I. 看图,听录音,写出你所听到问题的正确答案。(20 分)
II. 单句改错。(20 分)

  1. Those is his books.

  2. Do your mother like chicken?

  3. Are you have French fry for lunch?

  4. -What are those? -Those are bananas.

  5. Are they your uncle?

  6. This is Jim picture.

  7. -Are these pencils cases? -Yes, they are.

  8. There are two birds on the tree.

  9. I know he name is Tom.

  10. -Do you have basketball? -Yes, I have.
II. 基础知识关。(20 分)

  1. Nice to you too.

  2. , I don't know his name.

  3. Can you play or basketball?

  4. This is my photo.

  5. Excuse . What's your telephone number?

  6. My is on the desk.

  7. Is the on the wall?

  8. Can you your name?

  9. Is your a movie star?

  10. Do you play sports day?
V. 阅读理解。(20 分)
Let's look at the picture. The boy's name is John. The girl in a white blouse (女衬衫) is his sister Rose. The other one in a yellow blouse is his sister, Mary. John and his sisters are students in No.10 Middle School. The two sisters are in Class 3, Grade 1, and John is in Class 2, Grade
  2. The man and the woman are their parents. Their father is a worker and their mother is a teacher. The old man and the old woman are John's grandfather and grandmother. It is a happy family.

  1. There are people in the family.
A. five B. six C. seven D. eight

  2. Mary is in a blouse and Rose is in a one.
A. yellow, white B. white, yellow
C. yellow, blue D. black, red

  3. John's sisters are .
A. not students
B. in the same class
C. in Grade 2
D. in different middle schools

  4. The children's is a teacher.
A. father B. grandfather
C. mother D. grandmother

  5. Which one is right?
A. The two girls have two brothers.
B. John and his sisters are in the same school.
C. The man's son is in Grade
D. Mary is in Grade
V. 你能看懂这个故事吗?把与图画相符的题号填入相应的横线上。(20 分)
A. Suddenly, a bear comes. Tom climbs up a tree.
B. Tom and David are good friends. One day, they walk across the forest. Tom says to David: "We must help each other."
C. Tom gets down the tree and asks David: "What does the bear say to you?"David answers: "He says 'A friend in need is a friend indeed.'"
D. But David can't do so. He pretends(假装)to be dead. The bear smells him and goes away.
  1. What are these?
  2. What color is this T-shirt?
  3. How much are these socks?
  4. Where is the basketball?
  1. They're keys.
  2. It's red.
  3. They're three dollars.
  4. It's on the desk. )
II. A.
  1. is→are。books 是复数,前面的动词 be 应用 are.

  2. Do→Does。 含有实义动词的第三人称单数的陈述句,变为一般疑问句时,要借助助动词 does。

  3. Are→Do。第二人称的含实义动词的陈述句变为一般疑问句时,要借助助动词 do。

  4. Those→They。回答时用 they 代替 those。

  5. uncle→uncles。Are they 表示复数,前后数要统一,所以 uncle 改为 uneles。

  6. Jim→Jim's。这里表示"吉姆的",要用名词所有格形式。

  7. pencils→pencil。名词做名词定语,变复数时做定语的名词不变。(man 和 woman 除外)

  8. on→in。表示"鸟、人在树上",介词要用 in;表示"生长在树上的果实"时,介词用 on。

  9. he→his。表示"他的",要用形容词性物主代词 his。

  10. have →do。"Do...?"的肯定回答为"Yes, I do.";否定回答为"No, I don't."。
  1. meet(横
  2. Sorry(横
  3. baseball(横
  4. family(横
  5. me(横
  8. spell(竖
  9. uncle(竖
  10. every(竖
V. 1-4 BADC



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