新目标英语七年级下册第 单元检测题 新目标英语七年级下册第 3 单元检测题

I. Complete the sentences according to the letter given.
  1. I like dolphins. They are f to people.
  2. I think pandas are l . Because they like to sleep.
  3. I’m tired. I want to r myself(我自己).
  4. Let’s go to the zoo to see the a .
  5. Gina lives in her aunt’s house d the weekend.
  6. Look at the flowers. They’re very b .
  7. This is a m of China.
  8. I’m k of tired after a long walk. I want to have a rest.
  9. Koalas get up and eat l at night.
  10. I think giraffes are good-looking, but lions are u . II. Choose the best answers. II.11-15DCDBC ( )
  11. Let’s go and the koalas. A. look ( B. look at C. watch D. see 16-20DCACA
  12.?Why do you want to see the pandas? ? they are very friendly and cute. A. So B. And C. Because D. But
  13.My brother often his friends. A. play with B. play C. plays D. plays with
  14.There is elephant in the zoo. elephant is from Africa. A. an/An B. an/The C. a/The D. a/An
  15.Tigers often sleep the day , but night they go out for food. A. in in B. at at C. during at D. during in
  16.?Don’t you have a brother? ?. A. No, I do B. Yes, I am not C. Yes, I don’t D. No, I don’t
  17. it like that. A. Don’t B. Not do C. Don’t do D. To do
  18.Meat delicious, but don’t eat too much. A. is B. are C. be D. am
  19. turn green in spring. A. Leaf B. Leafs C. Leaves D. Leave
  20.This animal is ugly.
A. kind of C. kinds of
kind of kind of
B. a kind of a kind of D. kind of a kind of
III.Complete the conversation according to the Chinese.
  1.Do you like animals?
  22.They are very interesting.
  23.They are from China.
Peter: Excuse me. 21? (你喜欢动物吗?) Kate: Yes, I do. Peter: What animals do you like? Kate: I like penguins.
  22. (它们很有趣。) Peter: Do you like pandas? Kate: Yes, I do. __
  23. (它们来自中国。) What animals do you like? Peter: I like dolphins. Kate: 24? (你为什么喜欢海豚?) Peter: Because they are very clever. Kate: Let’s go to the zoo on Sunday. Peter: OK. __ 25? (动物园在哪里?) Kate: It’s next to a post office on Center Street. IV. Cloze test. 26-30BBCAC 31-35 DADAA V. 36-40CCCBA
There are different(不同)__26 of animals in the zoo. We can see the zoo keepers(饲养 员) give them food to27__. They don’t have to28__ food by themselves. They just eat , walk and sleep __29day. So many of us may think the animals in the zoo are __30 and lucky. But most of them are sad. Why ? They are no longer free.(不再自由) Animals __31__ elephants ,monkeys and tigers usually live freely and happily 32__ forests(森林)or mountains(高山). Tigers, for __33 ,run, jump, play 34__their children and catch small animals for food. But now they have to stay in small rooms in the zoo. Their life in the zoo is quite different from their life in the forests. Now many people think more animals should go earth will become better. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  26. A. kind )
  27. A. do )
  28. A. see )
  29. A. all )
  30. A. sad )
  31. A. and )
  32. A. in )
  33. A. it )
  34. A. with B. kinds B. eat B. for B. in B. good B. with B. at B. us B. to C. a kind of C. play C. find C. at C. happy C. in C. on C. what C. at D. a kind D. drink D. look D. on D. difficult D. like D. behind D. example D. in 35__ to forests and mountains so that the
  35. A. back
B. /
C. and
D. for
V. Reading comprehension. Visit Swansea Zoo Come and see the Indian elephants and the new tigers from America. The bears are waiting to meet you ,and the monkeys from China are waiting to throw things at you. The cute dogs from Australia are waiting to laugh at you, and the giraffes from Zambia are waiting to look down on you. Tickets(票价): Grown-ups(成人): $
  2.00 Children : Over 12: $
  1.00 Keep the zoo clean! Do not touch , give food to or go near the animals Opening time :
  10.00 a.m.?-
  3.00 p.m. ( Mon.?Fri. ) Saturday and Sunday 9:00 a. m.?-4:00 p. m. ( )
  36. How many kinds of animals are in the zoo ? A. Four ( B. Five C. Six D. Seven Under12 : Free
  37. Now Mr Smith is in the zoo with his two sons ,they are 14 and 10 , how much are the A. $
  4.00 B. $
  2.00 C. $
  3.00 D. $
tickets ?
  38. Which of the following is the visiting time ? A. 9 : 30 a. m. Monday. C. 3 : 30p. m. Saturday. B. 3 :30 p.m. Tuesday. D. 8 : 30 a. m. Sunday.
  39. What can’t you see in the zoo ? A. tigers B. dolphins C. monkeys D. dogs
  40. Which of the following can we do in the zoo ? A. To take many nice photos. C. To touch the monkey on the head. B. To give some food to the dogs. D. To throw things everywhere.
VI. Writing. 明天是星期天,John 和 Jack 相约一起玩。他们要去动物园。编写一段对话,说一说 他们的计划和喜欢的动物。要求:词数 60 左右。
One possible version:
John:Tomorrow is Sunday.Let’s to the zoo,Jack. Jack: Great!I like animals. John:I like pandas.They’re very interesting. Jack:Me,too.And I also like dolphins.I like to watch them play in the water. John:Yes.They are very friendly.And do you like tigers?
Jack:Yes.But they’re kind of scary.Lions are scary,too. John:OK.Let’s go and see them tomorrow.
__ __



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