新目标英语七年级下册学案 新目标英语七年级下册学案 英语
Unit1 Where’s your pen pal from? Section A Teacher’s words: Actions speak louder than words. Language aims: 知识目标:
  1. Words: Canada, France, Japan, the United States, Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Sydney, New York, Pairs, Toronto, Tokyo, French, Japanese, pal, country, live, language, world, like, dislike.
  2. Phrases: talk about, be from/ come from, pen pal, speak English, a little 与 little 的区别, my favorite subject, tell sb. about sth,
  2) Where does he live?
  3) What language does he speak?
  4) What’s your favorite subject? 能力目标:学会谈论人们的国籍、居住城市及所说语言。 情感目标:了解世界,了解不同地区的人文风俗,学会理解和尊重异国文 化。 教学重难点:
  1. 国家及城市名称。
  2. come from 的用法。 教学过程: Ⅰ、预习检测:
  9.去看电影 Ⅱ、情景导入:
  1. To show a photo of Sydney and talk about it.
  2. To ask the students some questions. Ⅲ、自主探究:
  1. The students open the books, turn to Page 81 and read the first letter. After that, the students answer three simple questions.
  2. The students read after the tape and go on answering some more questions. Ⅳ、合作交流: 七年级下册英语学案 第 1 页
  8. 太难
  10.喜欢做某事 like doing sth.
  3. Important sentences:
  1) Where’s your pen pal from?

  1.The students read the letters that the teacher gives them and then choose one pen pal they like.
  2.Do a report. My partner’s name is . His new pen pal’s name is . He is years old. He is from . He lives in . At school, he likes . His favorite is . I think he can be my partner’s pen pal. Do you think so? Ⅴ、拓展创新: Groupwork
  1.Discussion: In your group, do you like your pen pals? Who likes? Why? ( Tell some reasons )
  2.Report. In our group, of us like his pen pal. Because his pen pal … Ⅵ、典型例题解析。
  1.Marry, please show your picture.(20
  08), A. my B. mine C. I D. me 解题:show 后面应该加宾格形式,故应该选择 D
  2.This isn’t pencil case, I left mine at home.(20
  08) A. my B. me C. I D. myself 解题:形容词性物主代词修饰名词,故应该选 A Ⅶ、达标测试: 一、首字母填空
  1. She l in Bei Hai.
  2. What l does Maria speak?
  3. Where are your friend f?
  4. King’s f movie is the Long Weekend.
  5. China is a great c .
  6. Mr. Brown is from A.
  7. Can he speak J ?
  8. Rush Hour is an action m .
  9. It is an i story.
  10. J is the seventh month in the year. 二、单选 ( )
  1. do you come from? A. When B. How C. Where D. Why 七年级下册英语学案 第 2 页
( )
  2.Sam likes his friends. A. to play A. at B. plays C. in C. play with D. behind In Australia. D. playing with ( )
  3.She lives Sydney. B. on ( )
  4.Where she ?
A. do; live B. does; lives C. do; lives D. does; live ( )
  5.Do you want French? A. to learn B learns. C. learning D. learn 三、完形填空:阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的四个选项 中选出最佳答案,并将其标号填入括号内。 Li Mei has a new classmate from New York. His 1 is Peter. Everything here 2 new to him. He doesn’t speak Chinese, but he speaks good English. He can Li Mei to thought she could 3 many games, too. Miss Yang asked 4 him to speak Chinese. Li Mei was very 5 . She 6 English from Peter. Now she can speak 8 some Chinese words.
7 English and Peter can
Now they are 9 at table and having 10 at school. Li Mei teaches him how to use chopsticks. ( )
  1. A. friend ( )
  2. A. am ( )
  3. A. play ( )
  4. A. see ( )
  5. A. sorry ( )
  6. A. get ( )
  7. A. any ( )
  8. A. tell ( )
  9. A. sitting ( )
  10. A. a meeting VIII、 课后反思: B. classmate C. name D. teacher B. is B. have B. watch B. careful B. borrow B. some B. write B. a party C. are C. like C. help C. sad C. learn C. many C. say C. lunch D. be D. send D. tell D. happy D. teach D. no D. read D. tea
B. standing C. working D. talking
  1)I’ll (写)
  2) They bought a house
  2. -an E-mail to my cousin in Canada. (有) a big garden. -- Certainly. 七年级下册英语学案 第 3 页
,Can you pass the dictionary to me, please?
A. I’m sorry. A. at
B. Pardon. B. on C. in
C. Thank you. Beijing. D. to
D. Excuse me

