Section A
吴 春 燕 龙港三中
Invention Museum
How much is it?
How much is it?
Only one group that gets the most scores(分数 分数)can enter the museum. 分数
What is it?
What is it?
What is it?
Microwave oven It is used for cooking and heating food
(加热 加热) 加热
What food can be heated in it?
What is it used for?
It is used for counting.
What are they used for?
light bulbs
They are used for giving light.
What is/are … used for? It’s/They’re … used for…
alarm clock
It’s an annoying invention. Because it wakes me up when I’m sleeping.
I think computer is the most helpful invention. Because it helps me search the information that I need.
A survey: What do you think is the most helpful/annoying inventions?
Name Helpful inventions Why Annoying why inventions
Useful expressions:
A: What do you think is the most helpful/annoying invention? B: I think the most helpful invention is… A: Why is that? B: Well, it gives/helps people…
Who was (telephone) invented by? It was invented by Bell. inventions Papermaking Plane Washing machine Light bulb Car Telephone inventors Henry Ford Edison Bell Ts’ai Lun Wright brothers fisher
When was it invented? 1976 1885 1927 1971 1976
Listen and match the inventions with the dates.
e d c
1876 1885 1927 1971 1976
When was the car invented? It was invented in 18
Group work:
What Printing
When Tang Dynasty
Who Chinese
Be used for Making copies
battery-operated 电池供电 slippers heated ice cream scoop shoes with adjustable heels
加热的 冰激凌勺
可调节 后跟的鞋
Listen and number the inventions in the order that you hear.
2b Listen again. Match the inventions with their inventors and uses.
Invention shoes with adjustable heels batteryoperated slippers heated ice cream scoop Who was it/ were What is it/ are they invented by? they used for? Chelsea Lanmon scooping really cold ice cream seeing in the dark
Jayce Coziar and Jamie Ellsworth
Julie Thompson
changing the style of the shoes
Try to be an inventor!
music candle activity glasses temperature cup
Welcome !
The passive voice.
被动语态的构成 构成: 被动语态的构成
be动词+ (及物动词的) be动词+ (及物动词的) 过去分词 及物动词的 动词
{ was (were) + done
am (is, are) + done 一般现在时
Homework: Describe one of your inventions And then write it down.



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