新目标英语七年级下册 Unit 1 单元测评
I. Complete the sentences according to the letter given.
  1. ?W are you from??I’m from China.
  2. I like physics, but I d math.
  3.China is a great c .
  4. I have a pen p in America. . __ .

  5. We have friends all over the w
  6. I think Jack will come back s
  7. What l does he speak?
  8. Swimming is my f

  9. He is from France.He speaks F .
  10. Where does your pen pal l?
II. Choose the best answers. ( )
  11. I can a little English. A .say ( B. talk C. speak D. tell )
  12. ?Where does your cousin live? ? She Toronto. A. live ( B. lives in C. lives D. live in )
  13. ?Where he come from? ?He from Singapore. A. is; is ( B. do; comes C. does; is D. do; come
  14. She lives in China, but she can only speak Chinese. A. little B. many C. much D. a little
  15.Please tell me your new pen pal. A. about B. of C. on D. in
III. Choose the best answers from the box below. A: Excuse me. Are you from London? B: No. __16 A: Where is New York? B: 17 A:Can you speak Chinese? B: 18 A: 19 B: Yes, but only a little. A: 20 B: I work in No.1 Middle School in Beijing.
A. It’s in the United States. B. Can you speak French? C. I’m from New York. D. I can’t speak English. E. Where do you work? F. No, it’s too difficult for me. G. I’m not from Sydney.
IV. Cloze test. Liu Bing is Zhang Kun’s friend, and now he is in a high school in Ottawa. This is a letter__21 Liu Bing to Zhang Kun. Dear Zhang Kun, Thank you 22 your postcard. I’m 23 to you in the reading-room. Now I have 24 old, his
many new friends here. Henry is one of them, he is my classmate. He is 14 mother is a Canadian, but his father is from Australia. He often for dinner 26 25
me to go to his home
his parents. His family like China very much. At school, we have many 27 her Miss Green. She teaches English. 28 very much, and we all
good teachers. One of them is from the USA, We
Our French teacher is Mr. Smith, he is from Paris. He loves
love him. Our Chinese teacher is Mr. Scott, He likes Chinese kung fu very much. After school, he often talks to me in Chinese. 29 is your English now? I want to know something 30 you very much, please
write to me soon. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  21. A. for )
  22. A. for )
  23. A. telling )
  24. A. year )
  25. A. tells )
  26. A. and )
  27. A. calls )
  28. A. us )
  29. A. What )
  30. A. about B. to B. with B. talking B. month B. asks B. with B. tell B. we B. How B. at C. from C. at C. writing C. months C. ask C. for C. tells C. I C. Where C. in D. at D. to D. speaking D. years D. call D. in D. call D. it D. Who D. for
V. Reading comprehension. Mr. and Mrs. Green come from the United Kingdom. They live in Shanghai now. Mr. Green is a teacher in a school. He teaches English. He likes reading and running. His son, is a student. He likes playing football very much. He likes school, too. Mrs. Green can speak a little Chinese. She likes Chinese food. She doesn’t like washing clothes at all, but she likes cooking. They all like
China a lot. They say the Chinese people are very friendly. ( )
  31. Mr. and Mrs. Green come from . A. Canada ( B. Australia C. America D. U.K.
  32. likes running. A. Tom B. Mr. Green C. Mrs. Green D. They
  33. Mrs. Green doesn’t like at all. A. Chinese food B. cooking C. washing clothes D. teaching
  34. Mr. Green and Mrs. Green both like very much. A. China B. Chinese C. playing D. writing
  35. can speak a little Chinese. A. Mr. Green B. Mrs. Green C. Tom D. They
VI. Writing. 你最近结交了一个美国笔友, 你的同学也非常想认识他, 现在请你根据所给的信息将你 笔友的情况向大家做一个简要的介绍。
Name: Mike Language:English
Age: 15
Nationality(国籍): America
Likes:swimming, playing football, reading books Favorite subjects:math, P.E. Favorite city:Beijing

答案 I.
  10.live II. 11-15CBCDA IV. 21-25 CACDB VI. One possible version: I have a new pen pal, His name is Mike. He is 15 years old. He comes from America, he speaks English. He has many hobbies, he likes swimming, playing football and reading books. He is a very clever boy. His favorite subjects in school are math and P.E. He likes playing sports very much. He likes China very much, and his favorite city is Beijing. He wants to come to Beijing some day. III. 16-20CAFBE 26-30 BDABA V. 31-35DBCAB


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