Review of Units
  1-5 单元复习) - ( - 单元复习) 归纳总结 一. 语法
  1. 动名词的用法: 动名词的用法: (
  1)动名词兼有动词和名词的特征,由动词加 ?ing 构成。 (
  2)用法 A. 作主语 She said that memorizing the words of pop songs also helped a lot. B. 作宾语 Now, I am enjoying learning English. Thanks for sending me the E-mail. C. 作定语 I think that doing a lot of listening practice is one of the secrets……
  2. used to 的用法 “主语+used to+动词原形+其它”这个句型结构表示过去的习惯,暗示现在已无此 习惯。
其否定形式是主语+didn’t use to +动原 问句形式为:Did+主语+use to+…? 反意疑问句:主语+used to+…,did+主语? 和 used to 相关的其它句型: get / be used to doing 习惯于做… be used for doing 被用来
  3. 简单的被动语态 当主语是动作的承受者时,应用被动语态。 一般现在时被动语态:主语+is/am/are+过去分词 一般过去时被动语态:主语+was/were+过去分词 一般将来时被动语态:主语+will be+过去分词
  4. allow 句型 (
  1)allow sb to do sth 允许某人做某事 We do not allow people to smoke in the hall. (
  2)allow doing 允许做某事 (
  3)be allowed to do 被允许做某事 (
  4)should be allowed to do 应该被允许做某事
  5. 虚拟语气 构成: 主句:主语+would+动原 从句:if+主语+过去式(be 动词一律用 were)+其它 用法: A. 表示与事实相反的假设 B. 表示不可能实现的事情 C. 用于提建议
  6. 提建议句型总结 (
  1)I think you should / could do. (
  2)You had better do. (
  3)If I were you, I would do. (
  4)What about / How about doing? (
  5)Why not do …? / Why don’t you do …?
  7. 表示推断的情态动词 (
  2)might / could (
  3)must 90% 这几个表示推测的情态动词后面可接: A. +名词 He must be a boy. B. +物主代词 It must be Mary’s / mine. It must be Mary’s book. C. +形容词 She must be very sad. D. +be +doing She must be doing his homework.
二. 话题: 话题: (
  1)学会怎样学习 (
  2)谈论过去的习惯及描述人物特征 (
  3)谈论规章、制度及同意或不同意 (
  4)谈论虚拟的情景 (
  5)对可能的情况进行推断 三. 主要词组 Unit 1 (
  1)make flashcards 做闪视卡片 (
  2)study for a test 为考试用功 (
  3)make vocabulary lists 做单词表 (
  4)ask…for help 求助于… (
  5)practice conversations with friends 和朋友一起练习对话 (
  6)read aloud to practice pronunciation 大声朗读来练习发音 (
  7)improve the speaking skills 提高口语能力 (
  8)too …to… 太…而以致于不能做

  9)memorize the words of pop songs 记忆流行歌曲的歌词 (
  10)feel differently 感觉不同 (
  11)join the English club 加入英语俱乐部 (
  12)end up (with…) (
  13)do a survey 做调查 (
  14)watch English-language TV 看英语电视 (
  15)make mistakes in grammar 出语法错误 (
  16)get the pronunciation right (
  17)first of all (
  18)to begin with (
  19)later on 首先,第一 首先 过后 害怕做 把读音弄准 以……结束

  20)be afraid to do …

  21)make complete sentences 做完整的句子

  22)take a lot of grammar notes 记大量的语法笔记 (
  23)enjoy learning English 喜欢学英语 (
  24)have trouble doing sth. 做某事有麻烦 (
  25)look up the words in a dictionary 查字(词)典 (
  26)this kind of paper 这种纸 (
  27)speak English as a second language (
  28)be ashamed of … (
  29)behind the times (
  30)become an expert at … (
  31)spend …on … (
  32)give up (
  33)in the future Unit 2 (
  1)used to 过去常常 (
  2)be afraid of … (
  3)play the piano (
  4)be interested in … (
  5)speak in front of a group (
  6)be terrified of … (
  7)sleep with the light on (
  8)all the time 一直 害怕…… 弹钢琴 对……感兴趣 在人群面前讲话 (极为)害怕…… 开着灯睡觉 把英语当做第二语言来说
对……感到羞愧 过时 成为……的专家 在……上花费(时间、金钱) 放弃 在将来

