I’d like some noodles.
Li Xia
NO.13 Middle School
Betty bought a bit of better butter.
A:What kind of animals would you like? B:I’d like pandas.
like? A:What kind of food would you like? B:I’d like some noodles/rice. d
A:What kind of vegetables would you like? B:I’d like some carrots/broccoli.
like? A:What kind of meat would you like? B:I d B:I’d like some beef.
Make a dialogue with your partner: A:What kind of …would you like? B:I’d like….
Special 1
Special 2
Special 3
Special 4
I work in a restaurant. We have many kinds of noodles for you to choose.Welcome to our restaurant.
A:What kind of noodles would you like? B: I’d like beef and tomato noodles.
Special 1
Special 2
Special 3
Special 4
Memory Game
Make a sentence:
I’d like ... noodles.
beef beef beef beef beef beef
potato potato cabbage potato cabbage mutton potato cabbage mutton tomato potato cabbage mutton tomato fish
A:What size bowl of noodles would you like? B: I’d like large.
Please describe(描述)the describe(描述)the 描述 noodles (size,kind).
A small bowl of beef and tomato noodles. A large bowl of mutton and onion noodles. A large bowl of chicken and tomato noodles. A small bowl of beef and onion noodles.
Please give the right order(顺序):
A: B: C: D: E: F: G: H: I: J: What kind of noodles do you have? Can I help you? We have small,medium and large bowls. Ok,I’d like mutton and potato noodles,please. We have beef,chicken,mutton,cabbage,potato, tomato…. What kind of noodles would you like? Sure.And what size would you like? I’d like some noodles,please. Oh,a medium bowl,please. What sizes do you have?
Read this dialogue:
A: Can I help you? B: I’d like some noodles,please. A: What kind of noodles would you like? B: What kind of noodles do you have? A: We have beef,chicken,mutton,cabbage,potato, tomato…. B: Ok,I’d like mutton and potato noodles,please. A: Sure.And what size would you like? B: What sizes do you have? A: We have small,medium and large. B: Oh,a medium bowl,please.
Show Time
Look at this menu. Make your own dialogues.
Noodles Menu
small medium large
7 6 10 8
Beef and carrot Mutton and potato Chicken and cabbage Tomato and egg
5 4
5 3
6 5
8 7
Homework Please make a bowl of noodles for your parents when you get home.
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