Unit Three
Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes?
Shiqi Middle School Li Guojun
Do you have any rules at home? Do you have any rules at school ? Do your parents allow you to do the following things?
Do you agree?
This is Xiao Pang He is a ten-year-old boy. But now he can drive a bus, or car.
Obey the family rules!
As a teenager, we have a lot of rules at our house. Can you write down some of them?
I am allowed to …
I am not allowed to…
1a Listen and circle “T” or “F” .

  1.Anna can go to the mall with John.( T )
  2.Anna wants to get her ears pierced.( F )
  3.Anna is allowed to choose her own clothes.
(T )
2b Listen again. What are Kathy’s and Molly’s reasons? Number their reasons in the correct order. 4 It looks cool. 1 Young people need to sleep. 5 He needs to spend time with friends. 2 He needs time to do homework. 3 It doesn’t look clean.
2c PAIRWORK Make a list of things teenagers should and should not be allowed to do. Discuss your list with your partner.
Sample dialogue 1:
A: Do you think teenagers should be allowed to have mobile phones? B: Yes. It’s convenient for students and their parents to communicate with each other.
Read the conversation and answer the following questions.

  1. Can Sun Fei go out on school nights? No, she can’t.
  2. Can Sun Fei study at a friend’s house? Yes, she can.
  3. Who is allowed to go to the movies with friends on Friday? Both Sun Fei and Wu Yu.
  4. Does Sun Fei have to be home by 10:00 p.m? Yes, she does.
  5. What isn’t Wu Yu allowed to do? She isn’t allowed to get her ears pierced.
Write Sun Fei’s and Wu Yu’s rules in the chart. Use “Don’t” and “You can’t”. Sun Fei Wu Yu Don’t go out on school nights. You can study at a friend’s house. Don’t go out on school nights. You can go to the movies with friends on Friday nights. You can choose your own Don’t go out after 10:00 pm. clothes. You can go to the movies with Don’t get your ears pierced. friends on Friday nights.
You can go shopping with friends on Saturday afternoons.
Key phrases
1 be allowed to do 2 go out with their friends 3 a part-time job 4 get their ears pierced 5 their own clothes 6 driver’s license 7 too wild 8 serious enough 9 silly earring 10 Instead of 11 on weekends 被允许去作 与朋友们一起出去 一份兼职工作 穿他们的耳朵 他们自己的衣服 驾驶执照 太野性的 足够严肃 难看的耳环 替代 在周末
A: Do you ever get to class late? late? B: Yes, I sometimes get to class late. study with friends finish a test early worry that you’ll fail the test usually, often, hardly ever, never…
c e a b d
  1.Peter is going to …
  2.He isn’t allowed to …
  3.Peter wasn’t allowed to…
  4.He could …
  5.He should be allowed to… a.take the test. a.take b.pass the test. b.pass c.fail the math test. c.fail d.take the test later. d.take e.get to class late. e.get
Reading : 3a
Match the words and expressions with their meanings. the other day a. at this time; now concentrate on… b. chance at present c. several days ago opportunity d. of the place one lives in local e. keep one’s mind on
Read then answer the following Qs.
  1. What do the students in this article think about the school uniforms? The students think the uniforms are ugly.
  2. What kind of clothes do they want to wear? They want to wear their own clothes.
  3. How do they like to study? They like to study in groups during the evening.