  3. Tom told me his parents had arrived
Unit1 Where’s your pen pal from? Section B Teacher’s words: All roads lead to Rome. Language aims: 知识目标:
  1. Words: Japanese, French, country, Toronto, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, world, pen pal, any, dislike, from, country, people, language
  2. Phrases: be...from=com from, live in ...,
  3. Important sentences: ⑴-- Is that from your new pen pal? --Yes, it is. ⑵I live in Toronto ,Canada, and I want a pen pal in China. ⑶I think China is a very interesting country. ⑷-Where does he live? -He lives in Mexico City. 能力目标:学会如何询问他人来自哪里和如何回答别人的提问。 情感目标:学会与他人友好相处 学习重难点
  2、学习难点:What does she want? 学习过程:
  1. 预习导学及自测 ⑴听录音记忆单词。 ⑵小组互相检查读写情况。 ⑶写出下列单词并展示。 笔友 国家名/国家人/语言/ 居住/住在.../住在这儿(那儿) 首都,省会/城市(纽约、东京、多伦多、悉尼、巴黎、伦敦) 来自...;...国人; 说话;演讲(说话能力,+语言名词) (中国、加拿大、日本、澳大利亚、英国、美国、新加坡、法国、韩国、墨 西哥、西班牙) ⑷在小组内核对答案。 七年级下册英语学案 第 4 页 live here/there
⑸完成 1 将单词与图画匹配
  2、情景导入 ⑴Greet the class as usual and check the homework. ⑵The students read the new words of Unit 1 together. ⑶Check some words of this unit 1 .
  3、自主探究 Students’ activities Read articles and dialogues about unit
  1.Teacher provides guided oral practice using the targret language。Student reads the dialogues in the class. Two students read the dialogues to the class, Master some grammer points.
  4、合作交流 Talk about countries, nationalities and languages. Ask and tell where people live by themselves. Make statements about your country of origin and languages you speak. For example:I come from Japan. I speak Janpanese。 B:Teacher’s help
  1).Revise some language points.vAsk students to work in pairs. After they have practice for a few mintues, Ask various pairs to present importances to the class.
  2).Sentences ? Where is your pen pal from ? ?Where does she live ? ? She is from Mexico. ?She lives in Mexico City .
?What language does she speak? ?She speaks English and Spanish .
  5、拓展创新 ① Please write a word in each blank and you can find information to complete the letter on the ID cards. ② Ask a student to read the letter aloud with all the answers in place. ③ Ask students to use 3b as an example .Write an e-mail about themselves. ④ Ask several students to read their letters to the class.
  6、达标检测 一、英汉词组互译(10 分):
  4.一点儿日语 二、选择填空(20 分): 七年级下册英语学案 第 5 页
  6. the United Kingdom
  7. the United States
  9. in Australia