  9)chew gum 吃口香糖 (
  10)chat with sb. 和某人聊天 (
  11)in the last few years 在过去的几年里 (
  12)send messages 发信息 (
  13)be able to 能够 (
  14)be made up of … (
  15)sound like … (
  16)stand for … 由……组成的 听起来像 代表……

  17)can’t stop doing sth. 禁不住做某事 (
  18)instead of … Unit 3 (
  1)should be allowed to … (
  2)have part-time jobs (
  3)get the ears pierced 应该被允许…… 做兼职工作 扎耳眼 代替……

  4)stop wearing that silly earring 停止戴那种傻的耳坠 (
  5)choose my own clothes (
  6)clean up (
  7)fail a test 收拾干净 测验不及格 挑选我自己的衣服

  8)pass the test 通过测试 (
  9)be strict in sth. (
  10)be strict with sb. (
  11)the other day (
  12)get to doing sth. (
  13)concentrate on … (
  14)learn a lot from each other (
  15)at present 近来 有做某事的机会 对某事严格 对某人严格要求 有一天 着手做…… 集中精力于…… 相互学到很多知识

  16)have an opportunity to do sth. (
  17)at least 至少 (
  18)take time to do sth. 花时间做某事 (
  19)feel sleepy 感到困倦 (
  20)have a day off 休一天假

  21)chat online with friends 网上和朋友聊天 (
  22)in fact 事实上 而且……,也……

  23)as well as …

  24)realize the dream through great effort 通过艰苦的努力实现梦想 (
  25)be proud of … 以……为骄傲(自豪)
Unit 4 (
  1)give …to charities 把……给慈善机构 (
  2)buy snacks (
  3)won the lottery 买零食 彩票中奖

  4)medical research 医疗研究 (
  5)be nervous (
  6)what if … (
  7)get pimples (
  8)let me have one (
  9)speak in public (
  10)without permission (
  11)introduce oneself 紧张 即使……又会怎么样呢? 起鸡皮疙瘩 让我有一个 在公共场合讲话 未经允许 自我介绍

  12)not …in the slightest 一点也不 (
  13)plenty of 许多……,足够的…… (
  14)be easy to get along with (
  15)would rather … than … (
  16)English speech contest (
  17)let sb. down 使某人失望 (
  18)millions of people (
  19)get hurt (
  20)stop …from doing Unit 5 (
  1)belong to … (
  2)call the police (
  3)find something strange (
  4)escape from… (
  5)an ocean of … (
  6)be careful of … (
  7)use up … 属于…… 报警 找到奇怪的东西 受伤 阻止……做某事 数百万人 容易相处 宁愿……也不愿…… 英语演讲比赛
从……逃走 无尽的,用不完的 当心…… 用完
四. 主要句型 Unit 1 (
  1)How do you study for a test? I study by listening to cassettes. (
  2)How do you learn English? I learn by studying with a group. (
  3)Do you learn English by reading aloud? Yes, I do. Unit 2 (
  1)I used to be afraid of the dark. (
  2)Mario used to be short. (
  3)You used to have long hair, didn’t you? (
  4)Did you used to have straight hair? Yes, I did. (
  5)Did you use to play the piano? No, I didn’t. Unit 3 (
  1)I think students should be allowed to do homework with friends. I disagree. They talk instead of doing homework. (
  2)Sixteen-year-olds should be allowed to drive. I disagree. They aren’t serious enough at that age. (
  3)Do you think sixteen-year-olds should be allowed to work at night? No, I don’t. Unit 4 (
  1)What would you do if you won a lottery? I’d give it to charities. (
  2)If I were you, I’d wear a shirt and tie. (
  3)If I were you, I’d take an umbrella. Unit 5 (
  1)Whose notebook is this? It might Ning’s. It has her name on it. (
  2)Whose French book is this? It could be Ali’s. She studies French. (
  3)Whose guitar is this? It might belong to Alice. She plays the guitar.