  4. What are their ideas about vacations? They think that vacations should be longer.
  5. Why it is good to volunteer? Because longer vacations would give volunteers much more time to have a good experience. Volunteering is good experience for future jobs.
Fill in the blanks.
The other day , , my friends and I talked that we have in school about the rules. At wear uniforms our school, we have to every day. The problem is that all my classmates think the uniforms are ugly. look smart We think young people should and so we would like to wear our own clothes.
Our teachers believe that if we did that, concentrate more on we would our clothes than our. We disagree. studies feel more comfortable We would and is good for studying that. If we can’t do design that, we should be allowed to our a good way own uniforms. That would be to keep both teachers and students happy.
It’s also probably a good idea for parents allow teenagers to study in groups to get noisy during the evening. I know we learn a lot from each sometimes, but we . other We also think that vacations . should be longer they’re too . At present short.
Longer vacations would give us time to do like volunteering things. Last summer I had an opportunity to volunteer at the local hospital, but I couldn’t because I go back to school had to. It would be a good experience for me because I want to be a doctor when I’m older.
Self Check
Fill in each blank with the correct word given. Change the form of the word if necessary.
finish, allow, choose, need, clean up
  1.You have to be 18 years old before you allowed are to drive a car. finish
  2.What time do you basketball practice today? clean up
  3.Please the classroom. It’s a real mess.
  4.I can’t which pair of jeans to buy. choose They both look good on me. needs
  5.Everyone to have at least eight hours’ sleep a night.
Helping and Learning In this article, how many ideas can you find? Have a special day to help others Go to an old people’s home Visit primary schools and help teach young students Volunteer at the newspaper office Have Friday afternoon off to volunteer and help others
….The article said that students should be allowed to take time to help others. spend time helping others. I agree. Because volunteering is good experience for future jobs. It also said students should be allowed to have Friday afternoon off to volunteer and help others. I disagree. The students’ work is mainly study. They must study hard on weekdays and they can do volunteer work on weekends. Yours, xxx
Read the passage and circle “TRUE”, or “FALSE”.
  1. Liu Yu wants to be a writer.
  2. Parents worry about his study .
  3.Liu loves running so much.
  4. Parents think he should spend time on homework.
  5.Liu Yu isn’t serious about running.
  6.Parents think he needs to be realistic.
每晚8小时睡眠 每晚8 一所敬老院 小学 放假 答复 妨碍 实现梦想 做决定 考虑 最终 …的重要性
8 hours’ sleep a night an old people’s home primary school have … off reply to get in the way of… achieve the dream make decisions think about in the end the importance of…
对…认真的 关心 在…花费 担心 同意 非常脏
be serious about … care about spend … on … worry about agree with a real mess
Summary of reading:
  1. get in the way (of)... 妨碍... 自行车放在那里会妨碍别人的. 例:自行车放在那里会妨碍别人的. The bikes over there will get in the way of others.
  2. success (n.) successful (adj.) succeed (v.) 用在另一个动词前表示强调.
  3. do does did 用在另一个动词前表示强调. 他真的讲的很好. 例:他真的讲的很好. He does speak well. 最后.
  4. in the end = finally = at last 最后. 处于句首,并后跟状语时,全句需要倒装.
  5. only 处于句首,并后跟状语时,全句需要倒装. 只有到那时,他才明白. 例:只有到那时,他才明白. Only then did he understand it. 只有这样我们才能把英语学好. 只有这样我们才能把英语学好. Only in this way can we learn English well.
3a ChineseEnglish
  1. 这个孩子的懒惰是他进步的障碍。 这个孩子的懒惰是他进步的障碍。 ( get in the way of ) The boy’s laziness got in the way of his making great progress.
  2. 他每天花大量的时间打篮球。( spend time on ) 他每天花大量的时间打篮球。 He spends much of his time on basketball every day.
  3. 那个山村里的孩子们渴望上学。 那个山村里的孩子们渴望上学。 The children in that ( be serious about ) mountain village are serious about going to school.

  4. 家长关心孩子,孩子也应关心家长。 家长关心孩子,孩子也应关心家长。 ( care about ) Parents care about their children and children should care about their parents, too.
  5. 每一个人都有机会实现自己的梦想。( achieve ) 每一个人都有机会实现自己的梦想。 Everyone will have a chance to achieve his dreams.
  6. 大部分成年人在日常生活中都比青少年实际得 多。 ( realistic ) Most adults are more realistic than teenagers in daily life.
Work in groups
Parents’ Points Liu Yu’s Points
He wants to be a They worry about success professional athlete his at school. . They think he should He just wants to do enjoys spend time on study. what he .
→ → →
They think he needs realistic to be .
He is serious about running .
They think it is a very believes achieve He himself. difficult dream to.


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