  8. tell me about yourself
  10. New York
( )
  1.-- is this pencil case ? ( )
  2. --Where are Emma’s parents from? A. It’s A .France A. from A. come B. These’re B. Mexico B. live , in C. She’s
--It’s from the USA. -- from Japan. D. They’re
A. What, from B. What color, / C. Where, from D. Where, /
( )
  3.?What language does your new pen pal speak? . C. Spanish D. Korea --She lives in Beijing. D. live C. live D. live in --. C. lives ( )
  4.?Where does she ?
( )
  5. My new pen pal Canada and speaks English. from B is from ( )
  6.?Is that your new friend?
A. Yes, she is. B. No, he isn’t C. Yes, it is D. No, that isn’t ( )
  7.Does she have brothers sisters? A. some, and B. any, and C. some ,or D.ANY, OR C. to go, playing D. going ,to play ( )
  8.She likes to the movies and basketball. A. go to play B. going, playing ( )
  9. Do you Australia? A. speak B. from C. live D. come from ( )
  10.London is the capital of . A. the United States B. the United Kingdom C. Australia D. Japan ( )
  11.The people in America speak. A. English B. French. C .Chinese D. America ( )
  12.He French very well, so he it in French. A. speaks, says A. tells A.. a little B. says B. few B. speaks, speaks C. says, speaks D. say, say C. speaks C. little C. talk D. talks D. a few D. tell ( )
  13. “This is my new pen pal,” She . ( )
  14.There is coffee in the bottle, is there? ( )
  15.Can you it in French? A. speak B. say 三、句型转换(10 分):
  1.Where is your pen pal from? = Where your pen pal
  2.Where does he live ? =
  3.What’s her favorite subject? = What subject like ? 七年级下册英语学案 第 6 页 from? does he live ?

  4.They speak English.
do they speak?
  1. “Does Wang Li English well ? ”“Sure . She studied it for two years in America . ”(莱芜市) A. speak B. talk C. say D. tell
  2. Please tell me .I have some good news for him. (2008 重庆) A. where Robert lives B. Where does Robet live C. where Robert lived D. where did Robert live
  8.Conclusion 总结本节课知识点,让学生举手示意自己不理解或者不明白的地方。
  9. Homework 根据课本 SectionB?3b 部分,write an e-mail about yourself.
  10.课后反思: ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? Unit 2 Where's the post office ? Section A Teacher’swords A friend in need is a friend indeed. Language aims: 知识目标:
  1.Words:post,office,restaurant,library,supermarket,bank,park,pay,street,center, mail,near,bridge,across,between,front,behind,excuse,straight,turn,left, right,down
  2. Phrases: post office, across from, Excuse me, In front of, next to, turn left,turn right, take a taxi
  3. Important sentences: --Is there a supermarket? --Where’s the park? --Where’s the hotel? --Where’s the pay phone? --Yes, there is./No, there isn’t. --It’s on Center Street. --It’s across from the bank. --It’s next to the post office.
--Where’s the library? --It’s between the restaurant and the supermarket. 能力目标:Ask for and give direction on the street 七年级下册英语学案 第 7 页
情感目标:学会如何询问路径,通过学习文中的方位词正确表达自己的意 思。培养学生在陌生环境下能独立生存的能力。 教学重点:掌握重点词汇、短语和句型 教学难点: 用 Where + be(is/are) + the … 句型来询问地点(场所) ; 灵活掌握指示方向的句型。 学习过程: (
  1) Leading 教师根据 Section A?1a 图片内容绘制一幅类似的图片, 也可根据学校所在 城市绘制图片,图片上标注主要建筑物和街道的名称。
T:Look at the map . You are standing in the footprints (脚印), someone comes to you and asks the way. Can you answer his questions? ( ) 1 . Which street or road am I standing on now? A. New Street. B. Market Street. C. East Road. D. No Answers. ( )
  2. How do I get to the library? A.Go along North Road and then turn left into West Road. Then you can see the library on your right. B. Go along North Road and take the second turning on the left, and then turn right. Now you can see the library on the left. C. Go along Market street and then turn left into Ferry street. And now you can see the library. D. Go along North Road and take the third turning on the left. and then turn right into River Street. Now you can see the library on your right. ( )
  3. Which is the shortest way for me to get to the Ferry? A. Market Street Ferry Street. B. East Road Ferry Street. 七年级下册英语学案 第 8 页
C. Market Street Little Street. North Road. Ferry Street. D. East Road High Street Market Street Ferry Street. ( )
  4. Which road should I take to go to the swimming pool? A. Old Street. B. East Road. C. Market Street. D. North Ro 教师给学生留五分钟时间做完上面四道题, 然后订正答案, 但是不细讲原因。 (
  2)知识讲解 a. Listening. T:通过做题我们看出询问地点以及正确的指示方向在我们的日常生活中 经常碰到,那么如何正确的表达呢,今天这节课我们将会作主要讲


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