and have a look?
  6. your best friend (build )her house next month? No, she isn’t.
  7.It’s very cold in the room. Let’s play a game(keep) us warm.
  8.My birthday is coming, I’m looking forward to a party with my friends. (have)
  9.Oh, it’s you ! When did you come? I you were still in the reading-room. (think)
  10. I hope you with me and follow me. (agree) 四、完成句子,每空一词(8 分)
  1.Mr. Smith 一向考虑周到,每件事都安排得井井有条。 Mr. Smith always thoughtful and he .
  2.那辆蓝色的汽车是属于他的吗?是的,是他上个月买的。 the blue car ? Yes, he it last month.
  3.金鱼吃得不多,你不可以喂太多的食。 Goldfish don’t eat much, you too much food.
  4.刚才我们没能踢足球,因为西蒙忘记带球了。 We couldn’t play football just now, because Simon bring a football.
  5. 你们英语老师长相如何? 他看上去挺英俊的。 What your English teacher ? He looks quite. 五、完形填空(10 分)
Laura lived in a small village near the sea. One day she decided to go for a swim in the sea. She knew that the sea near the 1 has a strong tide (浪) , but she was a good swimmer, so she wasn’t
  2. Laura left her friends lying on the sands and ran into the sea. She swam quite far from the beach and waved(挥 舞) to her friends in the distance. After a short while she decided to swim
  3. She tried her best, but she couldn’t get any closer to the beach . The tide kept4her back. She waved her arms in the air to let her friends know that she was5, but they just waved back, for they didn’t know what she
  6. After a long time, Laura became very 7 and she couldn’t swim any more. Her legs 8and she lost hope. Suddenly, her foot touched 9! All the time she had been swimming in a place where the water wasn’t deep! When at last she went back to the beach, one of her friends asked, “ Did you 10your swim?” “Yes, it was lovely.” She answered. She never told them what really happened. ( )
  1. A town B city C village D country ( )
  2. A lonely B surprised C interested D afraid ( )
  3. A up B back C down D on ( )
  4. A pulling B pushing C throwing D putting ( )
  5.A in trouble B happy C out of trouble D in the water ( )
  6. A found B meant C said D saw ( )
  7. A hungry B sleepy C thirsty D tired ( )
  8. A came up B were broken C went down D moved on ( )
  9. A a tide B the sand C a fish D one of her friends ( )
  10. A enjoy B remember C drop D forget 六、阅读理解 (20 分) A There was a pilot(飞行员) and four people in a small plane. Suddenly there was something wrong with the machine while it was flying in the air. The plane began to fall down. The pilot told the people there were only four parachutes(降落伞). They all became worried and started to make excuses. “I must go,” said the pilot, taking one of the parachutes and jumped out. The first person stood up, “I’m a doctor,” he said. “I help people live longer and I save lives.” He took a parachute and jumped out. The next person said, “I must have a parachute. I am a very clever person. I have to attend an important match. I know I will win the game because I’ll be the cleverest person there.” He picked up a pack and jumped out. Two men were leftan old businessman and a young mountain climber. At this time the plane was going down fast. The businessman said, “ Young man, I am old but you are still young. You take the last parachute.” The young mountain climber smiled. “Don’t worry,” He said. “ We can both jump out because there are still two parachutes. Just now the clever man jumped out with my backpack.” ( )
  1. All the people became worried because. A they couldn’t find the parachutes B they saw the pilot jump out first C they were afraid the plane would be broken and knew there were not enough parachutes for each person. D There was too much smoke and they couldn’t jump out from the plane.
( ( ( (

  2.The clever man jumped out with. A a parachute B nothing C the backpack of the climber’s D two parachutes )
  3. All the people thought of themselves except. A the pilot B the clever man C the doctor D the businessman )
  4. From the story we know would be dead. A the clever man B the businessman C the pilot D the doctor )
  5. From the passage we know was a kind-hearted man. A the pilot B the mountain climber C the businessman D the doctor
B Mobile homes,pulled by specially designed trucks, have been increasing(增加) in numbers all over the United States. Often, driving along, you can see some mobile homes high on a hill. Some stand under trees along a river or a lake. They’re wonderfully built homes. Sometimes they’re as much as 40 feet long, with two to five rooms, and you can find many things you need in them. When you park your mobile home, water, electricity power and telephones are connected, and you can enjoy yourselves there. The fact that these homes can be moved doesn’t mean that they do move all the time. Sometimes their owners stay for years in one place, plant gardens, build walls and so on. These homes are quite expensive. Some even cost $ 20,0
  00. Why does a family choose to live in such a home? Well, it’s comfortable, easy to keep clean, easy to keep warm, no need to paint. What’s more, the fast increase of mobile homes in numbers has something to do with the job uncertainty(不稳定). Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. If a factory closes down, you may be trapped with the house you can’t sell. However, if you have a mobile home, you can move easily. The greatest selling attraction of these mobile homes is that they can be improved every year. If you are doing well, you may change a new model just as you do with a car. There is a ready market for used ones, so the price of the mobile homes is higher than that of automobiles(汽车). ( )
  6. From the passage we know that mobile homes . A. can be built better than our homes B. need to move all the time C. can provide something people need D. must stand only high on a hill ( )
  7. is one of the reasons for people to choose mobile homes. A. The job uncertainty B. The strange design C. The low price D. The high speed ( )
  8. Which of the following may NOT attract(吸引) people to buy mobile homes? A. The new model appears every year. B. Walls can be easily built around them. C. They don’t need to be painted. D. They can be moved here and there. ( )
  9. We can infer(推断) that the increase of the mobile homes shows . A. great changes in people’s living style B. great interest in developing new things C. some problems in people’s life D. people hope for new jobs )
  10. Which of the following is the best title for this passage? A. How to Choose a Mobile Home B. The Developing Mobile Homes C. The Uses of Mobile Homes D. The Popular Mobile Homes in the U
七、书面表达(10 分) 请你写一封推荐信,推荐你班的林浩获得今年的青年奖章。字数在 70 左右。开头和结尾已给出,不计 入词数。 要点包括如下:
  1. 林浩是个既聪明又诚实的男孩。
  2. 他对人友好,从不说别人坏话。
  3. 他乐意和别人分享东西,他也随时准备帮助别人。
  4. 上周,在他去俱乐部的路上,他发现一个 8 岁的小男孩迷了路,在街上哭。
  5.他花了两小时帮助他找到了回家的路,男孩的父母很感激他。 Dear sir: I would like to recommend Lin Hao for this year’s Youth Award. We all think that Lin Hao should get the award. We hope you agree with us. Yours faithfully Wu Bing
听力部分( 听力部分(20 分)



   初二下期中考试英语试卷 笔试部分( 笔试部分( 80 分 ) 一、用所给单词或中文的适当形式填空 (10 分) 1. Children under 1.2m in (high) can’t go into the concert all by themselves. 2. There is (little) milk in this glass than in that glass. 3. Miss Li always speaks to us with a face. (smile) 4. ...


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