I、根据句意及首字母提示填词(10 分) 、根据句意及首字母提示填词(
  1.I love dumplings.They’re d .
  2.The sports show is boring.I can’t s it. to work.
  3.They have to wear a u
  4.It’s w outside.Put on your warm coat.
  5.Many people like wearing sunglass.It’s p .
  6.He is from Canada.He speaks English and F .
  7.My daughter has an o personality. like? ?It’s snowy.
  8.?What’s the w
  9.How did you s your summer holiday?
  10.Don’t go out at night.It’s d . II、单项选择(15 分) 、单项选择(
  1.Can Jim Latin? A.say B.speaks C.speak D.talk
  2.Here is action movie. A.a B.the C./ D.an
  3.Mr Green teaches physics. A.our B.my C.us D.his
  4.Did you finish ? A.clean B.cleaning C.to clean D.cleaned
  5.Thank you your kind help. A.for B.of C.to D.on
  6.Here some flowers my teacher. A.is;for B.are;to C.are;for D.is;of
  7.He often goes to the library vacation. A.in B.at C.for D.on
  8.There is a letter Jim Li Lei. A.from;to B.of;to C.to;from D.from;of
  9.Children enjoy TV very much. A.watch B.watching C.to watch D.to see
  10.He to bed very early last night. A.go B.goes C.going D.went
  11.Mrs Brown a small house a big garden. A.have;in B.has;in C.has;with D.have;with
  12.I have to to bed ten o’clock. A.go;about B.go;by C.going;at D.going;by
  13.There some fruit in the basket. A.have B.has C.is D.are
  14.I like P.E. it’s fun. A.why B.because C.for D.when
  15.Look,she a red skirt. , A.wears B.puts on C.is wearing D.is putting on
III、根据要求变换句型(5 分) 、根据要求变换句型(
  1.Nancy is from Canada.(改为同义句 改为同义句) 改为同义句 Nancy Canada. 对划线部分提问)
  2.My mother is doing housework at home.(对划线部分提问 对划线部分提问 your mother housework?
  3.How is the weather in Beijing?(改为同义句 改为同义句) 改为同义句 is the weather in Beijing?
  4.Jim went to Australia on vacation.(对划线部分提问 对划线部分提问) 对划线部分提问 Jim to Australia? 改为否定句)
  5.Do your homework in class.(改为否定句 改为否定句 your homework in class. VI、用动词的适当形式填空(10 分) 、用动词的适当形式填空(
  1.My son wants (be) a doctor when he finishes school.
  2.Don’t (arrive) late for school.
  3.Where(be) Li Lei last week?
  4.Would you like (have) a cup of coffee?
  5.Where are they? They (play) football at school.
  6.Look! Who (swim) in the river?
  7.Mr Zhang(not like) sports.
  8.Can they (speak) English?
  9.Be quiet,the baby (sleep). ,
  10.She often (help) her mother (make) dinner. V.、完形填空(10 分) 、完形填空( Mr Jenkins lives in a town. He works in a museum. There are a lot of old wonderful things in it. He likes his work and often goes to work on time. One day he left his office at twelve. He went to eat 1 .As soon as he went out of the gate,he met an old friend of 2 .They hadn’t seen each other for about , five years. Of course they were very 3 .His friend asked him 4 .He agreed 5 him,and they went into a restaurant. There they drank a lot. , Then his friend said,“Perhaps you’ve drunk now. Let me help you to your , 6 .” “No,no,”said Mr Jenkins. “ My office is only 7 walk. I can go there , , 8 .” When his friend left,it was 9 for him to stand. He was afraid to be , late and stopped a taxi. When he got on,the driver asked,“Where are you , , going, ,sir?” “To the Park Street.”“Oh! 10 ,sir, ,”the driver said in a hurry. “It’s just the Park Street.” “OK!” Mr Jenkins said and got off. He brought out some money and threw it to the driver. He shouted,“But don’t drive so fast next , time!”
  1.A.anything B.something C.nothing D.everything
  2.A.he B.him C.his D.himself
  3.A.happy B.angry C.sorry D.surprised
  4.A.to have B.to drink C.eat D.for lunch
  5.A.to B.no C.with D.for
  6.A.home B.house C.factory D.office

  7.A.two minute B.two minute’s C.two minutes’ D.two minutes’s
  8.A.me B.my C.mine D.myself
  9.A.difficult B.easy C.happy D.afraid
  10.A.Thank you B.Sorry C.Certainly D.I’d love to VI.、阅读理解(10 分) 、阅读理解( A My name is Alan. I live in Beijing. Now I am sitting at the window. I often sit here. I can look at the street. In Beijing the buses are blue. A bus is coming now. There is a bus stop in front of our house. A lot of people are waiting for the bus. Look, old woman is coming. She often misses the bus, an because she never runs. , , Today she is lucky. The bus driver is waiting for her.
  1.I often sit . A.at thedoor B.behind the window C.at mywindow D.near the table
  2.There is a bus stop . A.under our house B.near our house C.in front of our house D.far away from my house
  3. are waiting for the bus. A.A few people B.Many people C.Old woman D.Young people
  4.The old woman often misses the bus because she . A.doesn’t run B.doesn’t come C.can’t come D.runs quickly
  5.What does the word “lucky” mean in Chinese? A.准时的 B.悲伤的 C.幸运的 D.吃惊的 准时的 悲伤的 幸运的 吃惊的 B. 请阅读山西省某月三天内的天气状况, 请阅读山西省某月三天内的天气状况,然后完成表格 。分别把当天中会经历 的天气状况用√标出 标出。 的天气状况用 标出。 Here’s the weather report . On Monday it rains and it’s windy all day .You can feel a little bit cold because it is windy . And it is humid . On Tuesday morning it is cloudy . But it is sunny in the afternoon . On Wednesday it is windy and it snows . It is cold all day . Monday Tuesday Wednesday (
  6) sunny (
  7) rain (
  8) cloudy (
  9) snow (
  10) windy C. 请根据短文内容判断下列各句正(T) (T)误 请根据短文内容判断下列各句正(T)误(F) Birds can fly in the air .Fishes can swim in water .Tigers live on land. They are different but they are all animals .People like many interesting and beautiful animals but also dislike many of them .The Mickey Mouse(米老鼠)appears(出 (米老鼠) ( 现)on a lot of toys and clothes for children .It is children’s favorite all over the world .But a real mouse isn’t cute . No one likes it . ( )
  1. Tigers can’t fly .
( )
  2. People like all animals . ( )
  3. The Mickey Mouse is a real animal in the zoo . ( )
  4. Children like Mickey Mouse very much . ( )
  5. A real mouse is also cute . 答案: 答案: I.
  3. uniform
  4. windy
  5. popular French
  7. outgoing
  8. weather
  9. dangerous
  10. spend II.1-5 CDCBA 6-10 CDABD 11-15 BCCCB III.
  1. comes from
  2. Where is;doing
  3. Don’t do
  4. When did;go
  5. What;like IV.
  1. to be
  2. arrive
  3. was
  4. to have
  5. are playing
  6. is swimming
  7. helps;make
  8. speak
  9. is sleeping
  10. doesn’t like V. 1-5 BCACD 6-10 DDDAC VI.1-5 CCCAB B: : Monday Tuesday Wednesday 6sunny √ 7rain √ 8cloudy √ 9snow √ 10windy √ √ C:T F F T F :




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