新目标英语七下 Unit3 知识点自测题
[知识应用自测] 知识应用自测] Ⅰ.根据句意及首字母提示完成单词
  1.What a do you like?I like dogs best. 答案:animals "dogs"为复数形式.
  2.Class begins.Please be q . 答案:quiet 原因为"开始上课了" .
  3.There are many green l on the tree in summer. 答案:leaves 树上有很多叶子,故 leaf 用其复数 leaves.
  4.The g have long necks.Many people want to see them. 答案:giraffes 有长脖子且首字母以 g 开头的,本单元所学的只有 giraffe,关键词 necks,them 表明"长颈鹿"为多个.
  5.We have Chinese,math,English and o subjects. 答案:other "其他的" . Ⅱ.单项选择
  6.He is .He is very good at math. A.busy B.lazy C.clever 答案:C 从后一句"他擅长数学"看,busy"忙"lazy"懒"不合适, 故选 C"聪明的" .
  7.? doesn't she go with you? ?Because she has much homework to do. A.What B.Why C.When 答案:B 回答用"because"引导,则问句应询问原因.
  8.Where do lions come? A.from B.in C.into 答案:A come 与三个选项搭配的含义如下:come from 意为"来自" ; come in 意为"进来" ;come into 意为"进入" .
  9.Let's the pandas first. A.seeing B.to see C.see 答案:C "让某人做某事"为 let sb. do sth.,所以 let 之后的动词须 用原形.
  10.? are koalas from? ?Australia. A.When B.What C.Where 答案:C 回答表示地点.
  11.My mother doesn't like . A.run B.swimming C.skating 答案:C like 可以加两种形式:like to do sth. 或 like doing sth.,swim 应双写 m 加 ing,即 swimming.
  12.I like this story-book because it's very . A.cute B.interesting C.smart 答案:B cute 和 smart 修饰人或动物,一般不修饰没有生命的东西; 答题向导 ←提示词:dogs. ←Class begins.上课. ←注意名词的单复数. ←看特征.
←回答用 because....
←let 的用法.
←注意 like 的用法.
  13.The koala gets up and at night. A.eats leaf B.eat leaf C.eats leaves 答案:C and 表示并列,故应用动词 eats,leaf 应该用复数 leaves.
  14.Look!The dolphins in the water. A.is swimming B.are swimming C.swim 答案:B 标志词"Look! "表明句子要用现在进行时态;主语"The dolphins"为复数形式.
  15.? she during the day? ?Yes,she does. A.Does;sleep B.Do;sleep C.Are;sleeping 答案:A 回答用助动词 does;故问句也应用助动词 does 帮助构成一 般疑问句. Ⅲ.完成句子.请根据中文意思完成句子,每空一词.
  16.大象有点意思. Elephants are interesting. 答案:kind of kind of 有点,稍微.
  17.白天他和他的朋友们玩耍. He his friends the day. 答案:plays with,during he 作主语,谓语动词要用第三人称单数形 式;during the day 在白天.
  18.让我们先去看长颈鹿. giraffes . 答案:Let's see,first let sb. do sth."让某人干某事" ,let 后加动词原 形.
  19.狮子也来自非洲. Lions from Africa. 答案:also come 或 are also also 用于助动词,系动词和情态动词后, 行为动词前.
  20.你还喜欢其他什么动物? animals do you like? 答案:What other Ⅳ.句型转换
  21.I want to see the lions.(对划线部分提问) you want ? 答案: What do, do 对 to "动作" 提问用 "What...do?" want to do sth. , 表示"想要干某事" .
  22.Can you tell me how I can get to the airport?(同义句转换) Can you tell me the airport? 答案:the way to the way to 表示"去……的路" ,这是复合句与简单
←英语和汉语对照一下, 看看每 个句子重点考查哪个词组或单 词的用法.
←对一个动作提问时要注意什 么?
  23.Mary wants to go to the zoo with her friends.(同义句转换) ←注意同义词的转换. Mary to go to the zoo with her friends. 答案:would like want to do sth.其同义词为 would like to do sth. 想要 " 干某事" ;want 有人称和数的变化,而 would 则没有.
  24.His brother likes dolphins.(对划线部分提问) his brother ? 答案:What animals does,like 对动物提问用 What animals 或 What animal,句中 dolphins 为复数形式.
  25.Let's see the pandas first.(同义句转换) ←表示建议的句型有哪些? seeing the pandas first? 答案:What about Let's...是表示建议的句型,此句型还有 What/How about doing sth.?Shall we do sth.?Would you like to do sth.? Ⅴ.用所给单词的适当形式填空
  26.The animal usually (sleep) and (relax) hours every day. ←注意主语的单复数形式. 20 答案: sleeps; relaxes usually 为一般现在时的标志词, 主语 the animal 为单数形式,故动词应该用第三人称单数形式.
  27.Koalas like to eat (leaf). ←注意 leaf 的单复数. 答案:leaves 按常理"树袋熊要吃很多叶子" ,故用 leaf 的复数形式 leaves.
  28.Why not (take)a taxi to go home? 答案:take 句型 Why not do sth.?
  29.The dolphins are very to us.They are our (friend). ←friend 的词形转换有哪些? 答案:friendly;friends be friendly to sb. 对某人友好;主语"the dolphins"为复数形式.
  30.What other (animal) Tom (like)? ←注意句子的时态和主语的单 答案:animals does,like what other animals 意思为"其他的动物" ; 复数. 主语 Tom 为单数形式. Ⅵ.阅读理解,根据短文内容,判断句子正(T)误(F) Susan is a little girl.She is five years old.She doesn't go to school and doesn't know how to read and write.But her sister Mary is a school girl.She is ten. One day,Susan sits at the table with a pen in her hand and a piece of paper in front of her."What are you doing,Susan?"Mary asks. "I'm writing a letter to my friend,Rose."Susan says. "But you can't, "Her sister says."You don't know how to write." "Well, "Susan says."Rose is only four.She doesn't know how to read."
  31.Susan is a maths teacher.She is a good girl. 答案:F 由第一段前三句可看出,Susan 只是一个小女孩.
  32.Mary knows how to read and write.
答案:T 由"But her sister Mary is a school girl.She is ten."可看出.
  33.Susan doesn't know how to read and write. 答案:T
  34.Rose studies very hard. 答案:F 由短文最后两句可获知 34,35 两题的答案.
  35.Rose is over five years old. 答案:F


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