  4)Whose T-shirt is this? It can’t be John’s. It’s much too small for him. 【模拟试题 模拟试题】 模拟试题 I. 单项填空(
  15%) 单项填空( %)
  1. The most important thing I can you is using English often. A. speak B. tell C. talk D. say

  2. Do you know if he back in two hours? A. will be come B. comes C. has been D. will be

  3. What are you like? . A. I like funny and energetic things B. I’m funny and energetic C. I look like my funny and energetic father D. I feel energetic
  4. Another thing that he very difficult was English grammar. A. finds B. knows C. found D. learned

  5. It me a lot of time an English composition last time. A. takes, to write C. spent, writing B. spends, to write D. took, to write

  6. He in the library for he called me from there a few minutes ago. A. should be B. must be C. would be D. might be

  7. I can hardly hear the radio. Would you please ? A. turn it on B. turn it down C. turn it up D. turn it off

  8. They don’t think it is good to have conversations with friends, because they always end up the speaking in Chinese when they get something . A. is exciting B. with exciting C. excited D. exciting

  9. You should keep the window because the room is so hot and damp. A. open B. closed C. opened D. close

  10. The old woman has two sons, but of them lives with her. A. both B. either C. neither D. none

  11. She often goes to bed with her bedroom .
A. light on
B. on light
C. on lighting
D. lighted on

  12. It is not a good habit in public places. A. chewing gum C. to chew gums B. to chew gum D. chew gums

  13. Lily, Don’t forget your sister at the airport. The plane will in an hour. A. meet, arrive C. meeting, get B. to meet, arrive D. meeting, reach

  14. Would you mind smoking? , I’ll do it in a few days. A. to give up, Not at all C. giving up, It’s pleasure B. giving up, Of course D. giving up, Not at all

  15. Peter is never late for school, he? . He always comes on time. A. is, Yes B. isn’t, No C. is, No D. isn’t, Yes
用下列方框中的单词和短语的适当形式填空( %) II. 用下列方框中的单词和短语的适当形式填空(
  10%) get along be fond of exercise pronounce used to be pretend speak watch belong to
come up with

  1. We should learn how to the English words correctly from our teachers.
  2. He know a little English, but few people can understand him if he uses English.
  3. She finds English language movies frustrating because the people speak too fast.
  4. There a bus-stop at the corner of the street five years ago.
  5. Most of the boys in our class playing soccer, aren’t they?
  6. There are lots of skirts on the chair. They can’t the boy students.
  7. Don’t worry. I’m well with my new classmates here.
  8. Mom often wakes Kate who to be asleep.
  9. He who is running down the street could be running for .
  10. Li Hong is a confident boy. He always III. 完形填空(
  15%) 完形填空( %) A. Greenland is the largest island in the world. It is in the 1 of Europe. Near Greenland is good solutions to his friends’ problem.
another island. It is small. Its name is Iceland. Do you think that Greenland is green and warm?
Do you think that Iceland is white with ice? If you do, you are 2 . Not many people live on the big island of Greenland. There are more people in your hometown than in all of Greenland. That is because Greenland is not green. Greenland is lots of ice. The ice covering Greenland is What 5 4 3 . Most of the island is covered with
than the world’s tallest building.
Iceland? Is it colder than Greenland? No, it is not. Iceland has ice, but not so Greenland. Iceland has a lot of hot springs. They give out hot water and steam. 7 cold as Greenland. And there are a lot 8 people who live in
much ice 6
The climate is not Iceland.
  1. A. east
  2. A. right
  3. A. green
  4. A. higher
  5. A. are
  6. A. like
  7. A. such
  8. A. many
B. west B. wrong B. blue B. highest B. about B. than B. so B. much B.
C. south C. clever C. white C. more high C. of C. as C. too C. more
D. north D. bright D. yellow D. much high D. on D. that D. much D. most
There are many kinds of sports. They are team sports and individual sports. Team sports are such sports 1 baseball, basketball, and volleyball. Team sports need two each other. They compete to get best score. For example, the game.
separate teams. The teams play 2
in a football game, if team A gets 7 points and team B gets 3 points, team A 3 Team sports are sometimes called competitive sports. Besides team sports, there is 4
main type, or kind, of sporting activity. The second type 5 teams. There isn’t any competition. play individual sports for the 7 others.
is individual sports. In individual sports there are
People play individual sports in order to get exercise. They 6
competition. Generally speaking, they want to get some exercise, not to Individual sports include swimming, skiing and running.
  1. A. like
  2. A. with
  3. A. wins B. as B. to B. beats C. for C.



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