新目标英语七年级下册第十单元 Unit 10 Where did you go on vacation 测试题 笔试(80 分) I. 单词拼写 (10 分) A) 根据汉语提示完成下列单词。
  1. They are my (同学).
  2. A boy is (哭泣) in the classroom.
  3. Did you (决定) to help her?
  4. They (讨论) the test last night.
  5. There is a girl in the (角落). B) 用所给适当形式填空。
  6. Yesterday was a day. (sun)
  7. His mother is friendly to us, but his father is (friend).
  8. She (stay) at home last night.
  9. The bus trip was (relax). We had a good time.
  10. Write two (reporter) on your vacation. II. 单项选择 (15 分) ( )
  1. Did you go to Central Park? . A. Yes, you did B. Yes, I did C. No, you didn’t ( )
  2. We often have good fun English. A. to learn B. learning C. learned ( )
  3. It was sunny and we all morning. A. play B. playing C. played ( )
  4. I found a little boy in the corner. A. crying B. cried C. cry ( )
  5. was your vacation? It was great. A. Where B. How C. What ( )
  6. There were many people on the bus, and it was . A. unfriendly B. crowded C. cheap ( )
  7. He ate a lot at lunch because the food was . A. hot B. awful C. delicious ( )
  8. The policeman helped the boy the hotel. A. found B. find C. finds ( )
  9. They went to the Great Wall vacation. A. at B. on C. to ( )
  10. They decided you. A. help B. to help C. helping ( )
  11. He doesn’t have money for a new watch. A. some B. any C. many ( )
  12. My teacher made me at school yesterday because I didn’t do homework. A. stayed B. stay C. to stay ( )
  13. What you do last weekend?
A. do B. were C. did ( )
  14. The beaches fantastic. A. was B. were C. feel ( )
  15. It /it was cool, so we to the movies. A. /, went B. Because, went C. Because, go III. 口语运用 (5 分) 在方框中选择答案完成对话。 A. Did you meet any Japanese people? B. How were the stores? C. I went to Tokyo with my family. D. How was the food? E. But they were also very crowded. A: Hi, Vera. How was your vacation? B: It was great. A: Where did you go? B: 1 A: Really? Wow! What did you do there? B: Well, we went to a lot of museums. A: Oh, how were they? B: They were really interesting. 2 A: Did you go shopping? B: Yeah, I did. A: 3 B: Oh, they were very expensive. A: And how were the people? 4 B: Yeah, the people were really friendly. My parents have some Japanese friends, and we had dinner at their house. A: 5 B: It was delicious. I love Japanese food! 1-5 IV. 完形填空。(10 分) Last Sunday we had a fantastic trip. My father, my mother and I 1 to summer camp. We went to the mountains. First we 2 to the foot(脚) of the mountain 3 bus. In the middle of the mountain there was a river(河). The water was clean. I washed my face(洗脸) 4 the water. It was warm. There 5 some fishes in the river. In the mountain there were flowers(花). They were very 6 . At 12 o’clock, many people got together(在一起), and they were very 7 . We made our lunch in the mountain. The food was very 8 , and we liked it very much. After lunch, we went on our trip. Last, we got to the top (顶) of the mountain. We were very 9 . It was really 10 . ( )
  1. A. go B. goes C. went ( )
  2. A. get B. got C. gets
( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
  3. A. by B. on C. in )
  4. A. on B. with C. in )
  5. A. is B. were C. was )
  6. A. ugly B. hungry C. beautiful )
  7. A. smart B. sad C. busy )
  8. A. awful B. delicious C. expensive )
  9. A. happy B. unhappy C. interesting )
  10.A. terrible B. cold C. fun
V. 阅读理解。(10 分) A Last summer Jenny and her friends had a bus trip to New York. She felt very relaxing on the way. They visited a museum. But it’s really crowded there and the display(展览) were not interesting at all. They went to different(不同的) restaurants to have dinner. Some food was quite delicious, but Jenny thought the fast(快的) food was awful. When the weather was fine, they went to the beach to swim. The sea was beautiful and they had a good time. ( )
  1. Jenny had a bus trip to . A. Japan B. the U.S. C. Australia ( )
  2. They visited . A. a museum B. a Beijing Hutong C. the White House ( )
  3. They thought the display was . A. interesting B. boring C. crowded ( )
  4. They ate dinner . A. at home B. in the museum C. in a restaurant ( )
  5. They when it was fine. A. went to swim B. went home C. visited a museum B The final exam comes with June. When the exam ends(结束), the summer vacation begins. Boys and girls have about two months to relax. The summer vacation is the best part(部分) of the year for most children. The weather is usually fine. They can swim, go to summer camp or visit other places with their parents. Of course, the beaches are good places for relaxing. Some children are lucky(幸运的) to live near the sea(大海). They can enjoy the sea anytime(任何时候). But for the children far(远的) from the sea, they go to the beaches for one or two weeks with their parents. Why do children like spending their summer vacation on the beaches? It is because they like the sand(沙), the sun, the cool wind and the sea water. There are lots of new things to see, nice things to eat, and exciting things to do. ( )
  6. School children usually have exams . A. in June B. after June C. June ago ( )
  7. The Summer vacation is about . A. two weeks B. two months
C. three months ( )
  8. Why do children like summer vacation? A. Because the weather is fine. B. Because it is long. C. Because the weather is fine and they can have lots of activities. ( )
  9. Children near the beach can enjoy the sea . A. anytime they enjoy it B. for one or two weeks C. for two months ( )
  10. Which of the following is not right? A. Children like going to the beaches only because they can see lots of new things. B. Children like summer vacation best. C. Children can swim and enjoy the sand, wind, and water on the beaches. VI. 句型转换。 (15 分) A) 根据题后要求完成句子。(5 分)
  1. We play basketball every day. (用 last Sunday 来改写句子) .
  2. I went to school yesterday.(一般疑问句) you to school yesterday?
  3. I got up at six yesterday.(划线提问) you get up yesterday?
  4. He likes the new teacher. (否定句) He the new teacher.
  5. The store was crowded. (划线提问) the store? B) 同义句。(10 分)
  6. My pen was lost. I my pen.
  7. I didn’t have any money for a taxi. I money for a taxi.
  8. It was a little boring. It was boring.
  9. The children had a good time. The children .
  10. What cool weather it was! the weather was! VII. 短文填空。(10 分) It was sunny and hot in the morning. We went to a 1 beach. We had great fun 2 the water. In the afternoon, it rained. 3 we went to a museum. It was boring and crowded. So I 4 back. At night, the 5 was cool, the rain 6 . So we decided to play chess. We played 7 6:30 p.m. to 9:50 p.m. It was 8 fun. And we ate fried chicken 9 French fries. It was 10 . 1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8 9 10 VIII. 书面表达 (10 分) 我想你们在假期都到过一些有名(趣)的地方,请你写一次你认为最有趣或最有意义的一次旅 游,在那儿所发生的事情等,字数在 60 词左右的短文。
I. 1-5 ABBAC II. 1-5 ABCCB III. 1-5 ACCBA I.
  1. classmates
  2. crying
  3. decide
  4. discussed
  5. corner
  6. sunny
  7. unfriendly
  8. stayed
  9. relaxing
  10. reports II. 1-5 BBCAB 6-10 BCBBB 11-15 BBCBA III. 1-5 CEBAD IV. 1-5 CBABB 6-10 CCBAC V. 1-5 BABCA 6-10 ABCAA VI.
  1. We played basketball last Sunday.
  2. Did, go
  3. When did
  4. doesn’t like
  5. How was
  6. didn’t find
  7. had no
  8. a bit /kind of
  9. had fun /played happily /enjoyed themselves
  10. How cool VII.
  1. nice /beautiful
  2. in
  3. So
  4. walked /went
  5. weather /beach
  6. stopped /lasted
  7. from
  8. really /very /quite
  9. and
  10. delicious VIII. 开放性题 (略)



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